The World Bodypainting Association (WBA) is an association for body painters. It represents and looks after artists (whether professional or hobbyists) mediates models, sponsors and workshops under the WB Academy. It organizes under the WB Production: the World Bodypainting Festival (WBF) in Pörtschach, Austria, the European Bodypainting Festival (EBF) in Lisse, Netherlands and global side events. The WB Production also partners to bring such events as the Asia Tour and Living Art America.


The association was put in place as a result of the festivals success with the focus of creating a network of artists and a platform for companies and individuals interested in the bodypainting community, industry and art.

The World Bodypainting Association is dedicated –

  • To promoting the art of bodypainting
  • To supporting artists around the world
  • Encouraging fair trade between artists and companies


Alex Barendregt founded the association on 12 October 2001 in Austria as the European Bodypainting Association (EBPA). In 2004 due to the increased participation of international artists and supporting companies it was renamed the World Bodypainting Association also known as the WBA. In 2015 the association reached 600 members and continues to move strong.