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WikiProject Physics: Acoustics Taskforce

WikiProject Physics' Acoustics Taskforce works on improving the quality, coverage, and presentation of articles (and categories) within the field of acoustics – the natural science of sound and vibrations.
Our activities include, but are not limited to: improving articles, assessing their quality, creating new ones, identifying articles as acoustics articles, merging or cleaning-up overlapping articles, and organizing them all into categories. For doing so, this task force applies the methodology and tools provided by the WikiProject Physics.

If you want to join this task force, please feel free to add your name to the lists of members. Wondering whether you can be of help? Please have a look at the intro of WikiProject Physics: the same applies here as well.

Status of project


Active members

  • Headbomb (User talk:Headbomb – I coordinate the physics project, I'll provide logistic support, guidance, etc... I have no particular interest or expertise in acoustics, but I would like to see this project work.
  • Micah Shepherd (talk) - Researcher in structural acoustics and nonlinear acoustics.
  • Dan Domme (talk) - I am a PhD candidate in Acoustics researching active noise control, with a background in mechanical engineering.
  • Scott Porter (talk) - I'm a graduate student in acoustics researching electroacoustic transducers.
  • Shmuel Ben-Ezra (talk) - R&D physicist (M.Sc.) experienced in theoretical and experimental acoustics (Therapeutic Ultrasound).
  • César Legendre (talk) - Applied math and physics (Ph.D/Université Libre de Bruxelles). I am a researcher in theoretical and numerical acoustics, aeroacoustics and fluid dynamics.
  • Alan Islas (talk) - PhD in Electrical Engineering with research and industry experience in underwater acoustics (sonar).

Inactive members

  • Jason Bostron (talk) - I am a Master's Student in Acoustics at PSU, with a background in physics and music.
  • Eli Hughes (talk) - I work at Penn State ARL and am a PhD Student in Acoustics at PSU.
  • Matt Poese (talk) - I'm a researcher in the field of Physical Acoustics.
  • Shofus (talk) - Applied math (phd). Senior research scientist (governmental) in underwater acoustics, fisheries acoustics (echo sounders), noise pollution and noise impact on marine life.

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New articles

Please feel free to list your new Acoustics-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please). Any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them should be suggested for the Did you know? box the Main Page.


  • Place this on acoustics related articles: {{physics|class=|importance=|acoustics=yes}}
  • Place this on articles on acousticians: {{physics|class=|importance=|acoustics=yes|bio=yes}}