York Archaeological Trust

Modern-day Viking coin making at the Jorvik Viking Centre
YAT/Jorvik Group locations in York

The York Archaeological Trust for Excavation and Research Limited is an educational charity,[1] established in 1972 in the city of York, England. It carries out archaeological investigations, fieldwork, excavation and research in York, Yorkshire and throughout Britain and beyond. Its staff include specialists in archaeological excavation, historic building analysis and recording, artefact curation, conservation and research, archaeological computing, and illustration and design.

It created and runs the Jorvik Viking Centre in Coppergate Walk, York, which is noted for its living history approach. The centre is on the site of the Trust's 'Viking Dig' which contributed to archaeologists' knowledge of town life in Viking Age England.[2] Other sites in York run by the Jorvik Group are:

The trust publishes printed and web-based reports, popular books and information resources. It offers opportunities to take part in archaeological investigation through its annual training excavation 'Archaeology Live', and hosts the Community Archaeologist for York.


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