Xiaguan, Dali City

Xiaguan (Chinese: 下关, p Xiàguān), formerly romanized as Hsiakwan, is a town at the southern end of Erhai Lake in Dali Prefecture, Yunnan, China. Xiaguan has a population of 235,305 (2010)[1] and is the modern centre of the county-level city of Dali.

General view of Xiaguan

Xiaguan has been the principal point of entry for the region since the creation of the Burma Road and has become the major city and industrial centre of the county. As with most county seats in China, Xiaguan is often referred to by the county name, "Dali". To distinguish it from the county's eponymous Dali Town, it is sometimes called "New Dali" or "Dali New Town".

It is about 10 km (6.2 mi) south of Old Dali (Dali Town) by bus. As of 2014, a new, new Dali city center is now being built on the east side of Erhai Lake.[citation needed]


Xiaguan is connected to Kunming and Myanmar by the Hangrui Expressway (G56), with Lijiang by the Dali Expressway (G56₁₁), and with Dali's old town by Hwy 214.

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Coordinates: 25°36′N 100°14′E / 25.600°N 100.233°E / 25.600; 100.233