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Features and admins

By OhanaUnited, 26 June, 2008


Ten users were granted admin status via the Requests for Adminship process this week: Epbr123 (nom), Xavexgoem (nom), Firefoxman (nom), Lenticel (nom), Pinkville (nom), Kevin (nom), Cenarium (nom), Soxred93 (nom), Karanacs (nom), and Bjweeks (nom).


Nine bots or bot tasks were approved to begin operating this week: CountryBot (task request), Luckas-bot (task request), 718 Bot (task request), SoxBot II (task request), Tanhabot (task request), DrFO.Tn.Bot (task request), Yobot (task request), Bot0612 (task request), and RockfangBot (task request).

Featured pages

Eighteen articles were promoted to featured status last week: New York State Route 28 (nom), Edward Wright (mathematician) (nom), LSWR N15 class (nom), Rongorongo (nom), Emmy Noether (nom), Eric Brewer (ice hockey) (nom), Art Houtteman (nom), Battle of Lissa (1811) (nom), Tawny Owl (nom), Talyllyn Railway (nom), Angus Lewis Macdonald (nom), Georgette Heyer (nom), Red-backed Fairy-wren (nom), American Airlines Flight 77 (nom), Draining and development of the Everglades (nom), 1926 World Series (nom), Harry Trott (nom), and Susianna Kentikian (nom).

Twenty four lists were promoted to featured status last week: List of songs in Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s (nom), List of Philadelphia Eagles first-round draft picks (nom), List of Governors of Ohio (nom), Pearl Jam discography (nom), List of tallest buildings in Atlanta (nom), Echo & the Bunnymen discography (nom), List of Scottish football clubs in the FA Cup (nom), List of Merriam-Webster's Words of the Year (nom), List of former Scottish Football League clubs (nom), List of music recording sales certifications (nom), List of heads of state of the Central African Republic and Central African Empire (nom), List of San Francisco 49ers head coaches (nom), List of Moonlight episodes (nom), List of Sega 32X games (nom), List of Black Lagoon episodes (nom), Toronto Raptors draft history (nom), Scarborough F.C. seasons (nom), List of Philadelphia 76ers head coaches (nom), List of Oakland Raiders head coaches (nom), List of Japanese submissions for Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (nom), List of tallest buildings in Chicago (nom), List of tallest buildings in New York City (nom), 2002 Winter Olympics medal count (nom), and List of Calder Cup champions (nom).

Two topics were promoted to featured status last week: New York State Route 20N (nom) and Video game consoles (seventh generation) (nom).

Two portals were promoted to featured status last week: Portal:Earth sciences (nom) and Portal:Weather (nom).

The following featured articles were displayed last week on the Main Page as Today's featured article: HMS Cardiff (D108), Phishing, Judy Garland, Blue Iguana, Bradley Joseph, Tiridates I, and Cygnus X-1.

Former featured pages

One article was delisted last week: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (nom).

No lists were delisted last week.

No topics were delisted last week.

Featured media

The following featured pictures were displayed last week on the Main Page as picture of the day: Nataliya Gotsiy, Upernavik, Greenland, Lily, Australian painted lady, French invasion of Russia, Restless Flycatcher and Video showing the first supersonic flight.

No sounds were featured last week.

No featured pictures were demoted last week.

Ten pictures were promoted to featured status last week and are shown below.

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