Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2020-09-27/Arbitration report

Clarifications and requests: Who is that guy JzG?

Arbitration requests

Clarification and amendment requests

Amendment requests adjusting one editor's editing restrictions are not discussed here.

  • Pseudoscience – outcome still pending as of publishing deadline
  • 1RR/Abortion
    • The one-revert restriction on all articles related to abortion, authorized by the community here and modified by the Arbitration Committee in the Abortion arbitration case, is formally taken over by the committee and vacated. Discretionary sanctions remain authorized for all pages related to abortion, broadly construed. (posted to WP:AN)
  • Civility in infobox discussions – outcome still pending as of publishing deadline

New case requests

  • Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case#JzG opened 15:20, 9 September 2020 by MrX, a 10+ year non-admin editor. Respondent JzG is an administrator. Vote is 4/9/0 as of The Signpost's publication deadline. The case was requested to examine the history of JzG's actions as an administrator, and his general conduct that reflects adversely on his role as an administrator. The area where JzG struggles the most is with closing and re-opening discussions. On several occasions he has circumvented normal process, often when he has been involved with the underlying subject. He has also been formally warned for incivility, has engaged in edit warring, and has violated WP:INVOLVED on several occasions.
Several arbitrators voting to accept the case cited the lack of resolution to issues at the Arbcom case brought concerning the same administrator this past June. However, the committee is divided on this; after writing on 11 June 2020 [1]: I'm voting to decline today because I don't see enough recent evidence of serious incivility or personal attacks to warrant convening an admin-conduct case—but the outcome might be different if we find ourselves back here with a more solid request for a case, based on incidents occurring after today. JzG, there might be people out there looking for a good reason to file a new request. Don't give them one., Newyorkbrad stated on 9 September, in voting to decline again, commented [2] In voting to decline a previous case request against JzG in June, I urged him to remain civil even in difficult situations. It is good that in both of the recent disputed discussions, he appears to have done so.