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From the editor: 200th issue

By Ral315, 24 November 2008

This issue marks the 200th issue of the Wikipedia Signpost. To mark this milestone, I compiled a list of all users who have ever written an article, or made an edit to an article. In all, over these 200 issues, we've published 1,731 stories, written by 181 different users. 35 users have written at least 5 articles.

1,264 users, including bots and sockpuppet accounts, have made at least one edit to a Signpost article. Some of these edits contributed significant new information to an article; others fixed spelling or grammatical errors, while many merely reverted vandalism. I bring this stat up specifically because I want to again point out that anyone can edit the Signpost; it seems to me that many users are not aware of this. We encourage most major edits to be made before publication, so that the article doesn't change significantly after publication; however, corrections are always accepted.

You can find the full list of contributors below—I encourage you to check if you're on it yet. The list may not be fully comprehensive, so if you find an inaccuracy, please let me know, and I'll look into the matter.

Thanks for reading the Signpost.


Writers with 10 or more articles (22)

Writers with 5–9 articles (13)

Writers with 1–4 articles (146)

Registered users who have made at least one edit to a Signpost article (1,264)

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