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WikiProject Physics' Fluid Dynamics Taskforce works on improving the quality and coverage of articles and categories within the field of fluid dynamics — the natural science of fluids (liquids and gases) in motion. But we also keep an eye on fluid statics.
Our activities include, but are not limited to: improving articles, assessing their quality, creating new ones, identifying articles as fluid-dynamics articles, merging or cleaning-up overlapping articles, and organizing them all into categories. For doing so, this task force applies the methodology and tools provided by the WikiProject Physics.

If you want to join this task force, please feel free to add your name to the lists of members. Wondering whether you can be of help? Please have a look at the intro of WikiProject Physics: the same applies here as well.

Status of project


Active members

  • Oc_iduro (talk · contribs) Making myself available for this project. I am interested in physical oceanography and Lagrangian Coherent Structures. Currently PhD candidate physical oceanography, I also have an MS in mathematics -- both from Oregon State University.
  • Awickert (talk · contribs) 2009-02-26: Sediment transport, flow in rivers, Earth's mantle, diffusive processes
  • Boneh3ad (talk · contribs) 2011-04-24: Boundary-layer stability and transition, compressible and hypersonic flow, nonlinear dynamics.
  • Michael Belisle (talk · contribs) 2009-02-26: Boundary-layer stability and transition, nonlinear dynamics.
  • Dolphin51 (talk · contribs) 2009-02-26: Classical fluid dynamics and its low-speed application to flight statics, flight dynamics and airplane design, performance & stability.
  • Headbomb (talk · contribs) 2009-02-27: I coordinate WikiProject Physics, I'll provide some logistics support but I don't know anything about FD.
  • Salih (talk · contribs) 2009-03-03: General FD and CFD.
  • Gulielmi2002 (talk · contribs) 2009-12-09: I am a mechanical/electrical engineer with a degree in physics. I have tried to improve the Ballistic Coefficient page every time I get a chance.
  • Molienet (talk · contribs) 2011-02-04: Expertise in CFD simulation in general but most recently in multiphase CFD involving particles
  • Chogg (talk · contribs) 2011-02-23: Building physics and applications to water resources. Environmental engineering. Currently PhD student in applied maths and environmental fluid dynamics.
  • Corvus coronoides (talk · contribs) 2013-07-30: Aerospace engineering student, primarily interested in improving content in aerodynamics and related articles.
  • settles1 (talk · contribs) 2014-02-08: Compressible flow (gas dynamics); experimental methods, optical flow diagnostics. ME Professor at Penn State.
  • Xenomancer (talk · contribs) 2014-04-23: Chemical engineer / chemist. Experience with theoretical and experimental work involving a wide range of fluids and systems.
  • Jkelly108 (talk · contribs) 2015-10-15: I am an undergraduate student studying physics, currently doing project where the aim is to improve an article. My chosen one is Hydrodynamic Stability
  • Stephanos100 (talk · contribs) 2016-03-11: Adding my name because I'm interested in all things Physics
  • Prajaman (talk · contribs) 2016-03-29: PhD(Combustion). Interested in mathematical fluid dynamics.
Former members

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