William Gronow-Davis

William Gronow-Davis (1941 – 20 September 2015) was an Indian-born[1] British artist. He was the last partner of Michael Pitt-Rivers and inherited from him the Rushmore Estate in Wiltshire.

Larmer Tree Gardens


Gronow-Davis was an established artist and held bi-annual exhibitions.[2] He and his partner Pitt-Rivers were both collectors of art, especially Asian works of art. After his death in 2016, Gronow-Davis's art collection was auctioned by Duke's of Dorchester.[3]

Personal lifeEdit

Gronow-Davis was the partner of Michael Pitt-Rivers, conservationist and owner of the Rushmore Estate, and moved to King John’s House, near the estate at Tollard Royal, Wiltshire in 1961.[3] Their relationship began after Pitt-Rovers' marriage ended in 1965.[4] When Pitt-Rivers died in 1999, the Trust which runs the estate was inherited by Gronow-Davis.[5]

Rushmore EstateEdit

The Rushmore Estate had been in the Pitt-Rivers family for generations and includes the Larmer Tree Gardens pleasure grounds.

In 2009 Gronow-Davis built a 65ft folly, the tallest folly to be built in England in more than 100 years.[1]

At his death, on 20 September 2015, the Larmer Tree Gardens estate was valued £50 million.[citation needed]


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