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Life finds a Way: Animals, sports, military, and science feature heavily in this month's best content.

Schloss Favorite Ludwigsburg 2017 01.jpg
Panorama of Schloss Favorite from the path to Ludwigsburg Palace, January 2017

This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted from August 23 through September 20. For nominations and nominators, see the featured contents' talk pages.

Featured articles

Spanish battleship Espana (ex-Alfonso XIII).jpg
Spanish battleship España, formerly Alfonso XIII underway, photographed c. 1932
Matthew Pratt - Mrs. Samuel Powel PAFA1912.12.jpg
Portrait of Elizabeth Willing Powel by Matthew Pratt, c. 1793
Complete blood count and differential.jpg
A CBC specimen in front of a printout displaying CBC and differential results
Vicente 2018-10-19 1915Z.jpg
Vicente shortly after reaching tropical storm strength on October 19
Yusuf I Nasrid gold coin.jpg
Dinar minted in Yusuf I's name
Plains Zebra Equus quagga.jpg
A zebra
Cromwell at Dunbar Andrew Carrick Gow.jpg
Cromwell at Dunbar, 1886, by Andrew Carrick Gow

Featured lists

Jack Nicholson 2002.jpg
Charlize-theron-IMG 6045.jpg
Natalie Portman (48470988352) (cropped).jpg
Natalie Portman speaking at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California
Kevin Feige (48462887397) (cropped).jpg
Producer of Avengers: Endgame, Kevin Feige

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