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Mountains of the Alps
The southern flank of Mont Blanc
WikiProject Mountains of the Alps
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Digital relief of the Alps; France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria and Slovenia

Welcome to the Mountains of the Alps WikiProject!
We are a very small group of editors who care about the Alps and the innumerable features within it, and who want to see improvements to so many articles. The mountains of the Alps really are an important and popular topic, but we recognise there is a lack of in-depth coverage on Wikipedia.
It's not just the mountains, but the glaciers, the people, the places and the wildlife of the alps. So will you join in and help us?
Feel free to edit any article without joining us, but we'd welcome your expression of support to help us. So please add your username to the 'Members' section below, and indicate any particular interests you may have.

  • To improve Wikipedia's coverage of the mountains of the Alps.
  • To create a high-quality article for every significant mountain in the range
  • To establish guidelines for Alps-related articles.
  • To encourage the creation or improvement of articles on all significant elements of the alpine environment
  • This project covers all mountains and their related features within the Alpine environment.

Article quality assessmentEdit

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This table contains articles that have been assessed by Alps WikiProject. Articles are automatically placed in the appropriate sub-category when a rating is given.

As of November 2019, there were 3,060 relevant articles in our WikiProject, all of which had received a quality assessment.
Articles marked as 'Stubs' or 'Start' class are in most need of expansion and improvement. Just click a cell to see a list of all articles in that quality and importance category.

There are still nearly 2,000 Stubs or Start class articles have not yet been given any 'Importance' assessment for the Alps Project. You can help by checking these, and adding an 'alps-importance' parameter to the template. In some situations an article may be of higher importance than it is to the broader Mountains WikiProject. e.g.:

{{WikiProject Mountains|class=Start|importance=Low|alps=yes|alps-importance=mid}}

To facilitate rapid checking and updating, we recommend installing the RATER tool.

Updating The Assessment Table is updated by a 'bot' every three days or so. Until 15 October 2020, a manual update can be forced by going to A new tool will then replace it (see

Requested articlesEdit

The red links below are 'Notable' alps-related subjects that do not, as yet, exist on Wikipedia, but where there's merit in creating one. (Any names appearing as blue hyperlinks will have been recently made).

Feel free to add further names (plus any links to non-English Wikipedias or to published sources, if known)


Alpine peopleEdit

Alpine glaciers (over 3km in length)Edit

Alpine wildlifeEdit

Mountain refugesEdit

Other topicsEdit

Articles in need of expansion or improvementEdit

There are innumerable mountain articles that need improving - just check out the Article Overview table above! Perhaps you could find some top priority 'Stubs' you'd like to work on. Or see the following, or maybe add your suggestions for those you think most merit enhancement. And feel free to start work on one or more!

  • Antelao - a relatively popular page.
  • Carnic Alps
  • Chamechaude - currently a short stub - could easily be enhanced by someone
  • Grimming - a stunning mountain and an Ultra that deserves more than this but there isn't an article on Summitpost for us to use for a writeup. [Afternote: now recently expanded from German Wikipedia]
  • Grossglockner - currently graded start class (as at 2019), but with a little more work could easily be given a much better quality grading
  • Hochschwab (Mountain range)
  • Lauzière Massif
  • Marmolada - the highest summit in the Dolomites deserves being more than just a start-class page
  • Massif des Écrins -currently just a dull list. See Mont Blanc massif for example of what this could become.
  • Mont Blanc - merits bringing to GA or Featured Article quality. Current content is complex, unclear, or missing.
  • Sexten Dolomites
  • Tribulaun - A wonderful mountain (or arguably three mountains) sharing a tiny stub between them. Oddly there is only a page dedicated to the 2nd highest peak on Summitpost.
  • Vanoise Massif


Please add your name to show your interest in contributing to mountain-related articles. And do add this page to your Watchlist.

Open tasksEdit

  • Create a high-quality, encyclopedic article for the most notable mountains in the Alps (especially 4000ers), not just stubs.
  • Establish quality articles for each major sub-range in the Alps.
  • Add images to every article.
  • Expand the category below to include features other than mountains, perhaps through sub-categories.
  • Recruit more editors!

Requested imagesEdit

Lists of mountains of the AlpsEdit

Alps PortalEdit

Editors from this WikiProject help to maintain Portal:Alps, which provides a broad 'topic-taster' of articles relating to a wide range of Alpine subjects - and not just mountains.

You can assist by helping to maintain the Portal, or by adding links to it in the 'See also' sections of relevant pages.
To do this, paste in the following code:


You might want to add the {{clear}} template immediately after the Portal template if the page layout is disrupted.

If the article doesn't already have a 'See also' section, you can create it by inserting the following code:

==See also==

You might also consider adding one of the mountain-related links from List of mountains of the alps section, above.

Editors currently maintaining Portal:Alps, include:

Members' library of resourcesEdit

The following resources are owned by project members, who are willing to check details and provide references or other information, if required. Please add any alpine resources you hold and are willing to access to help others. Follow it with your username (sign with three keyboard tildes ~~~).

Click 'show' to see library of member resources

Alpine Climbing Guides

  • Walliser Alpen (1983) M.Vaucher (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • The Alpine 4000m Peaks by the Classic Routes (1990) R. Goedeke (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Eastern Alps The Classic Routeson the Highest peaks (1992 English translation) D.Siebert (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Mont Blanc Massif Volume 1 (1990) L.Griffin (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Mont Blanc Massif Volume 2 (1992) L.Griffin (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Mont Blanc Range Vol (1976 reprinted 1987) R. Collomb Alpine Club (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • The Mont Blanc Massif - the 100 finest routes (1975 english translation) G.Rebuffat (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Valais Alps East Selected climbs(199() L.Swindin & P.Fleming - Alpine Club (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Valais Alps West Selected climbs (1998) L.Griffin -Alpine Club (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Bernese Oberland Selected climbs (1993) L.Swindin -Alpine Club (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Bernina & Greaglia Selected Climbs (1995) L Griffin -Alpine Club (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Pennine Alps East -Saas & Mischabel Chains (1975) Alpine Club (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Pennine Alps Central (1975) R.Collomb - Alpine Club (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Pennine Alps Central (1875) R.Collomb (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Ecrins Park Dauphinw Alps (1986) R.Collomb - Alpine Club (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Guida dei Monti d'Italia (Guide to Italian mountains; Milano, Club Alpino Italiano / Touring Club Italiano)
    • E.Montagna; L.Montaldo (1981). Alpi Liguri (in Italian). CAI / TCI. (Pampuco (talk))
    • E. Montagna; L. Montaldo; F. Salesi (1990). Alpi Marittime (in Italian). II. CAI / TCI. ISBN 978-8-836-50403-9. (Pampuco (talk))
    • Ferreri, Eugenio (1982). Alpi Cozie centrali (in Italian). CAI / TCI. (Pampuco (talk))
    • R. Aruga; P. Losana; A. Re (1985). Alpi Cozie settentrionali (in Italian). CAI / TCI. (Pampuco (talk))
    • G.Berutto; L. Fornelli (1980). Alpi Graie meridionali (in Italian). CAI / TCI. (Pampuco (talk))
    • Giorgetta, Alessandro (1985). Alpi Graie centrali (in Italian). CAI / TCI. (Pampuco (talk))
    • G.Berutto; L. Fornelli (2005). Emilius Rosa dei Banchi Parco del M.Avic (in Italian). CAI / TCI. ISBN 978-8-836-53107-3. (Pampuco (talk))
    • A. Castello; E. Protto; S. Zoia (2013). Alpi biellesi e valsesiane (in Italian). CAI / TCI. ISBN 978-8-836-54934-4. (Pampuco (talk))
    • Armellini, Renato (1991). Andolla Sempione (in Italian). CAI / TCI. ISBN 978-8-836-50480-0. (Pampuco (talk))

Walking Guides

4000m peaks, general

  • In Monte Viso's Horizon - climbing all the Alpine 4000m peaks (1991) W.McLewin (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • Alps 4000 - 75 peaks in 52 days) (1994) M.Moran Parkywiki (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • High Mountains of the Alps (1994) Dumler & Burkhardt (Nick Moyes (talk))
  • In Search of Limits - climbing the Alpine 4000m peaks (1994) M.Bles (Nick Moyes (talk))


Online resources

Template to assign articles to the Alps ProjectEdit

Technically, this project currently functions as a task force of WikiProject Mountains. To mark articles as part of both projects, put {{WikiProject Mountains}} at the top of the talk page, with "alps=yes". This produces the banner below, and adds the talk page to Category:WikiProject Mountains articles and Category:Mountains of the Alps articles.

WikiProject Mountains / Alps  (Rated Project-class)
This page is part of WikiProject Mountains, a project to systematically present information on mountains. If you would like to participate, you can choose to edit the article attached to this page (see Contributing FAQ for more information), or visit the project page where you can join the project and/or contribute to the discussion.
  Project  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.
This page is supported by the Alps task force.

Just paste in the following code, note that you can insert a separate "alps-importance" parameter:

{{WikiProject Mountains|class=c|importance= |alps=yes|alps-importance= }}

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Topographic maps of the Alps available on-line