Rural Municipality of Wolverine No. 340

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Wolverine No. 340 started out with the name Plasterfield from December 13, 1909 until March 31, 1910, when the name changed to Wolverine No. 340.[1] This name derives from Wolverine Lake, which lies near the center of the RM. The rationale behind the change is uncertain.[2]


According to the Canada 2001 Census:

  • Population: 526
  • % Change (1996-2001): -2.8
  • Dwellings: 210
  • Area (km².): 834.80
  • Density (persons per km².): 0.6

Communities and localitiesEdit

The following urban municipalities are surrounded by the Rural Municipality:

  • none
  • none
  • none
Resort villages
  • none

The following hamlets are located within the Rural Municipality:

  • none
special service areas
  • none
Organized hamlet
  • none
Unincorporated hamlets

Saskatchewan railways and railway stationsEdit

(historic or current)

  • Minnedosa - Saskatoon - Edmonton C.P.R—serves Kandahar, Dafoe, Jansen, Esk, Lanigan, Guernsey, Wolverine, Plunkett, Viscount


Saskatchewan highways and roadsEdit

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For more information see also List of Saskatchewan provincial roads

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