Zaruhi Kalemkaryan

Zaruhi Kalemkaryan (Armenian: Զարուհի Գալեմքեարեան; July 18, 1871 or 1874[1] in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire – July,[2] 1971 in New York, New York) was a renowned prose writer, essayist, poet, and philanthropist of Armenian descent.[3]

Zaruhi Kalemkaryan
BornJuly 20, 1871
NationalityArmenian Americans
OccupationWriter, Essayist, Poet, and Philanthropist


Zaruhi Kalemkaryan was born Zaruhi Seferian on the Asiatic side of Constantinople's Bosphorus. She attended the local Aramian Armenian School. She began publishing under the pen names Yevterpe, and after her marriage G. Zaruhi.[3] She published numerous poems in Constantinople and continued in the United States. She settled in New York city and was involved in many philanthropic and charitable foundations for the Armenian community.[3]


  • Zartonk (The Awakening) – 1893: Poetry
  • Tornigis Kirke (My Grandchildren's Book) – 1936: Travel Book
  • Gyankis Jampen (My Life's Road) – 1952: Memoir
  • Orer yev Temker (Days and Faces) – 1965


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