Yale First Nation

Yale First Nation is a First Nations government located at Yale, British Columbia.[1] Yale has 16 distinct reserves stretching from near Sawmill Creek to American Creek, with the most southern reserve situated at Ruby Creek in the District of Kent.

Indian reservesEdit

Indian reserves under the administration of the Yale First Nation are:[2]

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Treaty ProcessEdit

Yale has reached Stage 6 in the BC Treaty Process,[19] but the current Chief and Council recently announced that they have halted implementation of their final agreement that was negotiated by former leadership, and do not intend to bring the agreement into full force and effect. Compared to other modern treaty agreements, the land offer was 1.92% of their traditional land base by area, much lower than the 5% benchmark set by other agreements. In addition to the land concerns, there were many other factors that have stirred much controversy over the ability of the final agreement to achieve the desired objectives. For example, the agreement references the Puchil dialect of the Nlaka'pamux Nation, but many members of the community speak Halq'emeylem which is a Coast Salish language.

Chief and CouncilEdit

Chief: Ken Hansen

Council: Pedro Moreno, Dominic Hope

Band Administrator: Elsie Kipp


Health Manager: Laureen Duerksen

Housing Manager: Crystal Sedore

Lands and Resources: Steven Patterson

Social Development: Paul Keller

Fisheries: Dominic Hope

Education: Pedro Moreno

Wellness: Rhonda George


Number of Band Members:177

On reserve:60

Off reserve:117

Members aged 16 and older (age required to vote) :125.[1]


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