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A collaborative team of editors aiming to create high-quality neuroscience articles

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Welcome to WikiProject Neuroscience, a project that aims to create and improve all Wikimedia neuroscience and brain-related resources. Welcome also Society for Neuroscience members! Please see here for information on how to get started.

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Comprehensive, Understandable, AccurateEdit

The goal of this project is to help Wikimedia provide comprehensive, understandable, and accurate resources on neuroscience-related topics. We aim to ensure that all neuroscience-related articles on Wikipedia are clear, well-referenced, and include proper use of media, and that all neuroscience-related resources on other Wikimedia projects are comprehensive. The end product should be resources with in-depth, qualitative information that are accessible enough to be encyclopedia articles but well-referenced enough for academic use.

To fulfill these aims, the project will initially focus on articles covering broad ideas and concepts. The project will then develop more detailed, specific articles as well as other types of resources. This top-down approach will allow Wikipedia to serve immediately as a useful resource that becomes more detailed over time, with other Wikimedia projects following suit.

This project's approach is to cover the brain from a cross-species, multidisciplinary perspective. This should provide detailed information about the distinct differences between species, and explain some possible evolutionary/ecological reasons for such differences. We aim to integrate information from the cellular/molecular level all the way up to the cognitive/clinical level.

The history of neuroscience will also be an area of focus. The progress of theories and ideas is important to understanding current scientific thinking. This includes "History" sections in articles, biography articles, articles on refuted theories, and articles about historical institutions. For people interested specifically in contributing to the history of neuroscience content, visit this page.

Simplicity and depthEdit

Basic questions should have simple answers. A major goal of this project is to ensure that neuroscience resources are not only comprehensive enough for a specialist, but should be engagingly presented and simple enough for laymen and children alike.

Areas of coverageEdit

WikiProject Neuroscience assessment statistics


The following is a list of areas which this project hopes to cover. There will, no doubt, be overlap with existing and related projects but this can only help.
(Statistics on most-viewed neuroscience pages.)

Click on "►" below to display subcategories:



How you can helpEdit

Anybody can help! Some things to do include:

  1. Identify target articles-particularly covering fundamental concepts and ideas.
  2. Improve and discuss the proposed structures of articles.
  3. Improve articles yourself!
  4. Assess article quality and article importance in relation to neuroscience (see Wikipedia:WikiProject Neuroscience/Assessment)
  5. Leave comments on the WikiProject Neuroscience talk page for feedback.
  6. Upload images related to neuroscience
    • Our greatest need at the moment is for images, such as photos, figures, or drawings, that convey scientifically important messages. We currently lack good illustrations for many of the most basic concepts in neuroscience; for example, we don't have a good electron micrograph of an ordinary synapse. If you are the owner of any graphics that might be useful, and are willing to make them available under a license that makes them usable in Wikipedia (you can require attribution, but can't forbid commercial use or modification), please donate them to Wikimedia Commons. Artistic merit is always nice, but scientific value is more important. Image donations will be very much appreciated even if you don't make any other contribution to Wikimedia. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the WikiProject Neuroscience talk page.

Focus articlesEdit

This section lists relatively complete articles which are fundamental to neuroscience which should be worked on to meet Featured Article criteria. This section emphasizes the general before the specific.

Lists of other content to work on include:


To add yourself to this list, please edit this page and follow the instructions, taking care to maintain alphabetical order.

  1. Achaea (talk) 20:25, 27 December 2019 (UTC); Neuroscience PhD student studying place cell in hippocampus.
  2. Aeffenberger (contribs); PhD student studying neurodegenerative diseases. Interested in neuroimmunology.
  3. Alex Tan (contribs); A medical officer currently working emergency department shifts - will do copyedits and basic checks for correctness and consistency.
  4. Amygdalian; Neuroscientist now working in science administration / management
  5. Andorin (contribs); (Soon to be) Grad Student in mathematics. Interested in dendritic computation, neurodynamics, parameter estimation and mean field theories. Will do what I can, when I can.
  6. Arcadian (contribs); BS computers and psychology, MS computers, currently med student
  7. Benjamin Svejgaard; Grad student, pursuing MD and BSc in Cognitive Psychology. New to Wikipedia, eager to contribute.
  8. Brad English; Aspiring neural engineer currently taking Human Physiology, Bioinformatics, Programmed Cell Death and Medical Neuroscience at On a quest to discern whether or not biological immortality is obtainable within my lifetime.
  9. Brainist (talk); Medical student interested in anything related to the brain.
  10. Constantine Michailidis (contribs); Medical student interested in Applied Neuroscience and Brain-Computer Interfacing.
  11. Claire; Brain bee competitor, working at the crossroads of computer science and neuroscience (especially artificial intelligence).
  12. CFCF (contribs); Medical student and cognitive science student.
  13. CopperKettle (contribs); Just an amateur, interested in psychiatry and neuroscience, more specifically - in the brain development (Reelin pathway) and the mechanisms of schizophrenia. I try to contribute both to Russian and English wikipedias. --CopperKettle 06:33, 14 June 2006 (UTC)
  14. D15724C710N (talk) (contribs); Neuroscience, philosophy of mind, and psychology are my main interests, though my background is in computer science.
  15. Dailysampler (talk); Currently studying a BSc Medical Science. Also a volunteer research assistant in computational neuroscience.
  16. danielkueh (talk) I study neural development.
  17. DaringDonna (talk); Interested layperson
  18. David Iberri (contribs); I'm a grad student in physiology and make most of my neuroscience edits while studying for exams.
  19. Di4gram (talk) BSc Psychology, minor biology, academic focus on behavioral neuroscience and hoping to enter graduate school next year. Finishing my Honours thesis on fear conditioning and the impact it has on social behavior in Zebrafish because rats are too expensive for undergrads. Specific interest in NMDA antagonism and hippocampal neuroplasticity, as well as translational neuroscience. 22:48, 28 April 2017 (UTC)
  20. delldot (contribs); I'm working on an undergraduate thesis on excitotoxicity in traumatic brain injury and I'm interested in contributing to articles related to those and other topics.
  21. Dr Peter James Chisholm (Talk to me about anything) 13:47, 12 January 2019 (UTC) B Med Sc in impulsivity, MBBS, broad general expereince, significant experience in infectious diseases, addiction and ADHD specialist effectively if my countries medical system allowed me to prescribe, which is currently under legal consideration. --Dr Peter James Chisholm (Have a chat, I think quite laterally) 13:47, 12 January 2019 (UTC)
  22. DemonicPartyHat talk; Student interested in medicine, pharmacology, and neuroscience. Future MD, MPH, possibly also with an MS in neuroscience.
  23. Dr.Ashlesh.P (talk) (contribs); I am Physiologist with special interest in cognitive neurosciences.
  24. Falk; master student in computational neuroscience at ETH Zurich.
  25. Famousdog (talk); BSc in Psychology, PhD in vision science.
  26. Fernandahansen (talk); --> BSc in Medical Physics, PhD candidate in Translational Medicine/Neuroscience.
  27. Iztwoz (contribs)
  28. JeremyA (contribs)
  29. John Schmidt (contribs); "I just noticed this project. Thanks for a good excuse for me to pay more attention to neuro articles. I have a special interest in learning and memory".
  30. JonathanWilliford (talk) (contribs); BS and (Almost) MS in Computer Science with focus on Machine Learning. (Soon to be) PhD Student in Neuroscience.
  31. Kenneth Ricciardi; Hospital Teacher in Neuroradiology, Expert in Diffusion tensor Tractography, with special interest in Corticospinal Tract and presurgical planning.
  32. Keziah Chow; Undergrad student in Neuroscience and Biochemistry interested in neural plasticity and its role in memory, learning, and human psychological development, especially in children.
  33. Kim van der Linde Post-doc in neurobiology, specifically relation between circadian clock, neuroanatomy and circadian modulation of alcohol sensitivity.
  34. Kku (talk) (contribs) Ph.D. in Physiology. Thesis on EEG, neuroscience and cybernetics, biopsychology.
  35. Lenov (talk) (contribs); Ph.D. specializing in computational neurobiology, synaptic plasticity, addiction.
  36. Looie496 (talk) (contribs); Ph.D. specializing in computational neuroscience of learning and memory.
  37. Lova Falk talk (contribs) Psychologist. Works clinically with assessment of ADHD / ASD in children.
  38. Mark viking (talk); (contribs;) I did a postdoc in computational neuroscience and machine learning. I have interests in neurophysics and neurogenetics, too.
  39. Michael Naunton (contribs) Compsci/AI, now focused on the hippocampus/medial entrorhinal cortex.
  40. MTHarden (talk); (contribs;)PhD Candidate in behavioral neuroscience interested in expanding coverage of animal models in the behavioral sciences.
  41. Mysteriumen (talk contribs); Student of Pharmacy
  42. Neurogeek (contribs); "PhD, 2006; Occasional editor."
  43. Neurofreak (contribs); "Graduate student; Master's in Clinical Neuroscience."
  44. Nrets (contribs); "My main area of specialization is cellular neuroscience and electrophysiology."
  45. Oldak Quill (contribs); "A neuroscience undergraduate with a wide range of interests within and without neuroscience. My interests cover a wide range within the field: neuroanatomy, cognitive neuroscience, neuropathology and so-called "neurophilosophy" (including future studies considering arifical intelligence and brain-computer interfacing). I am, apart from this, a general Wiki(pedia) enthusiast and will thus also hope to improve the prose and structure of articles as well as their referencing and scientific worth".
  46. Paul Wicks (contribs); Postdoc in Parkinson's disease, PhD on motor neuron disease. Trained in psychology, specialise in neurodegenerative movement disorders, more of a neuropsychologist really.
  47. Pushpa Ramakrishnan (talk) 06:25, 23 April 2018 (UTC)Pushpa Ramakrishnan
  48. Quasihuman (contribs); Undergraduate student in neuroscience. Can help with drawing diagrams, copy editing, etc. Broad interests.
  49. R500Mom (talk) (contribs); Mom to 4 year old identical twins with super rare Niemann Pick Type C, often called the "Childhood Alzheimer's." Speak daily with many neuroscientists and need help to get their info. onto Wikipedia.
  50. RaptorChief (talk) (contribs)
  51. razorbelle (talk) (contribs)
  52. Renaissancee (contribs) Layperson
  53. Revanchist317 (talk); Undergrad, main interest in circadian neuroscience and methods development (optogenetics)
  54. Richard☺Decal (talk); Computational neuroscientist.
  55. SR (contribs) Graduate student working towards PhDs in clinical neuropsychology & neuroscience. Focus on cortical & subcortical language networks, white matter, and aging.
  56. Saintfevrier(talk) Electrical engineer with interest in medicine and neuroscience. Attending a Medical Neuroscience MOOC and translating neuroscience Wikidata items to Greek along the way.
  57. Sallison (contribs); neurology and affective neuroscience.
  58. ScholarBlue (contribs); Biomedical scientist specialising in neuroscience, with an interest in the aetiology of neurodevelopmental disorders, psychiatric disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases; particularly Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease.
  59. Seppi333 (Insert ); braaaaaiiiiinnssssssssss...
  60. Shashank Reddy.P {contribs} Im a student pursuing my Bachelors in Pharmacy
  61. Shushruth (contribs); Graduate student in visual neuroscience. Created the Neuroscience Portal and maintain it as schedule permits.
  62. SJTatsu (talk) 17:31, 24 October 2018 (UTC)
  63. Skiingmalamute (talk) 03:36, 30 May 2019 (UTC)
  64. Tea with toast (talk); Neuropharmacology
  65. Teemu08 (contribs); I'm a junior at the UIUC focusing on neuroimaging. I also have major depression, so I research that a lot as well.
  66. TjeerdB (talk) (contribs); PhD in human movement science. Thesis on neural dynamics of motor control.
  67. Tryptofish (contribs); Ph.D. biochemistry, many years tenured faculty in pharmacology and neuroscience, expertise in ion channels, happy to help with copyediting.
  68. Tycho (contribs)
  69. Vaughan (contribs); Good to see the group becoming active. I look forward to reading (and editing!) the results...
  70. WikiEditCrunch (contribs); Interested in general Neuroscience and Neurochemistry.
  71. Xttina.Garnet (contribs) I am neuroscience master's student.
  72. Yuniebear (contribs) B.S in Neuroscience
  73. Yileying (talk) (contribs) Biophysics student, doing a neuronscience project at the moment.
  74. CyberTroopers (talk) 07:11, 22 October 2020 (UTC) : Medical students who are interested in everything related to the brain - anatomy, physiology, psychology, disease, medicine etc (mostly brain surgery). Founder of WikiProject Medicine in Malay Wikipedia. Interested in becoming a brain surgeon.

Inactive usersEdit

Users inactive since 2014. If you resume activity, please feel free to move your listing back up!

  1. AFriedman (talk) (contribs) I am a researcher who operates an open-access laboratory on Wikiversity.
  2. Alan Cone (contribs); BS Biology and Neuroscience, currently a graduate student pursuing a PhD in Biology with a focus in Neuroscience. Working towards being a full-time Neuroscience Researcher and Professor.
  3. Anjely9 (contribs); BS Neuroscience, grad student pursuing PhD in Neuroscience
  4. BrianMSweis (contribs); BS Biology & Psychology, minors in Neuroscience & Philosophy expected in 2012, pursuing M.D./Ph.D. in Neuroscience beginning Fall 2012.
  5. David Adler(contribs) BSc Neuroscience undergraduate student with previous laboratory experience and an interest in computing
  6. Devon Ryan (contribs); I'm a grad student working on a novel Kir channel and a periodic paralytic disorder. I'll be making a lot of edits to the relevant pages.
  7. Ed Hubbard (contribs); Experimental psychologist/cognitive scientist (PhD, 2004). My research uses fMRI to explore high level perception, numerical cognition and synesthesia.
  8. Jean-Francois Gariepy (contribs); Ph. D. candidate in neurological sciences at the Université de Montréal, I'm mainly interested in contributing to History of Neuroscience.
  9. Kathryn Thomas (contribs); BS in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Tech.
  10. Kernsters (contribs) Expanding neuroscience-related resources on both wikipedia and wikiversity
  11. Phineas G. (contribs); Grad student studying development of the cortex.
  12. Rhegium (contribs) Hopefully a soon-to-be Ph.D. student in neuroscience. I am particularly interested in molecular neuroscience.
  13. Roy Stanley (contribs); works on bioregenerate neuroscience and chemical regenerate articles. student of biogerentology.
  14. Selket (contribs); Doctoral student in neuroscience. Thesis focus on proprioception and BMIs.
  15. Shirleybayer {contribs} I am a retired Professor with a research specialty in developmental neuroscience at the cell, tissue, and organ level. I have done extensive work in rat brain development and human brain development.
  16. The.Filsouf (talk) (contribs) Cognitive Neuroscientist, various interests.
  17. Wojder (talk) (contribs) MD, PhD specialized in: neurology, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology.
  18. Xurtio (contribs); B.S. physics, theoretical neuroscience grad student, neurodynamic research.
  19. Crusio (talk); I'm a behavioral neurogeneticist.
  20. Fu Hung Shiu; Underg georgia tech student. Hopefully can contribute to wikipedia
  21. Jim Schwoebel (talk); BS in Biomedical Engineering - Georgia Tech. Working on a wikipedia article related to microsleeps Fall 2013.
  22. Travza (talk) Undergraduate psychology student with a minor in biology.
  23. Subkot (talk)

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