Wilhelm Schraml

Wilhelm Schraml (Regensburg, 26 June 1935) is the bishop emeritus of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Passau, Germany.[1]

Arms of Wilhelm Schraml


Schraml was ordained a priest on 29 June 1961 for the Diocese of Regensburg. In 1971 he became chairman of Kolpingwerk. In 1983 he became a member of the chapter of the diocese of Regensburg.

In 1986 he was appointed an Auxiliary Bishop of Regensburg. On 8 March 1986 he was created titulary bishop of Munatiana. On 13 December 2001 he was appointed as bishop of Passau and installed on 23 February 2002.

Following canon law, Schraml offered his resignation to the pope in 2010, upon reaching the age of 75. He retired on 1 October 2012.


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