Zak Storm

Zak Storm (also known as Zak Storm: Super Pirate) is a computer animated children's television series produced by Zagtoon, Method Animation, De Agostini Editore, SAMG Animation, MNC Animation, and Man of Action. It debuted on Canal J in France on 2 December 2016.[4] It debuted in the United States on KidsClick from 30 September 2017 to 7 January 2018, followed by Discovery Family on 14 October 2017.[5] A second season is currently in the works.[6]

Zak Storm
Zak Storm logo.png
Also known asZak Storm: Super Pirate
Science Fantasy
Created byZag Heroez
Man of Action
Developed byJeremy Zag
Man of Action
Directed byPhilippe Guyenne
Voices ofEnglish:

  • Hervé Grull
  • Marie Nonnenmacher
  • Marc Duquenoy
  • Olivier Podesta
  • Elodie Menant
  • Jérôme Wiggins
  • Benjamin Van Meggelen
  • Julien Chatelet
Composer(s)Jeremy Zag
Noam Kaniel
Country of originFrance [1]
South Korea[1]
United States[1]
Original language(s)English[2]
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes39
Executive producer(s)
  • For Method Animation:
    Pascal Boutboul
  • Kevin Marciano
  • Sébastien Thibaudeau
  • Jared Wolfson
  • Jean-Yves Patay
  • Cédric Pilot
  • For SMAG Animation:
    Suhoon Kim
  • For MNC Animation:
    Seung-Hyun Oh
  • For Man of Action Studios:
    Joe Casey
  • Joe Kelly
  • Duncan Rouleau
  • Steven T. Seagle
Producer(s)Jeremy Zag
Aton Soumache
Running time22 minutes[3]
Production company(s)
Original networkCanal J
Picture format1080i (16:9 HDTV)
Original release2 December 2016 (2016-12-02) –
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When teenager Zak Storm takes his father's necklace and goes surfing, he is suddenly sucked by a giant wave and ends up in the Bermuda Triangle where he is picked up by a sentient pirate ship called the Chaos with a talking sword named Calabrass. He discovers that the necklace contains a gem called the Eye of Beru, which gives him special powers, and that in order to return home, he needs to become the captain of the Chaos and unite the Seven Seas. He assembles a band of misfits: a ghost boy, an Atlantean princess, a Viking, and a space alien.


The Seven CsEdit

  • Zak Storm (full name Conrad Zacharie Storm) is a 13 year old teenage boy who gets sucked into the Seven Seas of the Bermuda Triangle. Zak is voiced by Michael Johnston in the English dub,[7] and by Hervé Grull in the French dub.

Zak's crew, the Seven Cs, includes:

  • Cece Lejune (full name Chrysta Coraline Lejune), a 13-year-old[8] Atlantean princess and Zak Storm's first mate, helping him stay grounded and keeping his brash side in check. Cece is voiced by Christine Marie Cabanos in English,[7] and by Marie Nonnenmacher in French.
  • Crogar, a 15-year-old[8] Viking pirate and the muscle of the Seven Cs, often shouting "Ragnarok!" as a battle-cry. Crogar is voiced by Chris Smith in English,[7] and by Marc Duquenoy in French.
  • Caramba, a small green alien in a yellow exo-skeleton who serves as the Seven Cs' engineer. He is voiced by Max Mittelman in English,[7] and by Olivier Podesta in French.
  • Clovis, a 7-year-old[8] Ectoplasmic-spectre-of-awesome (as he calls himself), not a ghost. Clovis is bound to the ship Chaos and supposedly lost his body, leaving him in his ethereal state. Clovis is voiced by Reba Buhr in English,[7] and by Elodie Menant in French.
  • Calabrass is Zak's magical talking sword that grants Zak his powers, and also serves as his mentor. Calabrass holds the Seven Eyes of the Seven Seas of the Bermuda Triangle, and these Eyes each grant his wielder, Zak, a different elemental power and turn Calabrass into a new weapon. However, for each transformation, he expends energy and needs time to recover. Calabrass is voiced by Kyle Hebert in English,[7] and by Jérôme Wiggins in French.
  • The Chaos, a living and surprisingly high-tech pirate ship, doesn't speak but counts as a member of the crew and is surprisingly full of personality. Very loyal to his crew, but can be moody at times. Saves Zak from nearly being eaten by the kraken, when he first comes into the triangle, and never lets his Captain down, even when Zak pushes him too far.


  • Skullivar, the undead, dark ruler of his own skeleton army, who wants to take over the triangle, is Zak's archenemy and tries to steal the Seven Eyes of the Seven Seas for himself and capture Zak. Skullivar is voiced by David Roach in English.[7][9]
  • Golden Bones is Skullivar's undead, skeleton lieutenant. He is the captain of a ship called Demoniac and has a literal skeleton crew. He loathes Zak because he's "just a kid" who always beats him in battle. He would give anything to see Zak gone for good. Golden Bones is voiced by Matthew Mercer.[10]


  • Sassafras, a witch that helps out Zak and the 7Cs. She is voiced by Jessica Gee-George in English.[7]
  • Alan Gamble, A pirate who is considered a "hero",but he doesn't always act like it.
  • Anubis; based on the Egyptian God Of Death, Anubis is the guardian of Dezer's Waypoint. He takes his role serious as a guardian because to him, trapped in the Triangle is like death; once you crossed over, you can never go back. He can control sand, giant scorpions and mummy minions. He has golden mechanics on his back that resembles a scorpion's tail and pincers. Voiced by David Roach.
  • Lemurians are underwater dwellers who wage wars on the Atlanteans. They wear living obsidian armor.
    • Admiral T'Halis, a Lemurian general and a powerful warrior among the Lemurian Guards. He's a sadistic warmonger who has great hatred to all Atlanteans, even in the Triangle, and seeks to conquer Atlantis and all the seas on Earth. He has a hatred for humans, or Terrans, as well. Voiced by Richard Epcar
    • Lemurian Commander, his appearance is similar to the guards but his armor is colored red.
    • Lemurian Guard. Their armor resembles allot like Spartan armor.


Zak Storm was originally meant to air on Gulli in France. The series is also planned to air on RCTI in Indonesia, on Super RTL in Germany, DeA Kids and Super! in Italy, Clan and Canal Panda in Spain, OUFtivi in Wallonia, Kadet in Flanders, Radio Télévision Suisse in French Switzerland, Telekids in the Netherlands, SIC in Portugal, Pop and POP Max in the United Kingdom, Discovery Family, KidsClick and Netflix in the United States, Discovery Kids in Latin America, WNYO and Family Channel/CHRGD in Canada, Yoopa in French Canada, PLUSPLUS in Ukraine, TVNZ Kidzone in New Zealand, Okto in Singapore,[11] Spacetoon in Middle East[12][13] and in South Africa on eToonz.


The 39 episodes are organized by the French production numbering as posted by Télé Star.[14] Airdates in the United States are for Discovery Family Channel (DFC)[15] and release dates from Netflix. As the show was syndicated for broadcast in multiple countries, others may air prior to these dates.

No. in
English Title
French Title [16][14]
Directed byWritten byOriginal air date (France) [citation needed]Air and release date (U.S.) [15]Prod.
code [14][15]
11"Origins Part 1"
"Origines Part 1"
Philippe GuyenneMan of Action, Sébastien ThibaudeauTBA14 October 2017 (DFC)
1 November 2017 (Netflix)
13-year-old Zak Storm steals his father's necklace and goes surfing. He thinks the necklace is just a good luck charm when it actually holds the jewel known as the mythic eye of the Sea of Beru. A huge storm wages and sucks Zak into the Bermuda Triangle. He meets a ghost boy named Clovis, who tells him that the only way for him to get home, would be to open the seven waypoints of the Triangle, unite the Seven Seas and command them. While he's being attacked by Golden Bones, Skullivar's general, and his skeleton army, he activates the great key of the Triangle: Calabrass, the talking sword of legend. He finally escapes from Bones, and becomes quite good friends with Clovis, and learns some helpful tips and advice from Calabrass in the process.
22"Origins Part 2"
"Origines Part 2"
Philippe GuyenneMan of Action, Sébastien ThibaudeauTBA14 October 2017 (DFC)
1 November 2017 (Netflix)
Zak Storm is being attacked by a Kraken, when the clutch on the Chaos breaks down. He goes to Marituga for the first time, and meets Caramba, a small green alien from Wahoolia. But an Atlantean princess sees that Zak carries Calabrass, and since she wants to get out of the Triangle, the princess, with her viking bodyguard Crogar, steal Calabrass. The Atlantean princess, who reveals that her name is Christa Coraline Lejeune (Cece) attacks Zak, but when Golden Bones captures Zak, she stands by him. They battle Bones together, and then they name themselves the Seven Cs.
33"Morlock the Unstoppable"
"L'invincible Morlock"
Philippe GuyenneJulien MagnatTBA21 October 2017 (DFC)
1 November 2017 (Netflix)
When Zak goes on a treasure hunt to prove he's a worthy captain of his crew, he finds that Golden Bones went to find the exact same treasure for Skullivar as well. When Zak tries to take it from him, he is overwhelmed by Skeletons, and Cece, Crogar and Caramba run in to help him. Golden Bones and his crew got away with the chest, but left the flag, that bore the mark of Morlock on it, for the Seven Cs, instead. They took the flag to Sassafrass, who explains how dangerous Morlock is, not knowing that what she was saying was true until Skullivar builds Morlock using what was in the treasure chest, and attacks them in Marituga. When the Seven Cs are kidnapped, Zak surrenders so that Morlock, Skullivar and Golden Bones would release his crew, and take him instead. But then they fight them all together, and escape with Calabrass again.
44"Witch Overboard"
"Une sorcière à la mer"
Philippe GuyenneJulien MagnatTBA28 October 2017 (DFC)
1 November 2017 (Netflix)
While fighting a Gigantica squid, Caramba is knocked off the Chaos and into the sea, where he finds an ancient locket that holds the spirit of Xibalba, queen of the shadow realm. When the rest of the crew rescue him, he starts to get more and more powerful, until it got to the point where Zak and Calabrass saw the spirit of Xilbalba, stealing Caramba's life force. Accidentally believing Caramba, Zak is kicked off the ship and Xilbalba raised her shadow army. However, the Seven Cs managed to stop her, rescued Caramba, and trapped her back in the locket.
55"Freezing Point"
"Nounou Viking"
Philippe GuyennePierre-Alain Chartier, Emmanuel Leduc, and Romain van LiemtTBA4 November 2017 (DFC)
1 November 2017 (Netflix)
Zak and his crew are sailing on the sea of Beru, when they see Golden Bones trying to steal an ice wyvern's egg. Zak didn't want the beast to be hurt, so himself and the crew rescued the egg. But then when Crogar was about to eat it, the egg hatched, and Crogar and the hatchling, who he named Freya, became very tight. Golden Bones chased them through Sino, and when Crogar goes to return Freya to her mother, Golden Bones captures Clovis and Cece. Zak fought him hard, and then when Golden Bones kicked Zak off the Demoniac and into the Sino sea, before he fell into the water, on Freya's orders, Freya's relatives: the other wyverns, caught him and fought Golden Bones.
66"The Voice of Chaos"
"La voix du Chaos"
Philippe GuyenneNicolas VerpilleuxTBA11 November 2017 (DFC)
1 November 2017 (Netflix)
Being chased by the Demoniac, Zak accidentally leads the Chaos right into a tornado field. While, Cece, Crogar and Clovis try their best to keep the Chaos at bay, and stop it from flying straight into a tornado, Zak and Caramba venture down into the bowels of the ship to fix an engine that was damaged, when they passed into the tornado field.
77"Troll Diving"
"Descente chez les Trolls"
Philippe GuyenneDamian SmithTBA18 November 2017 (DFC)
1 November 2017 (Netflix)
Caramba is fixing the Chaos, when some stupid sea trolls mistake his yellow exo skeleton for a golden ball, and captures him. Zak and Cece go down into the troll kingdom to rescue him, but when they try to negotiate with the troll king with a fake treasure buried in the sea of Beru in exchange for Caramba, Crogar ambushes the troll king. Zak fights the troll king, then Cece and Crogar escape with Caramba. Zak runs out of juice when he runs to the door, but Cece uses the Chaos to rescue him before he was crushed by the troll king.
88"Forged in Fire"
"La forge éternelle"
Philippe GuyenneDominque LatilTBA12 May 2018 (DFC)
1 November 2017 (Netflix)
114 (DFC)
Zak accidentally springs the trap of some ancient civilisation in a pyramid on Deyser, and uses all of the powers of all of the eyes of the Seven Cs to vaporise the pyramid and prevent himself, and his crew from getting crushed. When they go to Blazz, to dunk Calabrass into the primordial flame, the only thing that would be able to heal him, they are attacked by Golden Bones. After copying Clovis's trickshot with his marbles on the Chaos, he returns the Seven Eyes to Calabrass, and escapes from Bones.
99"The Seas Seven"
Philippe GuyennePierre-Alain Chartier and Emmanuel LeducTBA25 November 2017 (DFC)
1 November 2017 (Netflix)
108 (DFC)
After Skullivar finds a powerful Atlantean weapon called the Heptahedron, the Seven C's must infiltrate his base in order to get it back.
1010"Lighthouse of the Soul"
"Lumière de l'âme"
Philippe GuyenneFrançois DéonTBA12 May 2018 (DFC)
1 November 2017 (Netflix)
115 (DFC)
Zak Storm and his friends try to stop the lighthouse of Marituga from crumbling down the ground, but it's a race against time to get to the top before Golden Bones does.
1111"The Shipwrecked in the Sand"
"Les naufragés du sable"
Philippe GuyenneSébastien ThibodeauTBA19 May 2018 (DFC)
1 November 2017 (Netflix)
116 (DFC)
The Seven Cs try to locate the Lock in the Sea of Dezer and face its Guardian, Anubis.
1212"Spirited Away"
"Partir un jour"
Philippe GuyenneJulien MagnatTBA2 December 2017 (DFC)
1 November 2017 (Netflix)
109 (DFC)
When Clovis gets kidnapped by two ghosts, Zak, Calabrass and CeCe must travel to the Sea of Zite to get him back. Trapped in ghost form, they must revert to their human bodies before seven hours is up.
1313"Prison Break"
"En eaux troubles"
Philippe GuyenneMarie Eynard and Armand RobinTBA26 May 2018 (DFC)
1 November 2017 (Netflix)
117 (DFC)
The Seven Cs attempt to rescue legendary pirate Alan Gamble.
1414"The Swap"
Philippe GuyenneAugustin Mas and Stephanie TallonTBA9 December 2017 (DFC)114
110 (DFC)
When infiltrating Golden Bones ship, as a result of Clovis' clumsiness, Bones claims the Chaos and Calabrass for Skullivar.
1515"A Jellyfish of Legend"
"Une méduse de légende"
Philippe GuyenneValérie Chappelet and Olivier CrosetTBA16 December 2017 (DFC)115
111 (DFC)
When every sailor comes out to use a mythical jellyfish for their own use, the Seven C's must stop them and protect the jellyfish and help it travel home.
1616"The Bermuda Apocalypse"
"Apocalypse des Bermudes"
Philippe GuyenneNicolas VerpilleuxTBA2 June 2018 (DFC)116
118 (DFC)
The Seven Cs try to find a missing spaceship that crashed down into the triangle filled with high tech technology.
1717"The Last Flight of Icarus"
"Le dernier vol d'Icare"
Philippe GuyenneCyril Tysz and Guillaume EnardTBA9 June 2018 (DFC)117
119 (DFC)
The Seven Cs seek out Mr. Raymondi, an inventor with a flying machine, in order to investigate what Zak thinks might be the Lock of Beru.
1818"The Labyrinth of Minotaur"
"Le Labyrinthe du Minotaure"
Philippe GuyenneAugustin Mas and Stéphanie TallonTBA16 June 2018 (DFC)118
120 (DFC)
After Caramba's exoskeleton breaks down, the Seven Cs venture into a Labyrinth on Dezer in order to get a rare crystal to power him back up.
1919"Lemuria Attacks"
"Lémuria attaque !"
Philippe GuyenneDamian SmithTBA23 December 2017 (DFC)119
112 (DFC)
A Lemurian admiral and a brash, courageous pirate named Flint come to Marituga to capture CeCe and claim her as a prize in the war against Lemurians and Atlanteans. Upon creating a weapon that will destroy Marituga, Flint changes sides with Zak and the Seven Cs to stop him.
2020"Mutiny on the Demoniac"
"Les revoltes du Demoniac"
Philippe GuyenneGuillaume Mautalent and Sebastien OurselTBA23 December 2017 (DFC)120
113 (DFC)
After Golden Bones tries to ram and destroy the Chaos, Clovis becomes human again but gets captured and helps start a revolt on board the Demoniac.
2121"Crogar the Terrible"
"Crogar le Terrible"
Philippe GuyenneAnne RicaudTBA23 June 2018 (DFC)121
Crogar is captured and hypnotized by an evil snake-like mermaid who will follow her commands but can the Seven Cs return him back to normal?
2222"Eye of the Cyclone"
"Dans l'oeil du cyclone"
Philippe GuyenneMatthieu Choquet and Sébastien ThibaudeauTBA30 June 2018 (DFC)122
The Seven Cs seek help from an aerian called Ceasar to open the waypoint of Aeria, but can they trust him?
2323"Call to Adventure"
"L'appel de l'aventure"
Philippe GuyenneMatthieu Choquet and Sébastien ThibaudeauTBA7 July 2018 (DFC)123
Caramba repairs Zak's phone, but before Zak can call his father he has to help Alan Gamble.
2424"The Wiseman"
"Le sage"
Philippe GuyenneGuillaume Mautalentt and Sébastien OurselTBA14 July 2018 (DFC)124
The Seven Cs find a man who knows everything in the world, and the man tells them about an ultimate waypoint: a way to get out of the triangle, bypassing the other waypoints. Zak and the rest of the crew believe him, but Cece does not.
2525"Escape from Netherwhere"
"Le héros des Bermudes"
Philippe GuyenneMatthieu Choquet and Sébastien ThibaudeauTBA21 July 2018 (DFC)125
Zak and the Seven Cs team up with Alan Gamble to save Caramba and stop a Netherwhere energy bomb from exploding, while they are still there.
2626"Thermal Schock"
"Choc thermique"
Philippe GuyenneAugustin Mas and Stéphanie TallonTBA15 September 2018126
The Seven Cs suffer a thermal shock, but still manage to get the better of Bones and his skeletons, and open the Sino waypoint.
2727"Burn Out"
"La pierre du temps"
Philippe GuyenneTBATBA15 September 2018127
The Seven Cs are all really tired, but they agree to go on a treasure hunt for Sassafrass to find a Chronos stone that can control time. However all is not lost when Flint is trying to hunt for the stone as well.
2828"Trial by Fire"
"Duel en enfer (Duel in the Inferno)"
Philippe GuyenneMatthieu Choquet and Sébastien ThibaudeauTBA22 September 2018128
Stuck in a volcano on Blazz, Zak must team up with Golden Bones to open the Blazz waypoint and defeat the guardian.
2929"Calabrass' Old Friend"
"Calabrass ne répond plus"
Philippe GuyenneValérie Chappelet and Olivier CrosetTBA29 September 2018129
Calabrass finds an old friend of piracy named Torg, who tries to destroy Zak and the rest of his friends but at the end, he decides to corrupt the Demoniac instead.
3030"Wrath of Blix"
"La colère des Méduses"
Philippe GuyenneTBATBA6 October 2018130
3131"Calabrass' Body"
"Le corps de Calabrass"
Philippe GuyenneTBATBA13 October 2018131
3232"Island of the Lost children"
"L'île des enfants perdus"
Philippe GuyenneTBATBA20 October 2018132
3333"Tanah Lost"
"Tanah Lost"
Philippe GuyenneTBATBA27 October 2018133
3434"Between Stars"
"Par-delà les étoiles (Beyond stars)"
Philippe GuyenneJulia MagnatTBA3 November 2018134
Zak and the Seven Cs meet the daughter of Sassafrass called Zephyra to help open the waypoint of Zite.
3535"Viking Connexion"
"La bande à Crogar (Crogar's band)"
Philippe GuyenneAnne RicaudTBA10 November 2018135
Zak and his friends meet a female viking from Crogar's old band of Vikings.
3636"The Stowaway"
"Le passager clandestin"
Philippe GuyenneCédric Bacconier and Pascal StervinouTBA17 November 2018136
3737"Zak's Choice"
"Le choix de Zak"
Philippe GuyenneValérie Chappelet and Olivier CrosetTBA1 December 2018137
Zak made it home to his father but not before he and his friends back at Marituga, discover the waypoint of Beru from under the sea.
3838"The Lost Orb"
"L'orbe perdu (The Lost Orb)"
Philippe GuyenneTBATBA8 December 2018138
3939"The Last Guardian"
"Le dernier gardien"
Philippe GuyenneMatthieu Choquet and Sébastien ThibaudeauTBA15 December 2018139
Zak and his friends must link up to all waypoints of the seven elements to find a way home all while defeating the ever-powerful Skullivar.

Home mediaEdit

In 2018, Shout! Factory Kids signed a deal with ZAG Heroez to secure the North American DVD rights to Zak Storm. Other media companies that will produce home media include Koch Media in Italy, Eden Germany GmbH in Germany, and Dazzler Media in the United Kingdom.[citation needed]

Region 1Edit

In the United States and Canada, there are 4 DVD episodes from season one, with both English and French audio tracks, was released.

A first DVD, subtitled Volume 1 which was released on 13 March 2018. [17]

A second DVD, subtitled Volume 2, which was released on 6 June 2018.[18]

In between Volume 2 DVD and Volume 3 DVD of Zak Storm Super Pirate for 11 Months, Zagtoon concentrated for carrying on making more episodes for Miraculous Ladybug and starting episodes of a Reboot TV Series called Denver & Cliff in 2018. Then 11 months later the third DVD of Zak Storm came out in the month of May 2019.

A third DVD, subtitled Volume 3, which was released on 17 May 2019.[19]

Then again In Between Volume 3 DVD and Volume 4 DVD of Zak Storm Super Pirate for 8 Months, Zagtoon concentrated back to carrying on making more episodes for Miraculous Ladybug and carrying on episodes of the Reboot TV Series Denver & Cliff in 2018. Then 8 months later the fourth DVD of Zak Storm came out in the month of January 2020.

A fourth DVD, subtitled Volume 4, was released on 30 January 2020.

After the fourth Instalment of Volume 4 DVD from Zak Storm Super Pirate, Zagtoon and stopped making more Region 1 DVDS from now on of Zak Storm Super Pirate, But Zagtoon are more releasing Region 2 DVD's of Zak Storm Super Pirate instead.

Region 1 DVDsEdit

Main SeriesEdit
Region 1
Season DVD Title Episode Count Aspect Ratio Total running time Release Date
1 "Zak Storm Super Pirate Volume 1" N/A N/A 208 Minutes 13 March 2018
"Zak Storm Super Pirate Volume 2" N/A N/A 208 Minutes 6 June 2018
"Zak Storm Super Pirate Volume 3" N/A N/A 208 Minutes 17 May 2019
"Zak Storm Super Pirate Volume 4" N/A N/A 182 Minutes 30 January 2020

Region 2 Season 1 DVD 2017 - 2018Edit

In the UK, the first DVD, featuring 4 DVD episodes from season One called Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir: Lady Wifi & Other Stories Vol 1 in English was released on 17 July 2017 by Spirit Entertainment.

A second DVD, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Kung Food & Other Stories Vol 2, was released on 6 November 2017.

A third DVD, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Princess Fragrance & Other Stories Vol 3, was released on 12 February 2018.

A fourth DVD, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Volpina & Other Stories Vol 4, which contains seven episodes (including the two-part prequel), was released on 21 May 2018.

A fifth DVD, Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir: Season One", was released on 17 September 2018.

Region 2 DVDsEdit

Main SeriesEdit
Region 2
Season DVD Title Episode Count Aspect Ratio Total running time Release Date
1 "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir: Lady Wifi & Other Stories Vol 1 [OFFICIAL UK RELEASE]" 7 16:9 180 Minutes 17 July 2017
"Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Kung Food & Other Stories Vol 2 [OFFICIAL UK RELEASE]" 7 16:9 180 Minutes 6 November 2017
"Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Princess Fragrance & Other Stories Vol 3 [OFFICIAL UK RELEASE]" 6 16:9 180 Minutes 12 February 2018
"Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Volpina & Other Stories Vol 4 [OFFICIAL UK RELEASE]" 6 16:9 130 Minutes 21 May 2018
"Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir: Season One" 26 16:9 650 Minutes 17 September 2018
2 "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Gigantian & Other Stories" 7 16:9 182 Minutes 7 October 2019
"Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - A Christmas Special" 1 16:9 25 Minutes 11 November 2019
"Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Gorizilla & Other Stories" 7 16:9 182 Minutes 17 February 2020
"Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Sandboy & Other Stories" 6 16:9 182 Minutes 4 May 2020
"Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Queen Wasp & Other Stories" 6 16:9 182 Minutes 13 July 2020
"Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir: Season Two 26 16:9 562 Minutes 14 September 2020


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