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Joining the GuildEdit

All Wikipedians are welcome to participate in Guild activities. To join the Guild, place the template {{User Copy Edit}} on your userpage. This will automatically add it to Category:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors members. If you wish, you can add your user name at the top of the list of participants below.

To receive the Guild's regular newsletters and updates, which will be delivered directly to your talk page, add your user name to our mailing list.

To best keep up with Guild happenings, add Wikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors/Ombox to your Watchlist.

Neither list is actively monitored and inclusion on either is not mandatory for Guild membership. Banned users can be removed without notice since they cannot be participants.

List of participantsEdit

Feel free to add yourself to the top of the table below. For further instructions, click "edit source" and read the light grey text (instructions) or, for editors using the original wikitext editor, click "edit" immediately above and read the hidden commented text. Some users on this list may no longer be actively editing.

Name Date of joining Comments
Farhan nasim 21 January 2021 Copyediting newbie.
Eggybonk11 18 January 2021 copyediting is nice
Rickyurs 17 January 2021 Copy editing is ever learning process.
Novem Linguae 14 January 2021 Writing clearly is an art.
Jmartynski 14 January 2021 Having fun copy editing.
Benevolent human 13 January 2021 First time copy-editing for Wikipedia, native English speaker
Threeorange 9 January 2021 Clarity over quantity.
Dobekofcas 8 January 2021 Mostly looking for something to do in quarantine
Wjddml 7 January 2021 Proofreading and copyediting is what I used to do back in the old days
Lentemern 5 January 2021 I don't know much about anything, but I can write.
TheMadDesperado 29 December 2020 Hi! I just coppy edited my first backlog article and I loved it!
SpiffingUK 23 December 2020 I started copyediting a few days ago, I'm not an expert but I'm learning and I want to help out!
JJPMaster 22 December 2020 Copy editing is cool, and I do it sometimes.
Shotgunscoop 20 December 2020 Copy editing is fun and I'm looking to improve my writing style.
U+203D 18 December 2020 I'm new and not an expert on anything, I just want to help.
Halfadaniel 17 December 2020 Just starting out on Wikipedia and getting started, starting with copyediting.
SithJarJar666 14 December 2020 Plan to help copyedit whenever I can, at least when I’m not slaying all vandals I meet. Edited here before as a sock....
Gerald Waldo Luis 14 December 2020 Don't mind me. Just cleanin' up the crime scene.
Interesting Cause 88 11 December 2020 This is my idea of fun, no joke.
Cleveland Todd 9 December 2020 I like to read and write clear, organized, critical copy, and I'm ready to work.
Browk2512 8 December 2020 I've found myself doing more and more copyediting on wikipedia, so I decided to join.
Wikignome Wintergreen 5 December 2020 Nibbling at the copy edit backlog.
Fieryninja 5 December 2020 Already actively copy editing so may as well make it official.
Astronators 2 December 2020
Sarcastic Minerva 2 December 2020 Going whereever my ADHD brain takes me. You can usually find me in the Anime/Manga, Education, and Lingustics areas.
Faelif 1 December 2020 I find correcting grammar and spelling irresistable at the best of times.
Elijahandskip 12 November 2020 I am the Lead Coordinator of Current Events WikiProject. The Current Event WikiProject focuses on articles while they are in the news, but forgets formatting. I attempt to do some formatting, but I will mainly be submitting requests for articles after the Current Event WikiProject is done with it.
Carrierudd 3 November 2020 Editing is becoming a new hobby for me!
Dr. Van Nostrand 3 November 2020 I enjoy copy editing and look forward to helping.
A foggy notion 3 November 2020 Just say no to Oxford commas.
Mike Marchmont 1 November 2020 As a former journalist and editor, I suffer from an irrational desire to correct spelling errors, bad grammar and tautologies whenever I see them. I've fought against this, but to no avail. So here I am.
Blaze The Wolf 28 October 2020 I'm sort of a grammar Nazi and hate terrible grammar. I'm also really good at spelling so that's why I want to help. I've already changed the grammar on one page so that's why I'm here.
Beetricks 28 October 2020 I'm here to help this encyclopedia from suffering with too much grammar police in the future!
MarioJump83 26 October 2020 I would like to practice my English with copyediting as I'm in college. Formerly SMB99thx.
ChuksJD 25 October 2020 Roger that. Copy Editor in position. Over!
I-Bin-A-Bibi 12 October 2020 Looking forward to help! (@^◡^)
Nettlesome Noble 12 October 2020 Looking forward to helping here and there
The Knight of St.New Holland 11 October 2020 Looking forward to help!
Wikignometry 10 October 2020 I'm excited to be here!
R. J. Dockery 5 October 2020 I speak English natively and appreciate high-quality grammar.
LizMarieCee 2 October 2020 I love writing, editing and learning new stuff!
Punicea 2 October 2020 Love editing, wanna give back
IFixGrammarz 1 October 2020 I like grammar and spelling
Riviera from Toronto 30 September 2020 I am a professional writer and love editing.
Redcap78 18 September 2020 I am good at Biographies and content Citation.
Melofors 11 September 2020 I'm good with grammar and wording.
Redwoodking 10 September 2020 I can easily identify and rectify grammatical and word usage errors.
Edipio 10 September 2020 I believe I can make Wikipedia a better site.
SpurriousCorrelation 9 September 2020 I live and breath Strunk/White.
Rakjoejoe 4 September 2020 I am willing to make Wikipedia better then everbefore.
Ashershel 2 September 2020 "Be direct, simple, brief, vigorous, and lucid." --H.W. Fowler
Ex Parte 29 August 2020
PyrReviewed 28 August 2020
LaDinky 28 August 2020 Want to make Wikipedia error-free, if this is all I can do, I will be glad
Abhiraam.chyren 26 August 2020 Making Wikipedia great platform.
Johnnie Bob 26 August 2020 Focus is on biographies, particularly of individuals in sciences and arts.
WikiJSPN 20 August 2020 Just trying to help.
Shangri-la123 18 August 2020 I have a passion for correcting things and copy editing is the way to go!
Squid45 6 August 2020 Seems like the best place to coordinate editing!
WikiMacaroons 2 August 2020 I love copyediting! How did I not know this was a thing?
NK1406 30 July 2020 I like to tweak little things here and there.
Zatsugaku 27 July 2020 I’m often tempted to merely tweak an awkward sentence when what is really needed is serious work to improve objectivity and integration. Time for more coffee.
Anupamdutta73 26 July 2020 Mission is to make Wikipedia more readable, less error free and updated.
TheFaeryMuse 26 July 2020 I seek to magick away the evils of treacherous grammar in the fair land of Wikipedia.
Atomic.madness 24 July 2020 Here to fix typos, grammar, and source the un-sourced
CompassOwl 23 July 2020 Bad grammar, be gone!
Bogger 18 July 2020 Interests: Ireland, Women in Red, Spice bags, and Mitraillettes. Matches gender and number
SisterMarge 16 July 2020 Let's fix some comma splices.
renewableandalternativeenergy 15 July 2020 Interested in working on articles with editors and copy editing.
Zedgamer9128 13 July 2020 I want to contribute to make wikipedia better for everyone.
Lolbster 7 July 2020 Learning how to better help Wikipedia and use my copy editing skills to benefit others.
JHunterJ 3 July 2020
FellowTorontonian 1 July 2020
Jv0314 30 June 2020 Copy editing is fun!
OaklandRaider 29 June 2020 Love editing copy and hunting down citations.
A.JulianEditor 26 June 2020 A grammar expert.
Wikiffeine 25 June 2020 I will go through the list of articles that need copy editing, and find small articles, or articles riddled with typos, or interesting articles with typos, and correct those typos.
JetJaguar05 19 June 2020 just your friendly neighborhood copy editor
Jhoughton1 8 June 2020 I'm a good copy editor, retired, want to help Wikipedia improve. Chasing down citations is a fun romp through the Internet.
EDJThurling840 15 June 2020 Editor of several academic journals - here to ensure spelling and grammar is up to scratch.
Firedogbme 15 June 2020 I'm the guy people send their memos and letters to check for spelling and grammar. I'll be working with you all to improve Wikipedia as much as I am able.
KoalaLou9 12 June 2020 I Want to fix typos


12 June 2020 Want to correct grammar.
Trains2050 11 June 2020 want to help wikipedia
Triethylborane 11 June 2020 My friends know me as the grammar police. I'm looking forward to helping improve Wikipedia, one tpyo at a time. :)
SHISHIR DUA June 9, 2020 I'd like to fix errors and help Wikipedia! Also amend Linguistics, languages, history, and whatever else needs doing
Acynicalnerd 8 June 2020 I'd like to fix errors and help Wikipedia!
Antila 5 June 2020 Like to fix grammar and spelling errors as I'm a fluent English speaker.
Sylvester Penn 4 June 2020 To improve the wording of confusing articles.
Blueskies04 1 June 2020 Am keen to offer my time and editing experience to this amazing team.
Hatchens 29 May 2020 To keep the neutrality of Wikipedia intact.
Thanoscar21 27 May 2020 My first 500 edits were copyedits, usually using Random article. My most recent 1,000 edits were vandalism edits, and I want to get back in the wonderful world of grammar!
DodoKalabaw 25 May 2020 Read and Review. Enjoy it, too!
CommanderWaterford 21 May 2020 Ready to fight However and Also ;)
Blackbelt917 20 May 2020 wanna make word good.
Just gonna edit a bit 19 May 2020 Time to get to work copy-editing.
KilimAnnejaro 18 May 2020 I'm passionate about clear, concise writing that makes Wikipedia a better place for everyone!
Kaodigua 18 May 2020 I love concise writing. Also, I want to help improve Wikipedia.
Thriftshophk 14 May 2020 Want to help out and learn more on the way.
Frostedchicharrones 12 May 2020 As a member of the typo team, I've realized many articles need a lot more than typo fixing.
sam1370 11 May 2020 Want to help copy editing :)
Flori4nK 9 May 2020 I'd like to help.
Airyairy 8 May 2020 I want to learn how to copy edit and improve Wikipedia at the same time.
ExemplaryScholar 5 May 2020 I enjoy copy-editing tasks on Wikipedia, especially using the "Random article" feature.
NawJee 3 May 2020 New to Wikipedia and looking for ways to contribute, this seems like a good one.
Pefrectionist 3 May 2020 Interested in copy-editing
SpringDay03 1 May 2020 New to copy-editing, but would love to help out a bit.
Pupsterlove02 30 April 2020 I'd love to help Wikipedia through copy editing!
voxinsocks 23 April 2020 I'm here to make my autistic attention to details useful for something!
Augend 20 April 2020 Time to copy edit!
Ancophosep 19 April 2020 Semicolons! Semicolons everywhere!
Kulwinder Rishi 18 April 2020 Putting copy-editing skills to good use.
The4lines 9 April 2020 I want to help to make wikipedia better.

Eesabdallah 9 April 2020 I want to help make reading easier.
TheBestEditorInEngland 5 April 2020 I no how to spell and how, to-using grammar.
GalaxyDog 5 April 2020 I'd like to help copy edit.
Bobanele 5 April 2020 I like to ficks misspelinghs
Biscuit-in-Chief 31 March 2020 pretty new to copyediting i really like en dashes and i second trainerred4s comment
BluePenguin18 22 March 2020 Copy editing is my quarantine relaxation activity.
daniblanchette 14 March 2020 Recently edited my first Wikipedia page and now I'm fascinated.
Leiovus 13 March 2020 You take care of the article, let me take care of the mistakes. :)
Awesome Aasim 10 March 2020 I have already been copyediting with the help of Grammarly and Wikimedia's spellchecker and would like to continue with the team of editors who copyedit articles.
Visioncurve 5 March 2020 Priviliged and joined to help.
india.OHC 27 February 2020 Heavily judging fonts.
Lcodyh803 22 February 2020 Graphic design copyediting is my passion
Ablations 22 February 2020 No particular comments except that in this day and age especially, being clear with communication is vital.
Lightbluerain 19 February 2020 I believe Grammar doesn't define a language. A language defines the Grammar.
Zippydo121 17 February 2020 Writer who likes to keep his editing skills sharp.
Justin B. Watson 16 February 2020 Silently judging fonts.
JaneciaTaylor 11 February 2020 Trying to become a better contributor on Wikipedia.
Koridas 7 February 2020 A student with an A+ in English.
Alan Islas 6 February 2020 Trying to help while improving my skills as an editor.
SoftHiss 30 January 2020 It's a great use of free time!
Skantron14 23 January 2020 Copyediting is a stress-reduction exercise. Also, Wikipedia is amazing!
Theleot 20 January 2020 Here to help.
Owynhart 9 January 2020 Renamed account; adding myself to the list once again.
OutwardSpiral 2 January 2020 I don't have a formal educational background in copy editing, but I'm an avid book reader and have a decent grasp on the English language. I'd like to contribute to Wikipedia and help make it better!
Porpentine121 26 December 2019 I'm new to Wikipedia and I don't have any formal copyediting experience, but I'd love to help out! I'll edit anything, but I'm especially interested in Christianity, Japanese culture, and anything that has to do with the humanities.
DecentChap 20 December 2019 Here to help
PlanetJuice 13 December 2019 wikeepidia neads speling helhp
VenerableEntwhistle 9 December 2019 Subject object predicate. My life to commas I dedicate.
TK421bsod 9 December 2019 Grammar geek.
Yerkes-Dodson 9 December 2019 Grammar nerd.
Sabaybayin 30 November 2019 I'm a bit of a grammar geek and editing with the aid of AI, oh and I hate tautalogies.
SL_syn 24 November 2019 I've been editing like this here and there for a while-- some logged in, some anonymous. I don't have a lot of time to edit, but I will do my best!
MBordlee 20 November 2019 I believe making reliable, verifiable information free and accessible to all humans is the only way forward. Let's be part of the solution! =^.^=
Flowernerd 13 November 2019 I keep telling my students Wikipedia is a (reasonably) reliable source. I'd like to make it look professional too!
LiamUJ 11 November 2019 I would like to officially join the guild, having copy edited from time to time for a while now. I'm happy to be here!
N0tohh 2 November 2019 tyme to mak wikepedea spel gud
Cs09736 23 October 2019 Wikipedia will one day be a reliable source in the eyes of teachers. Why not help that day come earlier?
Path slopu 17 October 2019 Like to work in the guild and do copy edits.
1I0I1I0I1I0 16 October 2019 There is no substitute for style and form in the English language.
TrainerRed4 16 October 2019 I'm a teen, so I don't know ####, but I'm pretty good at grammar.
Thatoneweirdwikier 14 October 2019 I've been correcting grammar my whole life..
Effivd 13 October 2019 :D
Hei314 5 October 2019
Muffin of the English 4 October 2019 Looking forward to eliminating errors!
schandler7171 26 September 2019 New to wikipedia and looking forward to learn more!
Ionmars10 16 September 2019 Not much for me to say, just want to help work through the backlog.
Shijuro 14 September 2019 Working to make the world a better place, one typo at a time.
AnnaRei 11 September 2019 Writing nerd here :D.
stephszh 28 August 2019 Here for the grammar nerds!
Krazio 27 August 2019 I would like to improve my Copy Editing skills on wikipedia. I like the process of learn about new stuff through editing articles.
UnnamedUser 24 August 2019 I became active on this program almost a year ago, but I didn't add my username here. Thanks to everyone who's worked with me over this time.
Squeeps10 23 August 2019 I liek gramr /s I consider myself skilled in grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Squeeps10 Talk to meMy edits 21:08, 23 August 2019 (UTC)
Easy2zee 21 August 2019 Looking to help out and hone my skills!
Willbb234 20 August 2019
Geordie 14 August 2019 I hope I can be of assistance.
PiggiusMax 9 August 2019 *Cracks knuckles*, lets do this.
Lady antoinette 7 August 2019 I am an experienced journal editor and poised to help!
Ase1estet@lkc0ntribs 30 July 2019 Pssh... Don't tell them that this is added on 2021-01-16. (Though seriously, please see Special:Diff/908564190.)
AbhiMukh97Talk 30 July 2019 Willing to help, with the little knowledge I got, being an editor for our college magazine.
Jimbo4949 26 July 2019 Aspiring WikiGnome!
AlastairJHannaford 25 July 2019 I'm dyslexic, what could possibly go wrong...
Logophile59 9 July 2019 Worked as a copyeditor on a scientific journal a few decades ago -- looking forward to brushing up old skills, and learning new ones.
DiplomaticImmortality 4 July 2019 Just joined this wonderful community and looking for opportunities.
Bobbychan193 2 July 2019 Copy editing is like squashing coding bugs. It can also be a lot easier, less frustrating, and less time consuming. Happy to help!
ClippyLi 29 June 2019 So apparently copy editing is fun(-ish). Glad to be of use!
Frobird 25 June 2019 I hope I didn't mess up the formatting
Cadar 24 June 2019 Today's revelation: Turns out I'm a WikiGnome! Member of Typo Team. Happy to help  
WildChild300 22 June 2019 One time I made 8 spelling errors in one sentence when I was 6. Never again.
MarkCangila 19 June 2019 I'm interested in general editing and copy editing.
Mark Ironie 18 June 2019 I do copy editing while WikiGnoming. The monthly events look useful.
Mitchellhobbs June 17, 2019 ~ eh' I'll try to do my best ~ I do make mistakes but I'll try to color them with WP:Humor
Jennablurrs7575 15 June 2019 Hello There
Robotxlabs 13 June 2019 Excited to join! Want to get some practice copy editing.
Eyer 10 June 2019  
Aaronshenhao 9 June 2019 Happy to help! Making good use of English classes.
KCwiki9 29 May 2019 I'm excited to help!
Metamorphic enigma 28 May 2019 Looking forward to helping with this project!
DTHanna3602 25 May 2019 Happy to help with anything. Excited to learn along the way.
LizzieMack 17 May 2019 Thanks for the invite User:Bsoyka.
Flowers4machines 16 May 2019 Excited to learn and help!
LogicalLogic 14 May 2019 Happy to help.
Max Lazy 10 11 May 2019 Happy to join and utilize my skills to the fullest.
InvalidOS 9 May 2019 I’ve already been doing this.
ESLearner 9 May 2019 May the pages bleed.
Zygmeyer 8 May 2019 Happy to help.
Withepedia 8 May 2019 Wikipedia is in need of good editors and good inputs.
AccuratePotato 4 May 2019 Wikipedia is a great place.
Spray787 30 April 2019
Kwrobert1992 22 April 2019 I edit, I use wikipedia. Why not do both at the same time!
Bsoyka 21 April 2019 I love helping others, and copyediting is a way to do it
Scrooosh 21 April 2019 I like copyediting and I would like to help this project by participating
John Demerzhian 17 April 2019 I find it relaxing
NMilstein 13 April 2019 Glad to help
Mccull415 7 April 2019 Robotics ended, so I had to find a new place in need of editing. Goodbye, engineering notebook.(For Now)
Go placidly amid the noise 6 April 2019 I care about copy.
Ravquaza 1 April 2019 It sounds like something I'd wanna do.
DaedalusGodOfWisdom 27 March 2019 I shall be glad to help if you need any!
Themajesticow 27 March 2019 Bored. New user and its time to get serious
Pagesdish 22 March 2019 I'm bored. Might as well make myself useful.
MrClog 19 March 2019 Would love to help
Laurel Wreath of Victors 15 March 2019 i can wrote well englash
CluelessEditoroverhere 14 March 2019 I rewrote this sentence 26 27 times.
Itsasoa 14 March 2019 I like to edit.
Yelephant 12 March 2019 Likes writing and editing useless articles.
ECW03 12 March 2019 The time has come for you to edit for your life....
GrammarDamner 9 March 2019 Damn bad grammar!
54rtff 5 March 2019 Can't wait to help.
Jlg43 2 March 2019 I figure I might as well be finicky somewhere it's useful.
OutrunTheWolves 1 March 2019 Working towards a grammatically correct world.
roddy222 28 February 2019 because why not
Adam J Hruby 15 February 2019 Copy editing is a fun and easy way to improve the largest repository of human knowledge.
AdagioMan 11 February 2019 Former paid journalist, but always a journalist at heart.
Alphaten 10 February 2019 Very little in the area of grammar, punctuation, and accepted English usage eludes my eye.
Nickolai Wolds 7 February 2019 I'm a gnome who likes to work on their garden when they can
Robertnola 4 February 2019 like to make things more intelligible.
Johntron1414 3 February 2019 Been copy-editing since the First Grade. Yeah.
Seil11 2 February 2019 Loves copy edit.
Widepepper 1 February 2019 "Not the same thing a bit!" said the Hatter. "You might just as well say that 'I see what I eat' is the same thing as 'I eat what I see'!"
The Pony Toast 28 January 2019 I support the Oxford Comma. I do not support the Shatner Semicolon.
TheSmartPersonUS1 27 January 2019 I came to Wikipedia because I was a reader of Wikipedia. I joined in May 2018. I'm really good at fixing articles that need copyediting. So, I came here.
Nolandanley 19 January 2019 Whoever said "If you're good at something, never do it for free" isn't as cool as the people on this list.
RedSoxFan274 18 January 2019 Copyediting gives me a sense of purpose. Copyediting relaxes me and makes me happy. :) So glad to have found this WikiProject!
Nicolol747 15 January 2019 Longtime random article browser and also pedantically uses British-English.
Balasubramanianrajaram 13 January 2019 Happy to edit
Darren-M 12 January 2019 New to Wikipedia. Happy to help. Bit of a pedant.
BlackMaus 11 January 2019 I enjoy writing and editing, and have served on student publications (high school, university and grad school) as contributor, copy editor, and coeditor. Finished with school now and happy to be here!
Calidum 7 January 2019 Here to help
AfPEN 1 January 2019 We all have a duty to ensure the world runs on accurate information.
Sehtnaryhpez 20 December 2018 I like to edit. Therefore, I edit.
SamCordes 18 December 2018 Happy to help when I can!
JosephineJaffray 15 December 2018 Shyly hoping to copy edit usefully; I don't mind slogging through misspellings and punctuation errors.
ReoMartins 14 December 2018 Can we just make wiki better with good sentence constructions.
Rogueverde 8 December 2018 Another grammar fanatic at your service.
Morgan Leigh 5 December 2018 Over educated writing addict.
Lesbianjesus 2 December 2018 I just like to correct grammar and spelling.
WingNutH 28 November 2018 As a writer/editor I edit all the time anyway. An easy way for me to contribute.
Mehmuffin 23 November 2018 Super forgot to do this back in my more active days (summer).
Farhana.22019 22 November 2018 hate watching mistakes in spelling and grammar.
VeryGoodDog 22 November 2018 "I just think they're neat." - Marge Simpson
The pistachio mafia 21 November 2018 Just looking to imoprove my copy editing skills and carrer prospects.
Artisancta 19 November 2018 Just someone on the interwebs looking to help out, and participate in something worthwhile yet enjoyable.
FerKijel 9 November 2018 My OCD at the Guild's service.
PierreJohnLyons 9 November 2018 Life Sciences Copy Editor. Typos and messy writing make me angry.
Funny Gamer 4 November 2018 I am a copy editor and hoping to help all the other contributors listed below (or above) me.
LizKDVA 4 November 2018 I am working on a copyediting certificate and would love to help
Aliallen2 27 October 2018 To help preserve real history in clear language
jareddprice 17 October 2018 A word nerd looking to help out!
kapiski 1 October 2018 To increase the knowledge of the anglo-saxons about medieval italian lords
Harshrathod50 24 September 2018 I just love extracting facts from sources.
Another Andy 21 September 2018 I enjoy editing, and get freaked out by bad spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
HavelockWilltravel 16 September 2018 copyediting a lot of ancient history atm
Clikity 8 September 2018 I'm good at writing and I want to help this wonderful WikiProject!
DannyS712 7 September 2018 If you see something, do something
Headache Booth 6 September 2018 I don't know, I guess it just gives me something else to do, and I want to help improve Wikipedia any way I can.
Neiltonks 6 September 2018 Don't like to see poor English!
MeditativeSphynx 29 August 2018 Enjoys editing articles!
Abelmoschus Esculentus 26 August 2018 Hello
Shrikanthv 23 August 2018 Have been editing in wiki for years, will be happy to contribute
PoquitoDondito 16 August 2018 Boop the Snoot
Suzitzki 16 August 2018 Party animal looking for a fun outlet.
PinoEire 12 August 2018 Giving some time to the project
youseethelightisbroughtforth 7 August 2018 A whim
Etzedek24 5 August 2018 Graduate student working on copy-edits for the greater good.
Srich32977 25 July 2018 Seeking precision and consistency in references, syntax, citations, etc., blah-blah-blah. (Posted {{User Copy Edit}} on my userpage last year, and while it renders there, I wasn't addded to this list.)
StrikoWriter1234 23 July 2018 Enjoys editing articles
Captain Eek Edits Ho Cap'n! 22 July 2018 Looking to put my past Copy Edit experience to use. Nothing makes me happier than well written prose!
LampGenie01 22 July 2018 Looking to help improve articles in any way I can
Undarat 21 July 2018 Correcting grammar is fun for me, so might as well make it useful!
Triangleman3 16 July 2018 Looking to give back to wikipedia, and to make a difference
Ain't That Just Dandy 14 July 2018 I have experience in copy editing and find it to be a relaxing pastime! I'm excited to help.
Katariasuman00 8 July 2018 Happy to help!
Originalmess 1 July 2018 Waging a personally motivated war against commas that separate verbs from their subjects. They hide in GAs, FAs, and even your own copyedits. Beware :)
Aggarwala2727 20 June 2018 I like to help people
FrontStreet 18 June 2018 Editing articles as a hobby
rebeccahockey 6 June 2018 Professional editor looking to do some pro bono work!
Hathor78 4 June 2018 I would like to use my skills to help in any way I can.
Asdklf; 1 June 2018 have some time so would like to help
Ellinewilliams231 27 May 2018 Way Too Crazy.
Big Boola 27 May 2018 Hoppin' into the guild.
Benbt16 24 May 2018 I'm ready to get stuff done.
Parthimurugesan 25 May 2018 Parthi is Here , I'm ready to assist you
TexasScribe 24 May 2018 I'm here to help.
Ignus3 23 May 2018 When I see awkward phrasing or writing that contains an egregious amount of unnecessary words, I have to fix it. Also, maintaining a high standard of writing quality for Wikipedia articles is important to me.
BluePankow 21 May 2018 I enjoy copy-editing and will continue to do more. Shoot me a message on my talk page if you need any help with anything.
Darwin Naz 8 May 2018 Writer, academic, pedant.
Teratix 5 May 2018 Hopefully I can help out.
Newrunner769 1 May 2018 ...!?!
Lilo Rage 30 April 2018 If qualifications help, I got a perfect score of 36 on the English Language section of the ACT. =)
OhKayeSierra 27 April 2018 An English teacher with an army of red pens that she isn't afraid to use. Nicely, of course! ;)
VigilanteSilver 27 April 2018 Extensive academic writing experience and foreign policy expertise
Qake456 26 April 2018 Would love to help contribute! :)
Bjenks 23 April 2018 Reader, writer and editor in Australia, with broad academic and technical experience
Greybeard Rich 14 April 2018 Hi, I'm a professional proofreader and copy editor. Glad to improve the punctuation here!
Makellogg 10 April 2018 I'm a professional editor and proofreader, and I'm happy to help!
LichWizard 9 April 2018 Hoping to help improve the overall quality of Wikipedia!
K9V 5 April 2018 Gonna Fix some spelling and grammar errors
Mskadu 24 March 2018
Gog the Mild 7 June 2014 Learning. Always learning.
MrBernardKendall 22 March 2018 Hello! I enjoy fixing grammar and spelling issues to help make articles on Wikipedia more user-friendly.
Tenryuu 22 March 2018 Hello everyone! I am focused on making sentences less awkward and would like to contribute in making Wikipedia understandable.
BuzzWeiser196 9 March 2018 Greetings! I like to fix tangled sentence structure, punctuation errors and obvious misuse of words (i.e. "divulge" vs. "diverge") while being careful not to change the writer's meaning.
On Tangled Paths 27 February 2018 I prefer clean-up tasks like spelling corrections and categorization.
SshibumXZ 20 February 2018 As per conversation on my talk page.
EOu-ajb 14 February 2018 New to editing Wikipedia, but good with English spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
DiplomatTesterMan 30 January 2018 Helping to improve the quality of writing in articles on the English Wikipedia
Aitch & Aitch Aitch 28 January 2018 Grammeris my middl enam
WMBland 28 January 2018 Yay
Rosguill 26 January 2018 Yeah let's go team copyedit
Spasage 25 January 2018 Love to help improve wikipedia.
Jak525 20 January 2018 I do a lot of copyediting, so I figured I'd ought to join this project. I promise my English is the goodest.
flipster14191 11 January 2018 I are an engineer that English very well. I only jest, but I figure I use wikipedia so much I should make a meaningful effort to contribute to it.
dross 28 December 2017 Just a tad bit of a perfectionist... Grammar is not a game!
Benevmull 24 December 2017 Editor extraordinaire
thatwhichendureth 20 December 2017 Wikipedia, here I come!!!
· · · TARDIS builder 💬 · · · 18 December 2017 Putting perfectionist tendencies to good use.
Peacekeepurwar 15 December 2017 hello i hope my virgo sensibilities are useful
JibunWo 8 December 2017 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sir Charms a Lot 05 December 2017 Amateur nitpicker and full time pedant.
SaffronSam 03 December 2017 I swear, I can read good.
catherine109735 02 December 2017
Markworthen 23 November 2017 “Authors who moan with praise for their editors always seem to reek slightly of the Stockholm syndrome.” ― Christopher Hitchens ... Yeah, the quote doesn't exactly fit here, but I love it so much I wanted to share it. ;^) The more serious answer is that I believe copy editing will help me write better.
Mress2 20 November 2017 Should be fun to do
JBrenn 18 November 2017 Pithy and succinct, please.
Penguin2233 17 November 2017 Copy Editing Rulez!
Ironstone99 17 November 2017 I just want to make sure the info is accurate
Thinker78 15 November 2017 Glad to contribute to Wikipedia.
HRouillier 7 November 2017 Engineer with technical writing experience. I greatly appreciate Wikipedia and its mission. Happy to find a place where my grammatical fanaticism can be put to good use.
alanajanelle 07 November 2017 Experienced copy editor with passion for grammar and clarity. Excited to be part of this team!
Alberthank 04 November 2017 Copy editing is a hobby.
Galobtter 29 October 2017 I'm anyways doing copyediting so might as well join. :)
Maxroberts99 23 October 2017 I enjoy editing articles and helping out on the Wiki.
SlickVicar 23 October 2017 Just found out about the Guild from the front page. I make a lot of minor edits. Comma splices are my mortal enemy.
JohnSmith678 23 October 2017 Want to work on my English.
NotTheFakeJTP 19 October 2017 Shocked I didn't join this earlier. A good portion of my editing is copy editing and I saw this month's blitz and had to take part.
peaky76 18 October 2017 Always like to clean and tidy prose where I can.
Timtempleton 17 October 2017 I've been doing this for years - might as well be part of an organized process
Bookworm-CE 17 October 2017 I love to copy-edit and learn about new topics.
Yinglol 17 October 2017 I love copy editing and I have too much time on my hands.
Earnsthearthrob 11 October 2017 Want to improve articles, most interested in brevity and keeping NPOV.
Sb2001 8 October 2017
ALLCAPSFORNOREASON 10 October 2017 Stuff like grammar, cleaning up sentences and overall basic copyediting.
FloridaPete 5 October 2017 Idle hands and all that...
Wordreader 30 September 2017 Edictin : bin wantin ta larn tis furrin, langage fur apiece; now. Iye yam ur vissil? --sigh /mee up. YippyyHi-hoYahooo!
MysterKitty 18 September 2017 It's time to C-C-C-C-COPY EDIT!
Semmendinger 8 September 2017 Running into too many articles which are poorly written lately.. then I stumbled across this!
AmericanAir88 2 September 2017 I am dedicated to cleaning up wikipedia and am ready to contribute to this fantastic project.
Gyrocile 29 August 2017 Enjoy proofreading and copyediting. Long live the Oxford comma.
RajkGuj 25 August 2017 Love proofreading and improving English grammar, punctuation.
Robertgombos 24 August 2017 BLP - artists, books and related articles.
Dr Sludge 22 August 2017 Looking to bring clarity to technical articles.
Javert2113 14 August 2017 Love Oxford commas and proofreading!
kanarya08 14 August 2017 Really enjoy proofreading and making small edits and fixes that lead to a more understandable Wikipedia.
teach.nathan 14 August 2017 Wikipedia needs help, and im here to try my hardest.
Hunterm267 12 August 2017 Getting involved in as many ways as I can find - I love proofreading and copy editing, and am happy to be a part!
chihenc 8 August 2017 I like big Oxford commas, and I cannot lie.
I'm wikipedantic 7 August 2017 I've loved Wikipedia for years, and I'm ready to contribute to this amazing source!
Tdts5 4 August 2017 New editor who loves to take on big projects! Super excited!
Hilda S Mitrani 2 August 2017 Love writing, editing and proofreading. Looking forward!
ZWGran 26 July 2017 I am here to help.
N Oneemuss 24 July 2017 I like to make small improvements; they add up to big progress after a while!
Broccoli8989 13 July 2017 I enjoy trying to improve things when I can. Broccoli.
Emsmithgreen 10 July 2017 Finally getting off my duff to help out!
Cthomas3 9 July 2017 Happy to help whenever and wherever I can.
Jasão 7 July 2017 I wanna improve the articles writing
Nennahz 7 July 2017 I'm ready to fight the good fight.
Jleadford 5 July 2017 A new contributor, but not a new consumer. I write often, so I thought I could lend a hand.
NinjaDuckie 4 July 2017 Glad to be here. I've visited Wikipedia a lot since its inception, and have been using it a lot more lately just for learning random information, so it's both an honour and a privilege to be part of the copy editing team.
Rehpotsirk 2 July 2017 As someone who loves to organize, clean, correct, and nitpick, I think I've found my new home.
David Thibault 1 July 2017 This is a great opportunity for me to develop and improve my copyediting skills. It's also wonderful to know that I'll be volunteering for a project that benefits people all over the world.
Coffeecup89 30 June 2017
Skywhisker 27 June 2017 Happy to help.
KAP03 23 June 2017
spellcheck87 19 June 2017 Spellcheck is my (user)name. Spellchecking is my game.
Camillegweston144 15 June 2017 This could be an awesome experience.
DJAustin 15 June 2017 Happy to support the guild in anyway that I can.
RDvor 15 June 2017 Longtime grammar nerd and proofreader. I've always loved editing and proofreading and I'm excited to help out here!
Karthanitesh 14 June 2017 I shall help in anyway I can.
TRUsmith 14 June 2017 Glad to be of service.
Dairy501 13 June 2017 Here to help
el cid, el campeador 7 June 2017 Began in anti-vandalism, but kept getting out-done by a bot, so I started to copy edit and I've come to enjoy it!
AvatarofPride 5 June 2017 Happy to help
Factsoverfeelings 4 June 2017 Proud jack of all trades at your service, want help? Message me.
fleepis 18 May 2017 i never knew that what i did was called "copy editing". pretty happy to be doing it.
Blbolli 1 May 2017 here for a good time
Brasfeld 20 April 2017 Huge fan of helping to make information of all types easier to understand. Serial comma and em-dash aficionado.
Arxiis 18 April 2017 Just a nerd on the internet, hopefully I can help! :)
Sloth Uchiha 16 April 2017 It is fun to copy edit.
Mjm3g2 8 April 2017 Glad to help the community!
Outoftheazul 8 April 2017 Here to help!
CaroleHenson 8 April 2017 Why haven't I joined before now? I have been reviewing the NewPagesFeed for awhile, and used to use AWB to review articles by categories, new pages, recent changes, etc. Lately, I have been focused on the oldest "new unreviewed articles". Any tips are appreciated!
Charli Rose 31 March 2017 Hi, I'm a ####### nerd.
AB Davey 28 March 2017 Attended Women in Wikipedia event at University of Sydney Library on 28 March 2017. I love copy editing and have time to do so.
Prahlad balaji (talk) 25 March 2017 I think editing Wikipedia is fun
MCMikeNamara 25 March 2017 Introduced to this via Chicago Wikipedia editing meetup since most of my previous edits have been copy editing related
Russty11 24 March 2017 A love of technical writing and fixing mistakes brought me here. Hope to do some good.
shelfpea 23 March 2017 I love copy editing; I used to do it professionally and have weirdly missed it. No more!
Vulvacrat 22 March 2017 I love transforming substantial pieces of writing into things that are excellent and coherent, and this way I can use my skills to benefit the whole world
Quilismainclimacus 19 March 2017 Maybe I can actually do something with my free time....
Howieblitzer 18 March 2017 Coppy edoting?
SweetCanadianMullet 16 March 2017 Let's copy edit...
Jmkelley 13 March 2017 Grammar warrior, cat lover, and fount of useless trivia
johnnyscher 11 March 2017 Happy to edit the grammar and style of articles.
Gwendy 10 March 2017 Channelling my technical writer skills from a former life
Blue Edits 7 March 2017 Yay editing!
Tanner708 4 March 2017 I want to make Wikipedia as accurate and proper as it can be.
Noah Kastin 28 February 2017 I enjoy copy editing.
Adityavagarwal 21 February 2017 You can ask if you have any copy editing article.
FireFaxy 21 February 2017 I'm here to make Wikipedia easier for people to read and understand.
Yadobaron 19 February 2017 Here to learn copyeditting and use my learning to help Wikipedia
TheGoldenParadox 19 February 2017 I do not really know how to copyedit yet but I would like to learn!
CheChe 13 February 2017 I've always liked to copyedit. I'm joining officially now I guess.
CoolieCoolster 2 February 2017 Because I believe my skills at copyediting and editing in general have improved, I have decided to rejoin the guild. I hope I can continue to improve in the future!
Forestine1 1 February 2017
Nerd1a4i 29 January 2017 Excited to help out!
Duecez 28 January 2017 Happy to help out with editing and cleaning Wikipedia up!
philosmarkxyz 18 January 2017 Excited about editing!
Bluepenguin14 15 January 2017
Zefr 9 January 2017 Sharpening my copyediting skills to work toward better prose and grammar for nutrition and health articles
Stingray Trainer 8 January 2017 Long time user of Wikipedia and thought it was about time I started helping out.
Curdigirl 7 January 2017 Joining to learn and help
Laurdecl 7 January 2017 I need some more userboxes.
Gabe Mitnick 27 December 2016 No comment
Allieamanuensis 20 December 2016 I'm a writing tutor at a university.
Yaytrio 16 December 2016 No comment
Editor 357 (talk) 14 December 2016 No comment...
Morganizach 10 December 2016 Joining to help keep Wikipedia nice and tidy
Xevus11 6 December 2016 No comment
Reidgreg 4 December 2016 Came to improve my writing skills, stayed to keep them in practice.
Maynard Clark 3 December 2016 Gung ho!
Takbean 1 December 2016 Happy to help.
AiNewsDesk 23 November 2016 Wields a blue pencil and pica pole at work.
pflagg1991 23 November 2016 Commas + consistency make the world an easier-to-read place.
FrederickII 23 November 2016 Willing to help in correcting editing errors
MasterSloper516 20 November 2016 Happy to help.
Ceylonlion 20 November 2016 This is a very important criteria.
Racheleigh 15 November 2016 Copyediting is good for the soul
Maddie Matararazzo 15 November 2016 I am am using this for a writing project.
Crashed Time Machine 14 November 2016 Promoting readability, understanding, and cultural exchange!
Richi 6 November 2016 Professional freelance editor
Iazyges 4 November 2016 I'll help with history, but I mainly focus on Roman history.
Jiklo1569 4 November 2016 Bad grammer is the bane of my existence.
UnderUser 1 November 2016 I hate bad grammar
SkittleCookie22 1 November 2016 I just want to be able to help people learn and this is a pretty good way of doing that.
Olivettilly 30 October 2016 evey edit counts
Dadofme 27 October 2016 All knights need a quest. However, I can't slay a dragon because they don't exist. I guess this can do!
Ctrl-alt-edit 20 October 2016 Bad prose should be recognized as a sin. Purge the heresy and worship the God-Emperor of Wikipedia!
satkinson3 19 October 2016 Editing is the best
Pual98 19 October 2016 I love editing!
AravAgarwal 10 October 2016 To make this place even better
Granstund 3 October 2016 Comma Police
Ssptwriter 28 September 2016 Love good clear writing
Scribolt 19 September 2016 I enjoy adding clarity to content.
Cartoon network freak 17 September 2016
Waynejayes 17 September 2016 Passionate about plain English
CAPTAIN RAJU 13 September 2016
Yellow Dingo 13 September 2016 I enjoy working on prose
Dpulse 11 September 2016 I declare war on the rogue apostrophe
Gluons12 9 September 2016 Editing is my obsession.
FrickFrack 26 August 2016 I copy edit in my sleep.
TeekeeyMisha 23 August 2016 Red pen at the ready!
Double Plus Ungood 23 August 2016 Only with polished writing and inspired style will we achieve perfection. GLORY TO THE GUILD
Sauer kraut 17 August 2016 LET'S EDIT
TerribleTy2727 11 August 2016 Hi, I joined because I think i'm good at copyediting, and I needed to find a place where I can coordinate my copyediting efforts.
Ethanlu121 9 August 2016 The word processor is mightier than the sword.
kaffee-mit-zucker 6 August 2016 Glad I can be of use.
Seba5tien 24 July 2016 Happy to help. Nice to meet you!
ARichardMalcolm 1 July 2016 I'm enthusiastic about applying my copy-editing skills and joining the community (I'm new)
hollyda31 27 June 2016 Nice to meet you!
Colonel Wilhelm Klink 27 June 2016 Already do a bit of grammar fixing; might as well join.
SteelPanMan 22 June 2016 Another day, another typo.
Labelcd6 19 June 2016 Hello!
BroVic 17 June 2016 What a way to be productive online!
14 June 2016 Finally getting around to this.
NPixel 11 June 2016 Seems like a nice and easy thing to do.
MediaKill13 9 June 2016 Well, this is the one part of Wikipedia where I can be confident about what I'm doing.
Unholydoom993 28 May 2016 I think this is the best way to kill time when bored
Lingzhi 22 May 2016 I know I left my towel around here somewhere.
AndrewTeal 13 May 2016 I hope to make a modest contribution.
ZettaComposer 10 May 2016 I've been doing a lot of wikilinking and I am also interested in helping with copy editing
Lizswann13 7 May 2016 New user and I enjoy proofreading so this feels like a good place to get my feet wet :)
Singhaarav52 5 May 2016 Love to help and make Wikipedia better
yeleehronocnayr 5 May 2016 Editing is my passion.
Peter Delmonte 1 May 2016 Let's make it readable, one comma at a time.
MRach 27 April 2016 I would like to help out and also improve my copy editing skills
Wassan.anmol 27 April 2016 I would love to contribute and get the job done.
Purrsh 26 April 2016 The type of edit I do most, so I'll join here
Daniel kenneth 22 April 2016 I'd like to help
Olision889 20 April 2016 Looking for a structured editing format.
leschnei 20 April 2016 I've been making lots of small grammar and formatting changes as I read. It's time to move forward.
H.dryad 15 April 2016 WikiGnome in search of projects.
GlutinousHeat 15 April 2016 I am a copyeditor
grammarperson 14 April 2016 As I read articles on Wikipedia, I also like to fix any typos, grammar mistakes or other copy edits that I come across. I've been doing this for a few months now and would love to be able to help with this project!
ScarletRibbons 7 April 2016 This is mostly what I do on WP - fixing grammar, spelling, rearranging & rewriting for better coherency.
Bass77 31 March 2016 The way words are written can really affect how others read them.
Hsmyers 23 March 2016 Have ACD when it comes to typos, misspellings, punctuation errors, errors of grammar both large and small and anything that gets in the way of efficient communication of thought. Since my training was prior to 1969, I tend to be conservative in my approach and edits.
Leprof_7272 17 March 2016 I will assist in editing articles related to science (especially the physical sciences, as the biomedical area has a strong editorial force), the business of science, higher education, and informatics and its related businesses. My partner is a BELS editor. Le Prof.
NeutralWikipedia 15 March 2016 I love to edit.
Marclaire 15 March 2016 Copy editor by trade for literary magazines and publishing companies. Grammar and coding are my happy thoughts!
Ocoleman28 14 March 2016 I'm obsessed with copy editing.
Jlarkin469 14 March 2016 Contributing to make Wikipedia better.
DangerouslyPersuasiveWriter 10 March 2016 Clear, concise expression is good.
Runawayspirits 9 March 2016 Here's to order over chaos.
Omni Flames 8 March 2016 I love looking out for typos and fixing formatting issues.
The Great Bearded One 3 March 2016 I hope my contributions help make the great Wikipedia a better read. And world peace.
Vishal0soni 25 February 2016 Exploring new things. And loving it.
DubitoErgoCogito 23 February 2016 Some people just want to watch the world learn. I'm an avid linguist, but hope to learn more seriously about it in the future.
Chrstphr80 15 February 2016 I'm happy to contribute.
Asclepius'Rooster 14 February 2016 A good way to practice writing and learn about random topics
Chesnaught555 7 February 2016 I dislike spelling and grammar errors, but sadly a lot of Wikipedia articles contain them. I am therefore joining the Guild of Copy Editors.
K.A.Gesell 5 February 2016 I'm hear to contribute my knowledge as best I can
FiendYT 5 February 2016 I'll help with anything I can do! :D
Themidget17 30 January 2016 Want to help improve Wikipedia as much as possible.
Jasphetamine 27 January 2016 Touching up articles for MOS helps me unwind. Untangling prose, fixing inappropriate semicolons, I just enjoy it. Some people juggle geese, I insert Oxford commas.
Imahesh3847 23 January 2016 Education, Litrature, Entertainment, Movies, Sports, City-Village based Articles etc.
N00b Ops 22 January 2016 With luck and determination, Wikipedia will be clean.
Sainsf 21 January 2016 Little edits lead to great FAs! I work mainly with biology articles.
Obliscence 21 January 2016 Always happy to help make the world a more readable place!
LegesRomanorum 20 January 2016 (But I have been involved in Guild activities for the past few weeks already!)
Stinglehammer 17 January 2016 Happy to pitch in.
Strawberry4Ever 14 January 2016 I can help edit when I'm not too busy.
AlwayzaGentleman (talk) 12 January 2016 Giving a little back, after so much use!
Tom29739 10 January 2016 Wikipedia editor.
ctfranklin28 8 January 2016 Helping in this project known as Wikipedia
FlareUser1717 07 January 2016 Wikipedia needs editing.. big time. I focus on Korean articles.
The Great iShuffle 01 January 2016 Wikipedia editor on English articles
Zaaruk (talk) 01 January 2016 Blog Author and wikipedia author
PigeonOfTheNight 1 January 2016 Wherever there are words, there are errors. Wherever there are errors, there are Copy Editors. That is the Golden Rule of copy-editing.
The Novac 28 December 2015

“A man's grammar, like Caesar's wife, should not only be pure, but above suspicion of impurity.”

CaptainPiggles 28 December 2015 I speak English and Bulgarian, but I like working on English articles.
GibCat 26 December 2015 Always looking to help to make articles more readable.
Gpapazian 23 December 2015 Focusing on fixing articles in English. I also speak French and Armenian, so I may be able to translate some.
Matterington 21 December 2015 Professional newspaper copy editor.
Zyc1174 20 December 2015 Trying to help improve readability of articles, may be able to help translating from Mandarian Chinese to English.
AdamCochran 9 December 2015 Working on fixes in English (may be able to help in German and French, but not fluent).
Xender Lourdes (talk) 9 December 2015 I will try hard to contribute
Avgr8 8 December 2015
Me, Myself, and I are Here 7 December 2015 It's all I do here, anyway.  
Puppysizedellephant 7 December 2015 DFTBA
Arkoutdoors 2 December 2015

"Pithy sentences are like sharp nails driving truth into our memory."

Twomcvms 23 November 2015 Language was created with clarity in mind.
Zppix 14 November 2015 I was fired from the poor English club because my English is to good.
Eruditescholar 7 November 2015 My goal is to further utilize my copy-editing skills to improve articles
paramatma3589 5 November 2015 It actually is better when you can read an article clearly...
Viennabe 3 November 2015 I agree with the above...
SireWonton 3 November 2015 To help copy-edit poor grammar
Bemmax 31 October 2015 To make it perfectly understandable.
Whodatwuz 26 October 2015 Here to help
JugniSQ 20 October 2015 Good articles are a reflection of the encyclopedia.
TeddyDavies 19 October 2015 Even some newspapers seem to have given up on copyediting.
Relentlessly 18 October 2015 Well edited articles are a joyful thing.
Crocs.Sox 14 October 2015 "Write drunk. Edit Sober."-Ernest Hemingway
ThisGuyIsGreat 12 October 2015 I love editing wikipedia.
laurelaura 1 October 2015 Detail-oriented researcher. Expanding knowledge of Wikiprojects
ewheeler647 1 October 2015 Journalism major, I enjoy editing and researching to expand my knowledge and improve my skills
goose121 23 September 2015 YOUR COMMENTS HERE
KinsleyMikaels 15 September 2015

Substitute 'damn' every time you're inclined to write 'very'; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.

GrammarFascist 12 September 2015 Fan of the Oxford comma and of using the em dash (—) for caesura hyphens. Bane of curly quotes.
Kevojy 10 September 2015 Master of Fine Arts student and freelance journalist / clinical research coordinator
Spatium apis 27 August 2015 Picked up copy-editing as a hobby! Looking forward to helping out here.
MrCrazyDude 23 August 2015 Love to learn as I edit anything, but especially anything with a STEM focus!
Samtar 22 August 2015 Just little steps to improve the sum of human knowledge.
EPDev 19 August 2015 Copy editing is a hobby
Cr0 18 August 2015

In the end, what makes a book valuable is not the paper it’s printed on, but the thousands of hours of work by dozens of people who are dedicated to creating the best possible reading experience for you.

SlimJimTalk 15 August 2015 Watched Idiocracy
Johnvitzileos 13 August 2015 Love me some editing
CmdrCrob 10 August 2015 English/Grammar Patrol
Carl hr 6 August 2015 Editor of History, literature; grammar, mechanics, and syntax editing are specialties.
Milpa86 5 August 2015 Editor of History
golden122306 5 August 2015 I enjoy copy editing and improving references.
Red Pen 31 July 2015 General Editor.
GoldenPeacock 25 July 2015 Fullstop.
CoolInu43 23 July 2015 Everything is better when you can understand what it's trying to tell you.
Vicyush 19 July 2015 Copyedit: because it's better when you can read it clearly
Jjjjjjdddddd 15 July 2015 Phixing grammer spelign adn punkshooashin
lrips 14 July 2015 I like to edit.
Presidentman 1 July 2015 Wikipedia is more useful when it is understandable.
Roemba 25 June 2015 Everything is better with copy-editing
Abierma3 22 June 2015 Copy-editing is my most productive hobby.
Hampton11235 21 June 2015 Let's show them how English is really done.
Cari-Su 15 June 2015 I'm a happy person, a picky person, and a grammar nerd with an MA in Musicology.
Airplane Maniac 3 June 2015 Nothing to say really...
Maxroberts99 May 30, 2015 Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names. -John F. Kennedy
Scribbleink 30 May 2015

In the end, what makes a book valuable is not the paper it’s printed on, but the thousands of hours of work by dozens of people who are dedicated to creating the best possible reading experience for you.

nwbeeson 29 May 2015 I copy edit all the time. Both my parents were editors, and I was taught by them. I am really excited to know that this guild exists. Copy editing is so important.
Rosemary515 28 May 2015 "No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else's draft." - H.G. Wells
Boulderina 28 May 2015 I'm looking for a chance to keep my editing skills sharp.
Grammar's Little Helper 26 May 2015 Grammar is the broadly recognized convention of speech. The more we conform, the greater our clarity, and the better we are understood.
Nick2crosby 25 May 2015 I am from New Hampshire, and I love to help out on Wikipedia. I generally update Newfound Regional High School article a lot.
Marcus1093 21 May 2015 New to editing Wikipedia and felt that copyediting is my thing.
KieranTribe 15 May 2015 Getting used to working with wikipedia articles by fixing up some articles!
WikiBrown1 13 May 2015 I'm a proponent of proper grammar who felt like doing something.
ChiHistoryeditor 11 May 2015 I'm a writer, editor, and historian who hates bad writing.
Michaeldouglass 7 May 2015 I like edit.
GeneralizationsAreBad 6 May 2015 Copy editors of the world, unite!
Yblad 6 May 2015 After spending an exorbitant amount of time rewriting chunks of each wikipedia article I read to correct the poor English I finnally come across this group. Huzzah!
Alexjanowska 6 May 2015 Just because being a "professional grammar nazi" doesn't sound as good as "Member of Guild of Copy Editors". Additionally, I don't like the stereotype that teenagers can't spell. ;)
Mysterious Gopher 3 May 2015 Poor grammar is insulting.
Winkelvi 3 May 2015 Despise lazy English-writing habits; stickler on the Oxford Comma and fixing the misuse of "however"; hate choppy, juvenile-sounding sentences; enjoy making this encyclopedia read like an encyclopedia while still a fan of keeping it simple.
Frappyjohn 27 April 2015 I've been editing Wikipedia for 10 years now and am still trying to grok it. Glad I stumbled onto this group.
Frappyjohn 27 April 2015 I've been editing Wikipedia for 10 years now and am still trying to grok it. Glad I stumbled onto this group.
Mechanic1c 26 April 2015 Grammar is my passion. I can't believe it took me this long to join. Today is the day!
JeremiahY 24 April 2015
Nafsadh 23 April 2015 ce
Rijuta3007 12 April 2015
2macia22 10 April 2015 Forever struggling against the inevitable tsunami of lazy English.
MrdaChi 19 March 2015 Redundancies are redundant.
Catcherinthefries 18 March 2015 Fighting the good fight against incomprehensibility.
MahajanDeepak | talk 17 March 2015 Happy to Improve and distribute knowledge!!
Esquivalience 16 March 2015
Tripleahg 13 March 2015 Fixing a poorly written sentence is one of life's simple pleasures.
Lbr123 11 March 2015 I always edit any kind of typo or similar mistake on sight, so I thought it would be great to join.
Purpl121 11 March 2015 I am an aspiring proofreader/copy editor and joining this community will be a great way to sharpen my skills!
Ghost Lourde 24 February 2015 I was discharged from the Grammar Nazi Citizen's Militia for having unwholesome plural conjugations. To rectify this, they sent me here.
Sim5335 24 February 2015 I am proud to be able to improve the quality of free human knowledge and I look forward to a long run in the GOCE!
Rissa 18 February 2015 I started copy editing a page the very first time I looked at Wikipedia 400 or 500 years ago and I've been here ever since. And I love putting in links. But remember -- just say no to the Oxford Comma!
dotbugfix 18 February 2015 I believe copy editing random articles is a great way to discover new stuff (and offer my two cents to the aforementioned new stuff)!
lirazelf 4 February 2015 Mmm, punctuation.
Eldevlo 2 February 2015 Looking forward to helping make Wikipedia even better!
Eliot Terry 30 January 2015 I want to help clean up articles on Wikipedia using copy editing.
Obaxul 28 January 2015 I just want to be able to help out on cleaning up Wikipedia.
A.Minkowiski 25 January 2015 I Love copyediting to build encyclopedia, specially in Science and Engineering based articles.
P-123 24 January 2015 Copy-editing is far more peaceful than editing contentious articles! Wikipedia is in dire need of good copy-editors.
Findemnow 23 January 2015 I love to edit.
Charcoaled 22 January 2015 I love writing and editing and hate bad grammar.
meow10811 21 January 2015 It's always annoyed me when articles on Wikipedia have bad grammar, and now I get to fix that.
Eurodyne 18 January 2015 I'll be able to help in my free time. (which I don't have very much of)
Ngeaup 15 January 2015 Native speaker of English, Grammar nazi, and new Wikipedian — what could (knock on virtual wood) go wrong?
AmaryllisGardener 13 January 2015 I've copyedited a few articles before. I'm not an English major or anything, but I'll help where I can! :)
Jettte 9 January 2015 I like semicolons!
Becky Sayles 5 January 2015 Why not?
Arfæst Ealdwrítere 2 January 2015 I'll help as much as possible.
dylanm312 1 January 2015 I've been obsessed with and irritated by grammar and spelling mistakes ever since I was a kid; here's my chance to use my inner grammar Nazi for something useful!
Zhujiangshuiguai 31 December 2014 Fighting the good fight of intelligibility!
Dauntingale 30 December 2014 I love editing and am an aspiring editor. I'll take any opportunity to edit.
Tharthan 29 December 2014 Happy to fix up messy articles on the occasion. Articles that are all over the place are not pleasant to the eyes, after all.
ErinENj 29 December 2014 Love to edit, and editing articles helps keep my skills sharp.
Lapadite77 27 December 2014 Keen to contribute; specialize in articles related to music and film.
Samuell1616 25 December 2014 Happy to join in n contribute
Fimatic 23 December 2014 I think that I could help this project a bit, and I've copyedited 5-10 articles prior to joining this.
LindseyH140 23 December 2014 I enjoy finding grammar & copy mistakes in books, magazines, and even restaurant menus.
LorHo ho ho 18 December 2014 Commas are hard...
Olmegaleg 16 December 2014 I love proofreading.
sourgosling 11 December 2014 I've been editing for a little while. I thought it would be nice to join a community that hates typos as much as I do.
Bapehu 10 December 2014 I am new to editing Wikipedia and am loving it so far. I enjoy copy editing and wish to improve.
DNA Ligase IV 6 December 2014 This seems like the best way for a beginner to sample a lot of topics while still contributing to Wikipedia.
FacultiesIntact 3 December 2014 I'm an obsessive grammarian and rhetorician. Editing copy soothes my nerves.
Ryk72 2 December 2014 I'm just looking to contribute.
Learnerktm 30 November 2014 Learning how to edit in wikipedia and want to learn some rules in english as this is all about it
Nolmagia 24 November 2014 It is satisfying to squash all those rogue typos.
Crow 23 November 2014 I like to help out where I can.
Boubsterama 17 November 2014 I take language seriously, if not obsessively. I'm happy to help Wikipedia.
Timmietimtim314 14 November 2014 Copy editing is more than the correction of spelling and grammar. It reaches into the finer disciplines of rhetoric, semantics, linguistics, and aesthetics (to name but a few).
PubliusHadrianus 7 November 2014 I want to make Wikipedia a better Wikipedia.
Quantumpanda 6 November 2014 I'm a typo killer. I see no excuse for not making things look as professional as is appropriate...and for web sites like this, that means as close to zero errors as is humanly achievable. I am willing to proofread and copyedit anything written in English, regardless of topic.
Godsguy16 6 November 2014 I love English and the editing thereof.
George.Edward.C 3 November 2014 Because I want to...
Wikitales 2 November 2014 Because your mom always told you undergarments count.
HelloThereMinions 2 November 2014 Because conventions count.
Ventric 28 October 2014 I enjoy reading and editing.
NicholsonWrites 28 October 2014 Sometimes editing is easier than writing, but that doesn't mean it's not important.
˘ ǀ ˘ Hwajaetalkcontribs 28 October 2014 Learning something new every day and contributing to Wikipedia, which has shared so much with me
Andrewying 28 October 2014 Interested in science in particular, but happy to help any other stuff.
Rubineous 27 October 2014 Particularly knowledgable about computer science and music, but very happy copy editing any topic.
juanTamad 16 October 2014 Improve/add tp medical and science topics, especially related to epidemiological study design.
Amousey 14 October 2014 Spelling, punctuation and general copy editing
Gtrainer108 13 October 2014 I just want to be helpful
SmileyLlama 10 October 2014 I want to copy edit!
Infernus_780 3 October 2014 I wish to help out with copy-editing. (Also, could use some help too)
NathanHollister 3 October 2014 Love proofreading
Jimgerbig 3 October 2014 Keeping Wikipedia relevant for generations to come.
Biblioworm 2 October 2014 I wanted to help improve some content, so I decided to join. Right now, I'm focusing on cleaning up the history section.
Atsme 2 October 2014 I enjoyed a wonderful 35+ year career as a publisher, writer and documentary filmmaker, and fully appreciate the need for and benefits of copy editing.
SackandSugar 1 October 2014 Professional editor and former English teacher. I want to help keep articles safe from distracting errors and ambiguous language.
CatanOverlord 1 October 2014 I want to contribute, but I don't always have the concentration (or time) to do real editing. This is a great way to stay in shape with Wikimarkup
Gastronaut 1 October 2014 Experienced copy editor but not doing so much copy editing these days. Working here keeps me in shape and is a good way to learn Wikipedia style
Alecto-holmes 30 September 2014
Randomnessu 24 September 2014 I appreciate what Wikipedia provides to the world, and I'd like to help out from time to time.
SparrowHK 23 September 2014 Reads a lot and good at editing. Experienced grammatical editor.
STSC 19 September 2014 My hobby.
HackedBotato 4 September 2014
Deisenbe 3 September 2014 Former editor of two scholarly journals and typesetter. Also good, in fact expert, on Spanish capitalization, spelling, written accents, usage.
redwidgeon 2 September 2014 I am a semi-retired English teacher & find it hard to resist editing
Kbseah 30 August 2014 My reason here!
Lyrric 27 August 2014 To join the blitz more fully.
Valfury 26 August 2014 I fell in love with the semicolon; I know it's futile.
Tall Bumbershoot 25 August 2014 Writing should be easy for all to read.
Cgcolby Talk 19 August 2014 I want to help clear the Wikipedia editing backlog and make it a better place.
RGFI 15 August 2014 This would be a good way for me to contribute more
Alrich44 13 August 2014 Good editing is a good thing.
NQ 4 August 2014
mics_777 29 July 2014 Bad grammar makes me sad.
Byrappa 27 July 2014 To help clear the backlog.
GKFX 26 July 2014 To clear a bit of the backlog.
Hugostepniowski 26 July 2014 I am interested in improving Wikipedia.
AutoHen 25 July 2014 I'm an out-of-work technical writer with time on my hands. I use Wikipedia often and am happy to help improve its content.
Snokone 24 July 2014 As a public library paraprofessional, I use Wikipedia every day and I want to give something back to its community. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
SpiritedMichelle 22 July 2014 Grammar errors annoy me to no end.
Stormergeddon 16 July 2014 As a self proclaimed "Grammatiken Nazi" I believe the changes and errors we make today will become common usage tomorrow and I am afraid that the internet-raised generation will corrupt the English language that the rest of us will be forced to share.
SPBergren 16 July 2014 Language needs protection. That is all.
Zweishar 8 July 2014 I want to keep my grammar sharp.
Tingiraffe 4 July 2014 Just want to do what I can. I'm one of those nerds that finds copyediting fun.
Appalling 30 June 2014 Would love the experience. There is nothing quite as sad as seeing a small article in dire need of assistance—limping along with butchered syntax and maimed capitalization.
Thought Police Officer 25 June 2014 I am OCD about grammar, and I want to help out by doing full audits of poorly formatted artciles.
KatieRoses 25 June 2014 I love English and I want to be a writer!
Feitlebaum 24 June 2014 For me, copyediting articles is one of the most useful ways to make Wikipedia better.
HullIntegrity 22 June 2014 I can proofread anything but my own prose. I mainly work with Children's Literature.
Risk Engineer 18 June 2014 I enjoy editing and developing new articles, especially about civil engineering, railroads and US government process and policy. I can help if you need it... Many thanks.
Heteroglossia 16 June 2014 to improve clarity and readability
General Ization 13 June 2014
MGoodyear 11 June 2014
Z10987 09 June 2014 Bad grammar and spelling is confusing. In Wikipedia, these must be cleaned up quickly to maintain standards.
Amortias 08 June 2014 Because "Theirs nothing worse than a incorrectly written sentance"
ForgingMyChain Talk 07 June 2014 Wikipedia is truly a remarkable work, of which I am proud to be a part.
jojo@nthony 06 June 2014 To put in my little mite to a great cause
SoICanEscape (talk) 05 June 2014 Creative Writing Graduate and Professional Writer
Historyant 29 May 2014 Why not?
Eman235 26 May 2014 I can write coherently.
Kczuba 26 May 2014 I feel it's my civic duty to make knowledge accessible to everyone (and to increase number of female editors)
Mfribbs Talk 24 May 2014 B/c i wanted to
Hustlecat 23 May 2014 I'm starting out with working on the May 2014 backlog drive - but I will likely stick around beyond that :)
JacobiJonesJr 23 May 2014 Want to be a part of WP, and also improve my grammar.
001Jrm 22 May 2014 Helping out with the more basic need of editing to help reduce the workload and for better improvement of Wikipedia.
Cyberdog958 20 May 2014 I want to help make Wikipedia look as clean and professional as it can.
writelikeapen 16 May 2014 I have an enduring love affair with the English language, and part of the work I do at my current place of employment is proofreading documents.
Susan Macafee 14 May 2014 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Jjujje 11 May 2014 (Just trying to help out)
Dhtwiki 11 May 2014 I enjoy doing this sort of thing anyway.
Ansate 09 May 2014 Typos make my eye twitch.
TheDinosaurRawr 06 May 2014 I want to help make sure Wikipedia is as credible as possible.
Japanese Rail Fan (talk) 25 April 2014 I would like to help out in simplifying sentences, removing jargon, fixing grammatical errors, fixing WP:MoS violations, and clarifying ambiguous content. I may be of help also in maintaining the form of English in an article.
LukasMatt (talk) 15 April 2014
HelicopterLlama 14 April 2014 ur mum
Veritas77777 10 April 2014 Editing, proofreading, re-writing, updating content and fixing references
Gillis85 10 April 2014 Unhealthy interest in proofreading and copy editing.
OJSlaughter93 08 April 2014 I thought this would be an nice way to help out.
Whiteshadow1618 05 April 2014 I dislike poorly written text.
Weelilbit 03 April 2014 Bunnies, man. Bunnies.
Frank Niro 01 April 2014 Experienced magazine and academic journal editor looking to get better, president of Chess Journalists of America through August 2015, God willing!!
Wizmeister777 (talk) 01 April 2014 We must redress the attempts of the masses to attain the lofty standards of correct grammar!
King Of The Wise 31 March 2014 I like copy-editing. Can do it pretty well too (or so I think). Though I am not yet perfect at it I'd love to help to the best of my abilities. I specially like to copy-edit articles related to WikiProject Anime and manga which have quite good content but, due to being written by non-fluent or non-native speakers of english (though I and everyone still really, really appreciate there work), have a number of grammatical errors and which need improvement in their writing quality. Hope I'd be able to help :)
StoneTowerSage 31 March 2014 For grammar and glory!
Xylocarp 30 March 2014 Former spelling bee champion. Current master of the "Grammar" QuizUp category.
Logical1004 24 March 2014 Editing to expand wiki to help others.
Adecastick 23 March 2014 Editing for 'fun'
Fycafterpro 23 March 2014 I want to always do more to help Wikipedia become a better place.
LazyBastardGuy 20 March 2014 Grammar nazi who copyedits on a whim anyway.
Tony Tan 98 13 March 2014 I am fascinated by grammar and will try to help Wikipedia by becoming a Copy Editor.
MatthewDBA 11 March 2014 I try not to get too picky, but it's a shame when a good subject is spoiled by a bad presentation.
Ash devley 08 March 2014 I believe even the best written and most knowledgeable writers can use a second pair of eyes to ensure they are getting their message across clearly and effectively.
Chris Moore 07 March 2014 I'm an editor because of my OCD.
Editor2020 06 March 2014 I waste way too much time editing Wikipedia!
Exzarus 04 March 2014 I enjoy finding errors and improving Wikipedia.
GeekInItsPurestForm 28 February 2014 I would love to help out with spelling and grammar and that kind of...stuff.
Kisame217 28 February 2014 Just helping out.
Jaytwist 25 February 2014 I welcome the opportunity to enhance article readability where possible.
Cirlincione 25 February 2014 I enjoy proofreading, editing and improving web copy and hope to help the Wiki community with my work! :)
Sta13ths17 22 February 2014 (I am just interested in helping out in any way I can)
Peter Chastain 19 February 2014 Most of the copy I edit is stuff I come across while surfing Wikipedia. A summary of my editing philosophy and grammar preferences is on my user page.
BachChopinFavorite 03 February 2014 Editing, proofreading and updating content to help the Wikipedia community
MostRecentUser 02 February 2014 I'm not an expert in anything, but I've always had a "thing" for spotting errors (even in published books), so I feel this is where I can really contribute to Wiki.
Blademasterx 01 February 2014
Ryan115 29 January 2014 I like to edit a lot
nowthis 25 January 2014 I like to edit, read, learn.
Anon126 23 January 2014 Putting my skills to good use
Werldwayd 20 January 2014 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Amanda138a 19 January 2014 (I no longer work so with time on my hands, I'd like to use my time helping the Wikipedia community
OllyCX 16 January 2014 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content to help the Wikipedia community.
MasterTTFV 13 January 2014 Opportunity to help improve the content and quality of Wikipedia
MrScorch6200 10 January 2014 I want to stray away from NPP and want to do more copyediting.
Thouny 09 January 2014 Can proofread any article, and help with French ←> English translations (native French speaker). Always happy to help! 07 January 2014 Improve Wikipedia and my copyediting skills in the process.
Newyorkadam 05 January 2014 I copyedit a lot so I thought I'd join the guild :)
StudiesWorld 05 January 2014 I want to help improve the wiki, and improve my own copyediting skills in the process.
SarahTheEntwife 04 January 2014 (Interested in general copy-editing along with streamlining and improving references)
lamercer 24 December 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing, and subbing.
Acalycine talk 21 December 2013 Copyediting, reviewing AfC, new page patrol, recent changes patrol
EasyStreetMusings 18 December 2013 [Inactive editor since 2014] Editing, rewriting, updating content etc. Interests include fashion, traveling and business.
Corinne 14 December 2013 Editing, proofreading and rewriting to improve clarity. Interests include botany, geology, geography, zoology, history, paleontology, linguistics, and biography.
Typocrite 05 December 2013 Helping to fix every last typo on Wikipedia.
ambhis101 29 November 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Laurenthian 23 November 2013 Proofreading, copy editing, updating, rewriting, rewording, etc.
Mediran (talk) 17 November 2013 Improving/updating articles
Greatpopcorn 13 November 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Zach Ziccardi 5 November 2013 I edit, proofread, rewrite, and update content here on Wikipedia.
Patrick Wooldridge 29 October 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
BreakfastJr 29 October 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content. An area of particular interest of mine would be music.
Greynor 25 October 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Grush2013 09 October 2013 [Inactive editor since 2013] Grammar, punctuation, editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content, familiar with APA/MLA Styles. Over 30 years experience as a technical writer/editor, Internet researcher, and business planning/development consultant. Areas of expertise include business documentation (policies, procedures, business and marketing plans), technology documentation (user software manuals, software design and testing requirements, and other computer hardware/software documentation), and government documentation standards.
AuthorAuthor 06 October 2013 Editing, proofreading, spelling, re-writing and updating content
Caniyu 02 October 2013 Editing, proofreading, spelling, grammar
Kintrix 29 September 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Techdoode 26 September 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Josh Johnston 22 September 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content to be grammatically and punctually correct.
Amos Hunt 20 September 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content. Editor of a literary magazine (15 issues), 1 year as managing editor of a graduate student journal.
Sam Flint 15 September 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Weilian1982 (talk) 09 September 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
CopyEdit Bliss 08 September 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
CollumMcJingleballs (talk) 06 September 2013 Currently a Copy Editor and familiar with AP Style, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Ahmad Faiz Mustafa(talk) 06 September 2013 Editing, proofreading
GrantWishes 31 August 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing
Quadell 22 August 2013 Prepping articles to be FACs and GANs
HueSatLum 12 August 2013 Editing, proofreading, and re-writing
JSFarman 6 August 2013 Editing, re-writing
AmericanLemming 2 August 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Psychedelic Bananana (talk) 27 July 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
funbobby99 (talkcontribs) 26 July 2013 Excited to join and assist in the editing, proofreading, re-writing, and updating of Wikipedia content
PaulJCompton 19 July 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content. I'm quite pedantic about grammar for clarity. And I simply insist that readability and academic thoroughness are not mutually exclusive. Style, baby, style.
Robert the Devil 07 July 2013 Syntax issues, esp. brevity and redundancy
Thnidu (talk) 07 July 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing for clarity, and updating content. I'm a research linguist by profession and avocation, and a very fast, fluent, and rather compulsive reader with an abnormally good sense of spelling and syntax. I tend to get drawn into doing cleanup even on articles I've hit on at random, so I might as well aim at some articles that people have marked for it. My interests include music, especially folk music; languages and linguistics; and speculative fiction.
Ailemadrah 06 July 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Soumma Chandra 04 July 2013 Editing & proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Olefiant_gas 02 July 2013 Editing & proofreading content.
Verbaringeacutenue 01 July 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
JaykeBird 01 July 2013 Editing, proofreading, and updating content
Litjade (talk) 20 June 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Redwellie14 (talk) 18 June 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing, and updating content
APerson241 (talk) 15 June 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing, updating content, and maintaining MOS compliance
Way2veers 14 June 2013 Editing, re-writing and updating content
Matty.007 (talk) 11 June 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
JudyCS (talk) 10 June 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Rdyornot (talk) 08 June 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
sssssss340 (talk) 6 June 2013 Correcting spelling and grammar
Cadillac000 how 'bout a talk 06 June 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content in general.
JourneySarah (talk) 03 June 2013 "Gentle" editing
Coretheapple (talk) 30 May 2013 General editing chores
Katiemariefunk 28 May 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Supervegan (talk) 25 May 2013 Spelling & grammar, proofreading, rewriting
Panpog1 (talk) 24 May 2013 fixing section titles
LisaJFA 20 May 2013 Grammar, punctuation, spelling, rewriting for clarity. Knowledge of both British and American English styles.
Bloody Huntman (talk) 8 May 2013 Anything
DallTX314 (talk) 28 April 2013 At least do no harm.
Rohini (talk) 28 April 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing, subbing. Prefer articles on technology (electronics, automation, computer software, instrumentation), food, India (places, food)
User:Cheerioswithmilk 19 April 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Rui Gabriel Correia (talk) 12 April 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing, subbing, fixing translations, updating content
AlanPickett (talk) 10 April 2013 Focus on bringing over content from Latin and French wikipedia, also the usual grammar and syntax
Milesandkilometrestogo (talk) 10 April 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
KeithH (talk) 27 March 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
jmb3533 (talk) 25 March 2013 Proofreading, editing and re-drafting for clarity.
Purposeandthought 22 March 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing, updating content. Focus on having fun.
AnthonyW90 (talk) 18 March 2013 Spelling, grammar and etymology
Brocach (talk) 12 March 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
richamehta (talk) 12 March 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content. Focus on copyediting.
Czaranis (talk) 05 March 2013 Speeling and grammer
User:Howicus {User talk:Howicus} 03 March 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content. Focus on major issues.
Montykillies {talk} 01 March 2013 Editing, making copy very easy to read, proofreading, and updating content
Brambleberry of RiverClan (talk) 01 March 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content, as well as adding infoboxes (also a member of The Infobox Watch)
Lemmoid (talk) 1 March 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Serioussarcasm (talk) 17 February 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Egeymi (talk) 13 February 2013 Copyediting, re-writing, updating content and fixing references.
St at us 10 February 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
mnrv (talk) 3 February 2013 Proofreading, copyediting, re-writing, updating content and backlog tackling.
BrothaTimothy (talk) 2 February 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content. To make sure the article compiles with Wikipedia's rules and to not make articles too long or too short.
the evacipated (talk) 27 January 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content. You know, all that fun stuff.
Lo, i am real (talk) 25 January 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content. Mainly spelling & sentence structure.
Aeris Tiberius (talk) 23 January 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content. Spelling, grammar, tone, sentence structure. The whole nine yards.
RuthLivingstone (talk) 21 January 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing- I enjoy sorting spelling, fixing grammar, weeding out weasel words, eliminating fluff, and generally making stuff readable.
Prof. Taeuk (talk) 12 January 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Mathijsvs (talk) 09 January 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content, since I'm not really a fan of the big debates when it comes to new content (more frequently on the Dutch version of wiki, but still).
BigGcastle (talk) 04 January 2013 Looking to give back to a site which I use a lot. Also, I want to improve my writing.
Mahensingha 02 January 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Jonesey95 (talk) 02 January 2013 I found this group through a note about the January 2013 Backlog Project. It looks like a like-minded crew.
HectorAE (talk) 02 January 2013 Looks like an under-appreciated yet vital WikiProject. I'll do general editing, proofreading, re-formatting, spell-checking, updating, and basically everything helpful. Technical topics are usually fine.
David_FLXD (Talk) 01 January 2013 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content; anything that will improve the article.
FrankyFour (talk) 30 December 2012 Editing & proofreading.
Rjwarg (talk) 24 December 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and backlog reduction
Tomlish (talk) 22 December 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
JC.Torpey (talk) 19 December 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing, and updating content for grammar and style issues - I will do my best to keep in line with the prevailing style of the page I am editing, although I am most familiar with AP and APA styles.
TheQuiteSide| Talk 10 December 2012 Proofing, editing and backlog tackling.
WolfgangAzureus (talk) 07 December 2012 I want help with every backlogged article
Sreesarmatvm (talk) 04 December 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
The Kakistocrat (talk) 02 December 2012 Fixing the grammar and flow of articles
dci | TALK 02 December 2012 Fully copyediting obscure history and royalty articles; will gladly help in other areas w/backlogs as needed.
 Francophonie&Androphilie (Je vous invite à me parler) 24 November 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Jihadcola (talk) 09 November 2012 Want to help eliminate the backlog and perform proofreading
Rutebega (talk) 07 November 2012 Want to contribute to Wikipedia in a real way, beyond reverting vandalism
Freebirdthemonk (talk) 06 November 2012 Want to help eliminate backlogs on Wikipedia.
RichPiccone (talk) 04 November 2012 Interested in gaining more experience in proofing and editing.
123chess456 (talk) 02 November 2012 Large backlogs give me something productive to do.
Thewellman (talk) 1 November 2012 Engineer clarifying 20th century history of North American water and transportation infrastructure.
MurphEngineer (talk) 31 October 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content. Areas of expertise: technical writing, computer hardware and software
Rubimsome (talk) 29 October 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content. Areas of expertise: urban design, landscape architecture, city planning, and multi-modal transportation planning with focus on bicycles, pedestrians and transit.
Anonymous209.6 (talk) 25 October 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content, particularly improving narrative, general organization and balance of Articles. Areas of expertise; Science, Arts, Politics, Law, History, background research, Reliable Sources.
W1k1p3d1g1 (talk) 25 October 2012 Especially interested in editing, proofreading, and maintenance of Current events and developing news-related articles.
OhioGuy814 (talk) 19 October 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Tito Dutta (talk) 18 October 2012 I do a lot of copyedit works in both requested and non-requested articles, if I copyedit in a requested article, I'll add something like Wikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors/Requests Copedits being done in edit summary
Cocolacoste (talk) 16 October 2012 Editing, proofreading and rewriting. Improving articles layout and style. Updating content if necessary. In search of the Missing(s) Link(s). Avoiding the Oxford comma like the plague, though not always. A bit of an obsessive.
NardusM (talk) 14 October 2012 Editing, fact-checking, reducing backlogs.
Acronin3 (talk) 03 October 2012 Editing, proofreading, some re-writing.
JohnDopp (talk) 02 October 2012 A good eye for errors and a good ear for language, at your service!
Keasphil (talk) 28 September 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
heleneotroy (talk) 27 September 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Carlang (talk) 21 September 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content. Part time Comic book nut.
KiefKief (talk) 19 September 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content. I also enjoy books.
Soulparadox (talk) 15 September 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Robert Keiden (talk) 11 September 2012 first, do no harm
MeanMotherJr (talk) 09 September 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Geraldshields11 (talk) 06 September 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing, and updating content.
Davejohnsan (talk) 05 September 2012 General proofreading.
TBran dl ey 04 September 2012 General copy-editing, proofreading, etc.
Soren42 (talk) 02 September 2012 As an Enterprise Architect, my profession requires critical thinking, technical writing, and proofreading skills.
In addition to me Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, I also hold an Associate of Arts degree in English Language and Literature.
I'm interested in expanding my involvement in Wikimedia projects by adding copy editing to contributing. I will be focusing on articles concerning Engineering — particularly Computer and Electrical Engineering — as well as Computer Science, Pure and Applied Mathematics.
Cwsamson (Talk) August 30, 2012 I will leave it better than I found it.
Thegreatgrabber (talk) 25 August 2012 Proofreading, re-writing and updating most content
TheSpecialUser TSU 25 August 2012 I love content creation and have got many GAs as well as have reviewed more then 30 GA nominations. My interests are specially in re-writing, improving and fixing other issues (little hard to explain, I just improve whatever I feel I can).
Samar Talk 23 August 2012 Structuring, re-writing, spellings, grammar, and anything else I'll come across
Userkv8031 (talk) 12 August 2012 I'm interested in geology, geography, and just about any other scientific field.
Wikigold96 (talk) 11 August 2012 Hello! I am honored to be of service to the Guild of Copy Editors! Copy Editors rule!
Mjs1991 (talk) 11 August 2012 Just helping out
JPJMendes (talk) 1 August 2012 I am pretty good at spotting errors.
Gareth Griffith-Jones (talk) 29 July 2012 Editing, proofreading and spelling; re-writing for grammar and sentence construction; improvements to article layout and style; updating content and tense where obvious.
Belvyzep (talk) 29 July 2012 I just want to help fight the good fight.
TheLieder (talk) 27 July 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing, updating content and not using the Oxford comma
Danielwalmer (talk) 24 July 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
Stella (BATPHONE) 24 July 2012 Sheriff of the Grammar Police, specializing in biographies and music-related topics
Lindsayphillips90 (talk) 23 July 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content
OwenBlacker (Talk) 18 July 2012 Editing, proofreading and typos, re-writing and updating content
groupuscule (talk) 17 July 2012 Copyeditor & writer IRL; fairly open-minded & descriptivist when I have a choice; here to help!
User:Jay Starz (talk) 14 July 2012 Editing, and just trying to help out in every way possible.
Shannonclh (talk) 11 July 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content pertaining to human resources, technology, and coffee
~Cheers, Ten Ton Parasol 3 July 2012 Anything with a plot summary is my thing, especially character articles. Novels, movies, episodes, anime and manga are cool too. Proofreading for grammar, rewriting paragraphs, and making sentences concise is what I like to do, but I sometimes leave choppy prose behind.
Alexhantman (talk) 30 June 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content - science, math, engineering
AndroidOS (talk) 30 june 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content - computers, programming etc.
Kasanax (talk) 29 June 2012 Editing, proofreading, and re-writing articles for style and comprehension, especially on subjects in medicine, science, law, and politics.
Ian159 (talk) 28 June 2012 Editing(esp. grammar and spelling), proofreading, re-writing for style.
RMJ (talk) 28 June 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing for style and comprehension
Caroline1981 (talk) 25 June 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing, updating on topics of law, science, philosophy, religion, or ethics.
BO | Talk 25 June 2012 Editing, proofreading, researching a new Copy Editing tutorial
Strangerette (talk) 24 June 2012 Bad grammar makes me [sic].
Bobthegreat157 (talk) 22 June 2012 Editing, proofreading, most knowledgeable about music topics, particularly music theory
Db4wp (talk) 21 June 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing. Also updating, merging, correcting content related to psychology.
Solarra ♪ Talk ♪ 20 June 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing, updating content, and style improvements on any subject matter other than sports.
Agn106 (talk) 11 June 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating sports' and animals' pages
junglejill (talk) 9 June 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and style improvements. I prefer articles related to politics, biology and other sciences.
rams81 (talk) 5 June 2012 I am willing to fix articles related to India, small cities and towns, Indian mythology, Hindu religion, transportation and articles about food.
Afterwriting (talk) 4 June 2012 Style, phrasing, grammar, punctuation and updating
Dr.queso (talk) 31 May 2012 I fix whatever annoys me, and leave my favorite errors behind instead.
Lyricsoprano (talk) 27 May 2012 Editing, copy editing, rewriting, proofreading, as well as design and layout. Project editor for an international government agency, editor for a distance learning institution. I edit and correct teachers' writing work.
InThe AM 24 May 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing. Mostly interested in sports and geography content.
Raymondwinn (talk) 21 May 2012 (Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content)
C(u) w(t) C(c) 20 May 2012 Will help with anything :)
Timeweaver (talk) 18 May 2012 (Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content in English, interested in WWI, US Civil/Revolutionary Wars)
Ax1om77 15 May 2012 Editing, proofreading, re-writing and updating content, knowledgeable on the languages listed on my Userpage, including aramaic, computers, guns and ammunition,vehicles, and lasers
lesthaeghet (talk) 14 May 2012 No soup for you!
Dementia13 (talk) 09 May 2012 Uhh, someone said that refreshments would be served.
0xEB36C0 (talk) 09 May 2012 I find your errors [sic]kening.
Joe1000000 (talk) 06 May 2012 I like correcting grammar etc. when I see it. I am relatively new to this.
Codfillets talk 04 May 2012 I love to check grammar and spelling. Proofreading a speciality (UK English only)
SE.K.Maberry (talk) 28 April 2012 I am just getting started. I plan to make grammar/syntax edits.
Tow Trucker talk 28 April 2012 I like helping.
Tlqk56 (talk) 27 April 2012 Mostly working on articles about children's lit and authors. I enjoy improving style, grammar, etc.
Enervation (talk) 26 April 2012 I am interested mostly in fixing articles about children's books.
YoterMimeni (talk) 22 April 2012 Interested in fixing spelling, grammar, and any otherwise mistakes found in an article that I am copyediting.
Jwikiediting (talk) 21 April 2012 Interested in correcting grammar, spelling, making minor edits, rewording sentences to make more sense (ie translated text). Basically I make small changes provided that I am certain they are correct.
Epicwo (talk) 17 April 2012 Interested in grammar, spelling, minor edits of that sort
Keilana|Parlez ici 17 April 2012 I do GAN reviews and other random copyediting
EricEnfermero (talk) 12 April 2012 Particular interests in nursing, medicine, psychology, food and baseball.
Hpski (talk) 8 April 2012 I spot and fix small mistakes in various articles.
RIDDHI_DIPAN (talk) 7 April 2012 I have worked a lot as a proofreader for various groups online and offline. I myself am a student of English and so this is a field where I can easily contribute much^_^
Myrtlegroggins (talk) 1.4.2012 Enjoy copy-editing, hope to help (good for Groggins), hope not to get in trouble (bad for Groggins).
-- Imadeausername! (talk|contribs) 31 March 2012 Improving Wikipedia's articles in any way I can
L1ght5h0w (talk) 28 March 2012 N/a
Micah Manary (talk) 27 March 2012 Life sciences/science general
MenschMitHut (talk) 26 March 2012 Another one of those people interested in mostly everything (except sports). Ready to improve my own skills and lots of articles.
Justice007 (talk) 25 March 2012 Everywhere, anywhere, improving articles ( most biographical)
ClaireJV (talk) 19 March 2012 Tired of just shaking my fist at errors, ready to start fixing them
MattVariety (talk) 19 March 2012 New in Wikipedia! Can't wait to help out the site!
Phae_girl (talk) March 18, 2012 Enthusiastic rookie
Kenneaal (talk) 18 March 2012 General article improvement
Bfrank72 (talk) 13 March 2012 Improving environmental articles.
Beatnik Party (talk) 12 March 2012 Professional copy editor, proofreader, and insomniac
My_jazzie (talk) 28 February 2012 I love to find mistakes!
anybob (talk) 23 February 2012 Will edit for food.
Emries (talk) 22 Feb 2012 Both for a course and assistance!
Aoife2661 (talk) 21 Feb 2012 This is my first time participating in Wikipedia - I'm excited to help!
JXC59 (talk) 21 February 2012 Always keeping it classy over at the UMD.
1Q84 (talk) 22 February 2012 Editing and helping update the fields of Western animation, the Maryland area and Asian culture.
MattMauler (talk) 21 February 2012 Writing tutor. Interested in history, film, and culture.
Ceejayfyrfli (talk) 21 February 2012 Editing for grammar and sentence construction. Interested in communication, technology, and mythology.
~FeedintmParley 20 February 2012 Mainly interested in politics and sports
Postmodernista (talk) 16 February 2012 Style, spelling and grammar editing in English and German
Despayre (talk) 15 February 2012 genetically-gifted spelling and grammar hunter
14jbella (talk) 11 February 2012 Can help with basic copy editing in American English.
Northamerica1000 (talk) 10 February 2012 Copy editing to improve articles and Wikipedia itself.
Wieśniak (talk) 10 February 2012 General grammar, spelling and punctuation.
Briwivell (talk) 9 February 2012 General knowledge enthusiast.
WylieCoyote (talk) 9 February 2012 Former magazine copy editor so nothing gets by me!
Rjeng2000 (talk) 7 February 2012 Just another person trying to improve Wikipedia (spelling)
HonkyTonkHarlot (talk) 1 February 2012 General copy, grammar and spelling (Australian English but do keep to US rules on such pages)
Yutsi Talk/ Contributions 30 January 2012 Spelling bee champion, but only proficient at grammar, so I prefer to edit articles with blatant errors.
Mluisaconti (talk) 30 January 2012 Copy editing for grammar, syntax, and spelling (UK and US English) errors. Knowledgeable with Chicago Manual of Style.
Nycrotak (talk) 29 January 2012 Mostly grammar and spelling (American English) and computer programming.
TwistieV (talk) 29 January 2012 Grammar and spelling (Australian English).
Peacock28 (talk) 28 January 2012 Curling, basic math and science, politics, miscellanea.
Encycloshave (talk) 26 January 2012 U.S. history, film, beer, wine, you name it. General information junkie.
A word to fly on (talk) 25 January 2012 Just another person.
Ryanwould (talk) 24 January 2012 AP professional & Wikipedia generalist
Yelyzaveta (talk) 23 January 2012 Law, theatre, languages, general copyediting.
OKelly (talk) 22 January 2012 General copyediting
Rabiddog51sb (talk) 19 January 2012 Languages, humanities, science, transportation
Prof. Squirrel (talk) 13 January 2012 Medicine, zoology
TSteele6815 (talk) 12 January 2012 American and World History, Animation, Video Games and related entertainment
Jc1326 (talk) 8 January 2012 General Editing, Music (History, Theory & Analysis)
Prmcd16 (talk) 4 January 2012 General copy
Echo cho oo (talk) 2 January 2012 Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each and every one of you.
Susruth (talk) 31 December 2011 Biology, and anything I like.
Zoë Alkaia Zoë Alkaia 28 December 2011 Whatever looks interesting to me.
Cynthisa (talk) 28 December 2011 Science, engineering and other "technical" topics; fixing grammar and non-English translations; neutrality editing
Johnb78 (talk) 19 December 2011 General copy; social media; politics. AusE, BrE and AmE.
TooMuchForYa (talk) 12 December 2011 I help and fix anything I can!
Gauravjuvekar (talk) 02 December 2011 Interested in fixing grammatical errors.
Sourav Mohanty (talk) 1 December 2011 Interested in any technology stuff especially automation.
(SeigeTank2000) (talk) 29 November 2011 Editing and creating articles since 2002.
Chinnz (talk) 29 November 2011 Education, Litrature, Entertainment, Movies,etc. Iam ready to offer my best effort to clean up wikipedia
Chris Parker (talk) 21 November 2011 Generalist, technology, literature, history, readability. Happy to help with anything that needs cleaning up.
Drsmoo (talk) 18 November 2011 Any articles that need assistance :)
Bheegi (talk) 17 November 2011 Ready to help as much as I can.
Aaron_Walkhouse (talk) 16 November 2011 Development/performance tuning of P2P, networking, and computing architectures. Balanced copyright law and human rights. Recce (aka Reconnaisance) tech and tradecraft ( Walkhouse = Waakaa'ose "He Who Walks Around", so Recce is in my blood. ;] I'm always copy editing whenever I come here so I may as well feed my habit. )D
Mark Miller (talk) 13 November 2011 Basic copy editing and general editing for neutrality, encyclopedic tone, due weight
BenJonson (BenJonson) 10 November 2011 Any Topic I haven't studied for 20 years and hence am not banned from editing :) Specialist in organization, comprehensibility, tone, balancing contending POVs
Glacialfox (talk) 10 November 2011 Foxes, abnormal psychology, religion, and the Christian music scene. I'm totally down with whatever though. :3
NYKevin 10 November 2011 Generalist, STEM fields


3 November 2011 I am an interested in Muslim Scholars and recently working on Said Nursi and will be happy for contributions.
mgvog 2 November 2011 Generalist
Truthanado (talk) 29 October 2011 Generalist, spelling/grammar, understandability
Joseph Fox 28 October 2011 Generally sticks to more modern topics: Music-, games- and film-related articles.
Evangeline (talk) 25 October 2011 Former professional copy editor. Generalist; current events; European, American & East Asian history & literature.
Benjamin Plummer (talk) 24 October 2011 Generalist, architecture, philosophy, arts, human sexuality.
Meclee (talk) 18 October 2011 Generalist, sociology, social philosophy
Payton Walton (talk) 18 October 2011 Generalist
Kali95 (talk) 18 October 2011 European history, technology, general copy editing.
Petebutt (talk) 16 October 2011 Aviation, Military history, technology, etc. etc..
Blakeburd (talk) 12 October 2011 Trying to make Wikipedia a better place - technology, software, history, or anything else needed
Lionratz (talk) 8 October 2011 I am interested and have experience in films, Japanese and Singaporean-related articles, though I can try to help if needed.
Jame§ugrono 27 September 2011 English, French, Australia, Linguistics, Grammar
basalisk (basalisk) 20 September 2011 Medicine, physics, natural sciences, history.
pluma Ø 19 September 2011 I am interested in just about everything, but I usually just copy edit and revert vandalism.
Gorakshep (talk) 18 September 2011 History, information studies/science, literacy, film and literature.
Ktlynch (talk) 15 September 2011 I've worked a lot on film and literature articles. Some translation from French. Enjoy copy-editing anything
Taylornate (talk) 13 September 2011 I'm interested in medicine. Please check my work.
Folklore1 (talk) 9 September 2011 Maryland, Baltimore, folklore, geography, buses, railroads
Mohamed Aden Ighe (talk) 21 August 2011 I'm a student and a contributor to Wikipedia since 2008 and I know how to use it. I won a school award for writing in 2008.
Scartol • Tok 21 August 2011 I'm an English teacher. I've got a big red pen and I know how to use it.
CantabrigianAlicia (talk) 18 August 2011 Here to help! I'm an award-winning proofreader and former editor-in-chief of a collegiate newspaper.
Itiscertain (talk) 18 August 2011 I am a tech writer, editor, and quality control reviewer professionally. I am happy to copy-edit any article that needs it.
DjiehEm (talk) 13 August 2011 I have a bit of editing experience through my job at a publishing house. Main interests are music, sports, video gaming and TV shows, but I am happy to help where help is needed. :-)
Majestic PyreMy Speech Bubble 8 August 2011 I am an English major, Junior in college with a knowledge of MLA
Miguel AG (talk) 6 August 2011 Good at spotting grammatical mistakes, and fixing them!
Robin 06 august 2011 Fairly good at English. Proofreading always interests me
Tlumpkins 5 August 2011 I am fairly decent at proofreading and have studied copy editing.
Bstephens393 (talk) 24 July 2011 Here to help with copy edit, hope to improve my skills in the process!
Jaguar (talk) 23 July 2011 I'm good at copy editing for settlements anywhere in the UK and even video games. And anything else to do with history really!
Nathan2055 talk 22 July 2011 Copyediting looks like fun! I hope I can help. I'm mainly interested in Nintendo video games and computing. I also like history.
Jay8g (talk) 21 July 2011 I am very good at proofreading! (However, I suck at code. Help!)
Gagman385 | Talk 21 July 2011 I very much enjoy this kind of work and look forward to contributing where I can.
Prairiedog2011 (talk) July 18, 2011 New to WP but good copy editing and proofing skills. Here to help!
Zac Δ talk 16 July 2011 History of astrology.
X j t (talk) 15 July 2011
Leonxlin (talk) 13 July 2011
McAfreak (talk) 13 July 2011 Information Technology. Infosec. Cyber security, especially of the hacking variety.
Echo73 (talk) 3 July 2011 Copyeditor, proofer, philomath and fan of accuracy.
JoeSperrazza (talk) 2 July 2011
ElectricValkyrie (talk) 16 June 2011 Instead of twitching in discomfort at the sight of Wikipedia typos, I'm going to help do something about them.
Subtractive (talk) 16 June 2011 Technical stuff and history. Planning to tackle articles that have been tagged for a long time.
Sprinkler21 (talk) 12 June 2011 I would like to join and learn more about copyediting. I'm new so please be easy on me. Thanks!
Lagrange613 (talk) 7 June 2011 I don't let my content interests interfere with the holy war against bad grammar, style, etc.
Dante brevity (talk) 6 June 2011 Just want to help out in small way.
Pine (GreenPine) t 5 June 2011 Variety of interests
Boomonsa (talk) 25 May 2011 I can't resist the lure of the red pencil.
Spookiewon (talk) 21 May 2011 I am mostly interested in computers, technology, and all things geeky!
Northumbrian (talk) 20 May 2011 Content interests include topics relating to navies, transportation, and the United Kingdom.
~~EBE123~~ talkContribs 15 May 2011 Going to help with the simpsons articles and going to sometimes going to do any articles. Translates from french.
Broletto (talk) 9 May 2011 I could help with articles about Italian matters or translated from Italian.
Wilhelmina Will (talk) 2 May 2011 I participate in the Backlog elimination drives, when they're held, every other month.
Thomasrussellhughes (talk) 28 April 2011 Mainly biography amongst current affairs and the arts; it is imperative to be objective.
synthfiend (talk 20 April 2011 Keep it simple. Sometimes less is more.
Brinlong (talk) 18 April 2011 Clean-up and standardization of articles focusing on science and tech, especially astronomy.
Gwholley (talk) 18 April 2011 General clean-up of bad grammar and spelling, mostly looking at History, Science and Technology.
Blackmane (talk) 13 April 2011 General clean-up of bad grammar.
TylerRDavis (talk) 11 April 2011
Nightenbelle (talk) 09 April 2011 Anything!
RorWiki (talk) 06 April 2011 I'm willing to help the community of Wikipedia!
The Master of Mayhem 03 April 2011 Vandal fighting, Catchphrase, but I tend to be a grammar nazi.
GeofferyBard(talk) 01 April 2011 (this account) Hold multiple accounts in accordance with policy. Getting a number of requests for assistance so happy to oblige.
Qwert96 (talk) 30 March 2011 I'm game for all topics
AshLin (talk) 28 March 2011 India, Tree of Life, Military History
Gullwire (talk) 27 March 2011 I'm up for most stuff, but literature-related articles preferred
SimAura (talk) 27 March 2011 Not having much material to add to Wikipedia myself, I decided that the first best step is to help with what has already been written!
Hawkseraph (talk) 26 March 2011 A german student happy to be able to apply his favourite subject.
AngelaVietto (talk) 24 March 2011 Long-time copy editor turned college professor. My goal: to help battle the backlog. Also, I often create projects for students in which they edit Wikipedia, mostly emphasizing sourcing, but I think it's only fair I keep practicing anything I ask them to learn.
GorillaWarfare talkcontribs 14 March 2011 Not sure what date I actually joined -- I realized I removed the userbox a while ago and never replaced my name. I do a fair amount of copyediting, so I figured I should join the Guild!
Harrison49 (talk) 15 March 2011 My main interest is in aviation, but I am keen to help out with copyediting.
Cecilialw (talk) 14 March 2011 Liberal arts education; I have 20 years' copyediting experience in computer science and engineering -- if that's more helpful than general copyediting, which I'm generally interested in.
Phoenixkin (talk) 14 March 2011
DrewP (talk) 9 March 2011 While I am interested in business articles in particular, I am willing to help with anything.
SiannaTyrrae (talk) 9 March 2011 Former newspaper copy editor, special interests in ancient European history, New England, non-mainstream religions, computer science
Mooncow (talk) 9 March 2011 Expressing complex ideas in clear logical steps. Also a healthy dose of nitpickery and pedantry.
Unionhawk Talk E-mail 9 March 2011
Joefromrandb 7 March 2011 Bad grammar is worse than gratuitous vulgarity!
GRAPPLE X 7 March 2011 Less is more. Also: no shirts, no shoes.
Keidax 6 March 2011 Hooray for grammar!
demize (t · c) 6 March 2011
Ejcallen (talk) 5 March 2011 This is the perfect place for me!
Amog | Talkcontribs 6 March 2011
► Philg88 ◄ talk 4 March 2011 Anything China related
Dangtony (talk) 3 March 2011
Peterstrempel talk 3 March 2011 ITIL, technical and fiction writing, philosophy, politics, film and TV
UncleBubba T @ C ) 2 March 2011 Aviation, computers, photography, medicine, motorcycles, music, science, video games, and all things geeky. Also, anything that is spelled incurrektly enkorectlee uncurectlie wrong.
DoctorJoeE (talk) 2 March 2011 Not picky
Lord Psyko Jo 1 March 2011
Gprince007 (talk) 1 March 2011 Anything !.
Triviator (talk) 1 March 2011 Most things, particularly the sciences, mathematics and music.
Lerdthenerd 28 February 2011 Lets clean that backlog!
Ankit Maity 26 February 2011 Everything.Will try my best
I'm Flightx52 and I approve this message 24 February 2011 Lets do that copy editing drive in March!
Acabashi 24 February 2011
Pi 22 February 2011 Anything I suppose
escapepea 19 February 2011 I go through phases.
RHM22 13 February 2011 My main interest in numismatics, though I'm also interested in history and television to a lesser extent.
Wikiisawesome 12 February 2011 I'm interested in working on style, grammar and copyediting on random Wikipedia pages.
Bluebklyn 8 February 2011 interested in improving the quality of Wikipedia as a whole; interested in improving the quality of college/university articles in particular
Athene cunicularia 5 February 2011 Improve articles
Well-Read Red (talk) 3 February 2011 I found my way here via the backlog drive, which, I see, has ended... but bad copy is a constant. :)
Maias 3 February 2011 Aiming to improve readability without pedantry
mwwmenger 2 February 2011 contribute to improve quality of Wikipedia
dpruth 28 January 2011 contribute to improve quality of Wikipedia
Yourstruly42 (talk) 25 January 2011 Former editor of movie and television subtitles.
Burkeew (talk) 25 January 2011 Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Major at James Madison University
Pietrogpjmu (talk) 25 January 2011 Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Major at James Madison University
ander2em (talk) 25 January 2011 Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Major at James Madison University
BigmouthCreator (talk) 24 January 2011 Simply excited to copy edit Wikipedia.
Jamesnd (talk) 23 January 2011 Classical History student at University of Tasmania
Kimberly wymer (talk) 20 January 2011 Technical Editing Student
YoumanKr (talk) 20 January 2011 Writing and Rhetoric Student at James Madison University
jones3sg (talk) 20 January 2011 Technical Editing Student, James Madison University
simpsontg77 (talk) 20 January 2011 Technical Editing Student at James Madison University
Cerasam (talk) 20 January 2011 Technical Editing Student
Pheebalicious (talk) 20 January 2011 Took a long break from copy-editing! I'm also a librarian in a high school, ask me anything!
User:pab2023 (talk) 16 January 2011
Aboudaqn (talk) 16 January 2011 20th Century History
Fortifyme (talk) 16 January 2011 I love to edit!
Josborne2382 (talk) 13 January 2011 For the most part all I do are copy edits, so it was just a matter of time before I joined. I'm happy to help out wherever I can.
tktktk 12 January 2011 Been copy editing for a while; might as well make it official.
Tofutwitch11 (TALK) 12 January 2011 Forgot to add myself to this list, woops.
Puzzlefighter (talk) 11 January 2011 Feels good man.
Ute in DC (talk) 9 January 2011 Sounds like just my speed
Ironmagma (talk) 7 January 2011 Just interested in helping out.
Grahamwest (talk) 3 January 2011 Many hands make light work
Swatkatz14 (talk) 4 January 2011 I want to improve Wikipedia.
Spock of Vulcan (talk) 3 January 2011 I eliminate typos and poor grammar on sight!
Qizix (talk) 1 January 2011 I want to try making prose easier to read and understand, if at all possible.
Tobeprecise (talk) 1 January 2011 Mostly the small stuff
Bennycat (talk) 24 December 2010 I want to do what I can to improve Wikipedia and my skills as a copy editor.
MakingTheMarkTalk 21 December 2010 Basically interested in Aviation, but I read all sorts of articles.
Miniapolis (talk) 18 December 2010 I particularly enjoy reading about nature, linguistics and history but also enjoy general copy editing. Changed my username in April 2011 from Wi2g.
Revirescence (talk) 17 December 2010 Interested in sport, philosophy, music and literature. However, I strongly dislike grammatical errors, so when it comes to editing I feel I could be a valuable addition to the team.
Skamecrazy123 (talk) 9 December 2010 As a son of England, I'm pretty sure I will be able to help with any English language copy editing I am introduced to
★ Auree (talk) 8 December 2010 Though I spend most of my time editing or creating tropical cyclone-related articles, poor punctuation and grammatical errors due to negligence are one of my major pet peeves. Therefore, as a copy-editor, I am willing to help out with any problems I am introduced to.
Wikidgood (talk) 4 December 2010 Music, environment, wildlife, outdoors, politics, science, faith and reason, philosophy, art
TCO (talk) 27 November 2010 Want to be around others who value good writing and learn better myself.
DQ (t) (e) 26 November 2010 Interested in sciences/science fiction, technology, transportation, meteorology, government, law, many more...
rubicon | talk 23 November 2010 Shoddy syntax and grammar must be corrected.
P1h3r1e3d13 (talk) 18 November 2010 I've been a pedant about grammar, spelling, punctuation, and some style my whole life. Did some informal copy editing at my college paper. On and off wikifever, usually just small edits. Also help maintain a MediaWiki wiki at my company.
Wegates (talk) 13 November 2010 my editing experience comes thru military journalism, mostly looking to work on militaria articles. I also have knowledge in photography, environmental engineering, camping and outdoor adventurism
Pol430 talk to me 13 November 2010 Interested in improving readability of articles in Wikipedia
Alansohn (talk) 11 November 2010 Interested in seeing better sourced and formatted articles in Wikipedia
DeepDepletion (talk) 10 November 2010 I'm an integrated circuit design engineer with a broad interest in technology, physics, astronomy, and science in general. And I write.
Cindy Allen (talk) 10 November 2010 technical editing on any topic--teach tech editing at the university level
Gulielmus estavius (talk) 10 November 2010 Fixing spelling, grammar and punctuation is fun, and it feels good to do the small copy editing changes that makes articles look better. Interested in Computer Science and India related articles.
Lehoo (talk) 9 November 2010 Trying to help Wikipedia - and maybe I will be able to help here.
Elizium23 (talk) 6 November 2010 I love the English language, and making incremental changes to correct spelling and punctuation.
jsfouche ☽☾ talk 3 November 2010 I love correcting spelling and grammatical errors (especially punctuation)! Woot!!
Reaper Eternal (talk) 2 November 2010 I enjoy polishing articles so they can convey their information more effectively.
Deckiller (t-c-l) 2 November 2010 I was extremely active from 2005-2007. Now I just pop in here and there, but I still copy-edit whenever I can.
Anagogist (talk) 1 November 2010 Flawed grammar and syntax irk everyone. So, why not help fix them?
Hairy Dude (talk) 28 October 2010 I have a particular interest in linguistics and theoretical computer science, but I dabble in many other areas. (My interests are unlimited, my expertise less so.) The large majority of edits I make are copy editing; I generally correct errors as soon as I notice them.
Aichikawa (talk) 26 October 2010 art history, fashion, high and pop culture, Third World figures and phenomenas but open to all of course, this is Wikipedia!
Quityergreeting (talk) 26 October 2010 I'm an evil, inhuman grammar Nazi (specifically correct use of you're/your and their/there/they're) and I think that this a great activity to keep me occupied when I can't sleep.
Woilorio (talk) 25 October 2010 Wikipedia, itself; interested in all sorts of viewpoints, human and not. For instance I know a lot more about Brazil, Australia, The Seychelles, distant galaxies.. . and a lot of other places than I did 5 years ago. Fusions of the literary and mythological and the present, political. Read Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Scandinavian...a little, and others, less and less. And less. But not too-ooo serious.
TwistOfCain (talk) 22 October 2010 I do well with catching grammar and spelling mistakes. Willing to help out wherever I can.
Aaron north (T/C) 22 October 2010 Pretty decent copywriting, spelling, and grammar
MC10 (TCGBL) 16 October 2010 Excellent with copywriting and grammatical issues
Chickie4 15 October 2010 I'll pretty much edit anything as I naturally edit as I read. If you want me to edit a specific page, just post a request on my page and I'll try to get to it as soon as I can. I usually go on Wikipedia once or twice every 1-3 days.
radamdeys (talk) 14 October 2010 Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Software Engineering, SAP, ABAP, Physics, Philosophy, History, Islam, & Quran.
Hydrargyrum 13 October 2010 I've been copyediting on an ad hoc basis ever since I started working on Wikipedia in June 2005, fixing style, punctuation, syntax, grammar, spelling and orthography errors as I encounter them. My signature usually appears as "Quicksilver", a synonym for Hydrargyrum (Mercury).
Chrisfjordson (talk) 10 October 2010 Came here to improve my editing skills and the site.
Skibden (talk) 6 October 2010 New to the English Wikipedia, I'm most into editing the smaller articles and stubs
Slon02 (talk) 1 October 2010 After participating in 2 copyedit drives, I decided to finally join.
Odysseus1479 (talk) 25 September 2010 See the userboxen on my page for my particular interests, but I'm up for editing pretty well any article. Professional compositor & graphic-arts technician—can create or improve images as well as text. Fairly opinionated on grammar & punctuation but will adapt to any consistent style. Strong scientific/technical vocabulary, for a dilettante layman anyway. Do not use spell-chequers.
KeithbobTalk 18 September 2010
CoolCityCat (talk) 17 September 2010 Anything that makes sense to me. If it sounds right, it's probably right anyways.
VictorianMutant (talk) 7 September 2010 A new user... self proclaimed "Grammar Nazi" ready to wage ruthless war against poor grammar, poor spelling, sentence fragments, and other scourges afflicting the Wikipedia.
User:Easwarno1 6 September 2010 Occasional link surfer, copy edits anything that catches they eye during said surfing
Aaplrox (talk) 5 September 2010 Learning things while improving Wikipedia-plus I hate seeing bad grammar, especially on Wikipedia.
Julesd (talk) 5 September 2010 Correcting the spelling of "led", among others
AkkiDa 3 September 2010 Learn and Help
Geetha75 (talk) 2 September 2010 Gathering knowledge while editing.
User:Schwindtd 2 September 2010 History, history, history. Specifically American history, but I'm not too picky.
Feline Hymnic (talk) 1 September 2010 Various
Livitup (talk) 31 August 2010 Original LOCE Editor. Love the challenge of longer articles.
Rahul Choudhary 31 August 2010 Sports, Military and India related topics
31 August 2010 Going to try to copyedit all the articles starting with Q - wish me luck!
Canada Hky (talk) 29 August 2010 Sports, science
AgamB (talk) 29 August 2010 Putting Strunk and White to good use!
MindfulJen (talk) 29 August 2010 All aspects of creating high-quality articles
GenQuest (talk) 28 August 2010 Well put language
I,E Wouldst thou speak? 25 August 2010 All aspects of our venerable language.
Ta-Va-Tar (discusswhat?) 23 August 2010 Improve writing skills and contribute along the way.
Zargabaath (talk) 23 August 2010
Joe Gazz84 (user)(talk)(contribs) 22 August 2010 Everything, I can help anywhere, although I like grammar.
Seraphimblade Talk to me 20 August 2010 Happy to help with grammar, sentence structure, wikification, and tightening/trimming overly long sections or articles in any area that needs it.
Questionic (talk) 17 August 2010 Happy to help with what needs doing; I see this project as a way to learn more about Wikipedia. Possibly useful skills: engineering and science background, can read French and German.
Macwhiz (talk) 16 August 2010 General copy-editing. Former copy editor of hometown volunteer newspaper and multiple academic weekly and monthly publications.
jjron (talk) 16 August 2010 General spelling, grammar and overall clarity of message. Interested in many topics, specialising in scientific, technical and Australian related articles. Article layout and image use.
Clapurhands (talk) 16 August 2010 Indian articles; spelling and grammar
Grammar_conquistador (talk) 14 August 2010 Everything. =) Australian English.
Coppercable (talk) 11 August 2010 I enjoy reviewing a wide variety of topics, providing grammar edits, re-writing for clarity, and providing some reference support.
NaidNdeso (talk) 3 August 2010 Moslem, Mosque, Tintin, Comic
Idempotent (talk) 2 August 2010 Mathematics and science
Sceptre 27 July 2010 Tightening wording, MoS compliance. (FA writer, generally use 1A and related as guidelines)
Camerafiend (talk) 23 July 2010 Anything
dmmacy (talk) 22 July 2010 I enjoy Wikipedia and would like to help if I can. :)
Bsherr (talk) 21 July 2010
Anon423 (talk) 21 July 2010 NEMOSEDALIQUIS
GorillaWarfare talk 20 July 2010 Spelling and grammar, mostly.
Raj6644 (talk) 19 July 2010 Love to improve article related to engineering. Also like copy editing articles related to India.
Paulmnguyen (talk) 19 July 2010 Everything, particularly the philosophical and the technical
いただき (talk) 15 July 2010 Everything. :)
Trifoliate (talk) 15 July 2010 Clarity - Practice makes perfect.
Steve2011 Chat 12 July 2010 Anything
AirplaneProRadioChecklist 6 July 2010 Aircraft, hence the name.
mikechen (talk) 5 July 2010 I'm most familiar with the Associated Press Stylebook. I hope the differences don't hamper my ability to contribute.
AusTerrapin (talk) 5 July 2010 I was previously a member of the League of Copyeditors. Primary interests are in orders, decorations and medals, and in military history. Happy to help in other areas if requested or if I happen to wander by and see a need. I am currently active in authoring and categorizing, so my contributions here are likely to be ad hoc in nature.
EricLeb01 (Page | Talk) 4 July 2010 I've written a book (in the process of a second, though none are published yet), and I find copy editing to be a fun way to contribute. Hope to get a few articles done once and a while.
WeijiBaikeBianji (talk) 3 July 2010 mathematics education, linguistics, psychology, sinology, education policy (proficient in non-English languages, experienced as a professional editor)
scenography (talk) 2 July 2010 Copyediting does a kindness.
Duff (talk) 2 July 2010 Joined the Guild: Purty gud at grammer, speling. & punktuational pruferedink? ;D Love to help clean up. Prefer non-fiction and non-entertainment-related topics.
Derild 49 21 2 July 2010 Found the July Drive fun :DD
Lihaas Talk Contribs 2 July 2010 Subject matter apart, I generally try to look at making the English more unversally legible (ie- not for regional versions of English)
-- φ OnePt618Talk φ 1 July 2010 I'm a big believer in giving back to Wikipedia all that it has given me over the years, and this project seems like an excellent opportunity for me to sharpen the saw and fine-tune my editing skills. Thanks for organizing it.
LeonidasSpartan (My Talk) 1 July 2010 I focus largely on the clarity of my edits. I feel this project would be a good way to help do my part around Wikipedia. I will focus primarily on articles related to Military History as that is a special interest of mine.
Read-write-services 30 June 2010 I'm a Writer, Editor and a Proofreader. I have an interest in Biology, Viruses and Electronic subjects although I'll have a go at anything reasonably interesting.
e. ripley\talk 25 June 2010 Clarity.
Hyblackeagle22 (talk) 24 June 2010 Figured I could do some good.
The Exchange of Knowledge (talk) 23 June 2010 Wanted something to do :D
Richwales (talk) 22 June 2010 Nitpicking proofreading isn't always fun, but someone's got to do it.
Bejinhan Talk 19 June 2010 Having good grammar is a key to understanding and learning.
Auerfeld (talk) 17 June 2010 It's all about clarity...
Arsgrammar (talk) 17 June 2010 Preserving the art of grammar.
David Rush (talk) 16 June 2010 I'm a stickler for grammar and like to make things as succinct as possible!
Nolelover (talk) 16 June 2010 Making articles look as nice as possible
Snowman304 (talk) 14 June 2010 I love the English language and I try as hard as I can to make everything as intelligible as I can.
Chaosdruid (talk) 13 June 2010 Diverse interests from TV I watch to History and Robotics
Jess talk cs 12 June 2010 Interested in computer science, theology, philosophy, engineering, science, and more.
Music Sorter (talk) 12 June 2010 I am very knowledgeable in computer science and periodically write articles for work.
Paranoidbeemer (talk) 12 June 2010 I like condensing fluffy writing.
Backtable Speak to me 12 June 2010 I make edits mainly, but not solely, in articles concerning usually underground music. I also like to make edits which are akin to copyediting.
Ha dg er 12 June 2010 I know a lot of American English grammar and spelling, so I think it would be fun to copy edit.
Crionell (talk) 10 June 2010 Programming makes me want to fix grammatical errors everywhere.
prashanthns (talk) 10 June 2010 I think good copy-editing may get me a PhD
TPW (talk) 10 June 2010 Fixing little misteaks is what got me interested in editing. Fixing the big ones will make me a better writer.
Urbanstrata (talk) 6 June 2010 Helping to make the world a better place one comma at a time.
Draconar (talk) 3 June 2010 Copy editing is fun!
SciHound (talk) 1 June 2010 Professional scientific and technical copywriter with a BSc in physics and maths. Writing covers: Materials analysis, nanotechnology, rheology, physics, maths, pharmacology etc. etc.
Cindamuse (talk) 1 June 2010 Professional journalist/editor. Extensive experience in research, writing, editing, and publishing. I prefer working on biographies and historical subjects. Tend to stay away from sports and scientific subjects, but open to editing anything else.
papagel (talk) 27 May 2010 Interested in History, Learning, IT and Software
Usertubes60 (talk) 22 May 2010 A word nerd freelance writer trying to make the written world a better place.
loafysam (talk) 19 May 2010 Proper spelling and punctuation should be standards in the production and maintenance of a well-written article. Also, my brain freezes when I see a typo or a run-on sentence.
Harry1717 (talk) 18 May 2010 I love copy-editing for the sheer fun of it, because I get to do something to improve the quality of various articles, and because it takes me to such remote corners of the Wikipedia universe.
Annalise (talk) 15 May 2010 I have weird interests, so don't be afraid to run things by me. In particular, I'm interested in medicine, psychology, fiber arts, LGBTQ issues and almost anything related to Africa.
artemiswolfang (talk) 13 May 2010 Spelling and grammar are my thing... when my keyboard works properly.
Sjones23 (talk - contributions) 8 May 2010 I am interested in copyediting (i.e. correcting and looking for errors) any types of articles, especially video games, music and anime. I was also a member of the defunct League of Copy Editors.
Twaitsey (talk) 8 May 2010 A self proclaimed perfectionist, I enjoy looking for and correcting errors in pretty much anything.
Deagle_AP (talk) 6 May 2010 Dedicated counter-vandal, and seriously needs to take a break from that (a bit too fast-paced!), is a high school student and likes contributing to discussion on various topics.
Robin Paulsen (talk) 5 May 2010 New to editing and looking for ways to contribute
KaySL (talk) 5 May 2010 I was a member of the project under another username when it was still the League of Copy Editors.
--Darkwind (talk) 1 May 2010 "Terible symtax and spelling you hav. For you I fizxed the whol articlee."
Brickietalk 28 April 2010 I've been copyediting for some time now, but never got round to "officially" joining...
EEC 0585 (talk) 23 April 2010 I want to learn how to copyedit.
Bobnorwal (talk) 23 April 2010 I make gud vords 4 u. I will make grammar, style, and spelling edits to articles of just about any topic...I also like turtles.
Mlpearc MESSAGE 22 April 2010 Military, Music, Films. Improving my editing skills and Wiki as a whole.
Buggie111 (talk) 22 April 2010 I've submited a request for a copyedit, and I'd like to give back.
Gengleong (talk) 17 April 2010 I'm more interested in aquarium related topics.
ɳorɑfʈ Talk! 14 April 2010 One is glad to be of service.
The Utahraptor (talk) 10 April 2010 Even though I mainly focus on ghost towns, I am a very good writer.
Jamioe (talk) 10 April 2010 Just joined but have been proof reading for a magazine for some time.
NielsenGW (talk) 4 April 2010 I finally get to use my English degree!
Jpwoodard (talk) 30 March 2010 I make edit.
Pvt. Michael J. Caboose 27 March 2010 Although I am young and I focus more in animal biology, I am indeed an excellent writer and I'm willing to do hard research on a topic. I do tend to have a good sense of humor and am easygoing, therefore finding an internet representation of myself using Caboose from the Red Vs. Blue Youtube series. I'm happy I can help, and you might stop by and look at my page every now and then to see my weekly jokes.
SOFTero (talk) 22 March 2010 Glad to find a way I can hopefully improve Wikipedia.
Benedoceridebes (talk) 19 March 2010 Print out an article every day, proofread it, and edit it. Nice and simple. A Page a Day Keeps the Backlog At Bay.
-- Lesath 18 March 2010 well i think, i can spell good and i do tops in english at school and my mum sez i have "a way with words"
Stuart Wallis (talk) 15 March 2010 Happy to help out where I can with such a marvellous resource.
MathMaven (talk) 14 March 2010 I have a general interest in grammatically correct articles, and I also like to reword articles so that they "sound better." I am happy to join this guild!
S Masters (talk) 28 February 2010 Professional copy editor with years of experience in sub-editing and proof reading. Hope to be able to help out here whenever I can.
ocrasaroon 23 February 2010 The think I love about proper spelling, punctuation, grammar and tone are that it doesn't matter what the subject is - the rules remain the same. So I can look educated on many subjects while only really knowing one. Bring it on...
DustFormsWords (talk) 17 February 2010 I copy-edit professionally; I'm happy to do a little more while working on other tasks on Wikipedia.
Dtgriffith (talk) 11 February 2010 Experience in writing & editing corporate and brand communications. Happy to get involved.
Writeswift 8 February 2010 Background in writing & editing tech subjects for lay audiences
Moisture (talk) 7 February 2010 Interests in history, politics, music, Latin America, law, criminal justice, science fiction, etc.
Theta4 (talk) 26 Jan 2010 I'm a copy editor for my school's yearbook, and now a copy editor for Wikipedia as well.
tallandhandsome (talk) 25 Jan 2010 Happy to help everyone
ems 2 4 24 January 2010 I'll do anything, really. Glad to be able to improve my writing skills and help WP.
Unimaginative Username (talk) 24 January 2010 Former LOCE. Now very inactive, but if I trip across something interesting and needy, will do. Not taking requests, though.
Tea with toast (talk) 17 January 2010 I enjoy copy editing as it allows me an opportunity to encounter interesting articles.
DeadlyOps (talk) 14 January 2010 Anything to help wikipedia
Genadinik (talk) 14 January 2010 Health , medicine, hiking, outdoors
Nuujinn (talk) 14 January 2010 Background in comparative lit, working in IT
Feeeshboy (talk) 8 January 2010 I'm a professional writer, and I've been copyediting various articles on and off for a few years
AIRcorn (talk) 7 January 2010 Know the most about biological sciences, but have a wide range of interests and am willing to edit anything
AKIRA70 (talk) 4 January 2010 To edit in the name of truth! 
 SMcCandlish   Talk⇒ ʕ(Õلō)ˀ   Count Contribs Logs  22 December 2009 I do lots of cleanup (thus 50K+ edits). Used to be in League of Copyeditors project.
Tayste (talk - contrib) 20 December 2009 Is there a list of articles by category?
Theo10011 (talk) 15 December 2009 Giggity
Mheart (talk) 13 December 2009 I'm a word artist. Hi! Feel free to contact me for help on your projects.
Oli OR Pyfan! 9 December 2009 I'll work my way through the backlog from the earliest.
Belovedeagle (talk) 5 December 2009 I'll help with any interesting, coherent subjects which aren't pop culture.
Shirik (talk) 27 November 2009 I'm willing to work on anything that needs work, though I have special knowledge in Engineering disciplines, so I may focus my work there unless requested otherwise. My copy editing experience comes from being editor-in-chief of a school newsletter for a few years, though I have no professional experience.
Presdigitator (talk) 22 November 2009 I like cutting and shaping.
ATC . Talk 17 November 2009 I am an experienced editor on Wikipedia and have been editing on Wiki since November 2007. My strengths are in articles related to television, film, people, music, and disabilities. I'm a good (and improving daily) writer.
Diannaa (talk) 11 November 2009 Not doing much copy editing lately, but I'm still a member.
Venice85 (talk) 9 November 2009 Professional freelance copyeditor and proofreader. Not a writer by any stretch.
Studiofox 4 November 2009 Rhymes only when he has the Times.
zdilli (talk) 23 October 2009 Special interests are music, dance, physics and electrical engineering, but I am happy copyediting and proofreading anything.
NotAnonymous (talk) 22 October 2009 Copy editor and proofreader, will take on any topic in Wikipedia.
Mckaywiii (talk) 20 October 2009 philosophy, religion, chess, science, math, proofreading
StryyderG (talk) 16 October 2009 Anime/manga in particular, but anything really
Allreet (talk) 8 October 2009 Interested in editing any topic that needs it.
Laurinavicius (talk) 3 October 2009 I have a substantial amount of copyediting experience. I usually edit historical, geographical, and biographical articles, but I edit on nearly all topics.
Mario777Zelda (talk) 1 October 2009 I edit video game articles, or anything that needs attention.
Emptymountains (talk) 18 September 2009 World religions articles.
Fences&Windows 16 September 2009 Biology and medicine, but I edit on any topic.
Lhynard (talk) 3 September 2009 almost anything
Talhamian (talk) 3 September 2009 history, or anything about Pakistan.
talking birds 2 September 2009 Music articles especially, but anything that doesn't put me to sleep. I mostly copyedit if I find an especially bad article/have the time, but I currently do not have the time to take any requests on my talk page. Apologies in advance.
Kudpung (talk) 22 August 2009 Retired March 2020.
R/T-รัก-ไทย (talk) 21 August 2009 Interested in religion, proofreading, and Asia.
Pgan002 (talk) 19 August 2009 I mostly edit articles as I read them, but if you leave a request on my user page, I will edit your article. Text leaving my workshop is concise, clear and easy to read. Every word matters, as do flow, tone, links and formatting. I prefer articles about science, philosophy, history or social movements.
túrian patois 17 August 2009 I understand English to a fairly deep level. I am better at copy editing with time and no rush. I also frequently write.
Alan16 (talk) 8 August 2009 I am a natural English speaker and have studied it to a fairly high level. And I'm amused by the fact that it is doubtful whether English is the first language of the user below me.
$%MarshalN20%$ (talk) 30 July 2009 Articles related to Peru. I am highly meticulous when it comes to grammar and constantly seek to improve my skills.
MasterOfHisOwnDomain (talk) 21 July 2009 Will be doing my utmost to clear that backlog and keep the wheels of grammar oiled.
Spiritual (talk) 10 July 2009 New to copy-editing, hoping to help wherever I can! Have been correcting typos and correcting information...
Mxvxnyxvxn (talk) 3 July 2009 Ooh, me use mine great Grammar skill here! And maybe I can learn Engrish! What does copyedit mean?
RabidDeity (talk) 30 June 2009 Finally, my attention to detail should pay off!
Jeff Q (talk) 22 June 2009 I do drive-by copyediting: when I read an article but find the style problems distracting me, I start a "quick" edit, which often turns into hours-long sessions across 5 or 6 related articles, frequently including reference improvements.
kojozone (kojozone) 8 June 2009 Help wherever I can;)
Ryft (talk) 2 June 2009 Grammar Nazi, passionate about clear and proper English and Wikipedia.
-Garrett W. (Talk / Contribs / Email) 2 June 2009 Stickler for good grammar and punctuation, and also just general correctness.
Yellowfeverlime (talk) 30 May 2009 It's fun editing, so why not do it? I also like to help make articles more readable.
Suntzu3500 (talk) 29 May 2009 College student. Horrible English annoys me.
Ltwin (talk) 28 May 2009 College student. I'm tired of seeing articles needing copy edits and doing nothing about it!
Auntieruth55(talk) 22 May 2009
Remotelysensed (talk) 4 May 2009 I want to "Make it say what it means"
From: LeMaR 我爱土木工程! 1 May 2009 I see what I can help. Copyedits.
Mephiston999 27 April 2009 Always glad to help Wikipedia!
HJ Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 26 April 2009 Experienced copy-editor, reviewer and MoS wonk! No guarantees I'll have time, but it can't hurt to ask. Happy to help polish GA or FA hopefuls.
Whoosit (talk) 23 April 2009 "Clutter is the disease of American writing." (William Zinsser, On Writing Well)
Letsplaydrums (talk) 23 April 2009 Professional copywriter. I don't believe English has to be fancy, but it should at least be clear.
The New Mikemoral ♪♫ 19 April 2009 Bad grammar is my enemy and must be killed.
Henitsirk (talk) 15 April 2009 I am a professional copy editor and proofreader.
ƒingersonRoids 10 April 2009 Copyediting. It's what I do.
Icfasntw (talk) 26 March 2009 All the words.
BrianFG (talk) 21 March 2009 I'm all in favour of unjumbling badly written English
Buddpaul (talk) 20 March 2009 Former member of the Wikipedia League of Copy Editors; I've done (and am still doing) copy editing for an internationally distributed magazine; have also written large amount of ad copy for one web site.
Recognizance (talk) 16 March 2009 May be of help with matters related to United States law
Paine Ellsworth 28 Feb 2009 I just registered; been doing this for several years as an unregistered IP because it is quite an experience to be able to help keep clean such a large and ambitious effort to bring "community" knowledge to the rest of the global community.
upstate NYer 25 Feb 2009 Anything to do with engineering, schools, colleges, New York State, Washington, D.C.; worth asking about anything else, I'll probably still help out.
Merpin (talk) 24 Feb 2009 I have a fanatical devotion to precision and accuracy.
Margin1522 (talk) 21 Feb 2009 I've been doing a few – programming, random, and Japan.
MSJapan (talk) 18 Feb 2009 Multiple advanced degrees as well as professional editorial and writing experience. Canwork in US or UK English.
Aseld talk 17 Feb 2009 Degreeless, but with some natural talent.
AikiHawkeye (talk) 10 Feb 2009 I do it for a living. Might as well do it for a hobby.
Thelongview (talk) 8 Feb 2009 My focus is material relating to religions. I take my name.
Bladeofgrass (talk) 3 Feb 2009 I copyedit, therefore I am.
Alvin Seville (talk) 1 Feb 2009 Natural born copy editor, always on the lookout for typos + grammar correcting in wikipedia, so my edits go across a wide spectrum of diverse articles.
Guybrush (talk) 27 Jan 2009 I have knowledge and experience writing about science for general audiences and the arts in Australia, but I also enjoy just cleaning things up. Always keen to try and redress the systemic bias.
Nick in syd (talk) 26 Jan 2009 Happy to assist - I also do typo edits....
Sketchmoose (talk) 21 Jan 2009 Very excited - copyediting is better than cookies.
Esprit15d • talkcontribs 19 Jan 2009 I love copyediting, and I'm overdue for joining this after the League of Copyeditors went defunct
ErikTheBikeMan (talk) 17 Jan 2009 I'll be starting with the backlog, copyediting any articles that interest me.
McKorn (talk) 17 Jan 2009 Wikipedia - now the grammatical source of all human knowledge.
Sophus Bie (talk) 12 Jan 2009 Hopefully, I'll be able to help a bit here.
Wim van Dorst (talk) 7 Jan 2009 Articles in the science field, e.g., chemistry, physics, engineering, &c
Seidenstud (talk) 4 Jan 2009 Still looking for the guy off in whose camper the boys were whacking.
Thelb4 1 Jan 2009 I really enjoy editing Wikipedia, but often I have very little actual content to add. I like to help out!
GCaisle (talk) 31 Dec 2008 Copy editing for grammar and accuracy
Thomprod (talk) 25 Dec 2008 I work as a senior editor and technical director at a network-owned television station in the United States. I am generally good at spotting and correcting errors in printed text, voice over copy and graphics. I often refer to the AP Stylebook. My interests are technical articles about television, highways and musicals.
Kyle Maxwell (talk) 22 Dec 2008 I have a strong interest improving the general overall quality of Wikipedia articles via the copy editing process. Occasionally, this means re-writing text to remove or reduce the passive voice.
Dasani 19 Dec 2008 Female Chinese teenager born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Naturally, I'm fluent in both languages. I try to help out Wikipedia and revise/rewrite whenever possible, however I mostly find myself coming back to articles on Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese celebrities because I find that those are the ones that require the most rewriting and additions. If you need some copy editing, you could try and leave a message on my talk page. However, I prefer rather short articles or stubs. Otherwise, it's too complicated.
A. Parrot (talk) 15 Dec 2008 Sworn enemy of the comma splice.
Marek.69 talk 12 Dec 2008 I will help wherever I can.
Robert Skyhawk (Talk to me) 5 Dec 2008 Hey, they actually have a project for this? I'm in; copyediting is a habit of mine anyway.
- Dank (push to talk) 1 Dec 2008 WP:FAC, A-class reviews, and Military History
Drilnoth (talk) 27 Nov 2008 I'll see what I can do to help.
Joe5150 (talk) 21 Nov 2008 Oh I just love to correct other peoples’ mistakes!
Scapler (talk) 17 Nov 2008 I am just on of those strange people who enjoy a good copyedit. Grammar is good fun, after all, and we can all pitch in!
\ / () 15 Nov 2008 Can copyedit, although not up to FA standard just yet.
CactusWriter | needles 11 Nov 2008 I write, edit and proof in the real world. I focus on biographies and films in the surreal world Wikipedia.
fdsTalk 3 Nov 2008 Will edit any article during free time
Wikisaver62 (talk) 26 Oct 2008 I am already part of the grammar wikiproject and the CVU so thought i'd top it all off with this. Now I can start. Note that I don't have much free time but I will help whenever I can.
Gonzonoir (talk) 25 Oct 2008 I've been cherrypicking from the backlog for months; thought I'd make it official.
$user log (Talk) @ 22 Oct 2008 I'll help out wherever I can :)
Moralis (talk) 22 Oct 2008 Once-upon-a-time copyeditor at the old League, looking to get back into trouble.
Queenmomcat (talk) 13 Oct 2008 I've been copyediting for a bit, but never got around to making it official.
Sultec (talk) 13 Oct 2008 I enjoy copy editing and other editing projects. It's easier than original creations :>
Dr. Robinson 7 Oct 2008 I'll help!
Peachypoh (talk) 29 Sep 2008 I'm a bit too particular about spelling, grammar and punctuation, if you ask me.
CheMechanical (talk) 27 Sep 2008 Interested in copy editing technical/engineering articles.
ukexpat (talk) 22 Sep 2008 Grammar, punctuation, spelling (BrEng and AmEng), MOS, pretty much anything
Lexo (talk) 25 Aug 2008 Training as a professional copyeditor
 Mm 40 (talk | contribs)  21 Aug 2008 Mostly sport articles; I will be happy to help coordinate the effort
Dureo (talk) 16 Aug 2008 Interested primarily in history related articles.
Shir-El too 14 Aug 2008 Have been here a while but forgot to sign-in. Any subject unless/until it requires expert attention. Enjoy improving choppy/translated material to a readable, flowing standard - in addition to just cleaning-up!
Mark Malcampo (talk) 14 Aug 2008 Politics, sports and social sciences.
Lego Kontribs Talk M 13 Aug 2008 Interested in hockey articles
fraise (talk) 13 Aug 2008 Professional copyeditor with interests in the humanities and IT.
Shirulashem (talk) 10 Aug 2008 Here to help
Espoo (talk) 9 Aug 2008 Making this into a popular project that doesn't scare off anyone (like LOCE did) and therefore gets a lot of help from huge numbers :-) of "normal" users that consequently learn to follow usage in reliable sources and eventually get the entire community to respect this much more than now.
Song (talk) 7 Aug 2008 Since I seem to be very good at picking out other people's mistakes, I'll be glad to join. =) I'm an avid reader, so I can probably tackle most anything on books.
--Falcon Darkstar Kirtaran (talk) 1 Aug 2008 I don't edit too much for lack of time, being a student, but it pains me to see poor grammar and formatting here.
Pax85 (talk) 31 July 2008 I will look at pretty much anything to copy-edit. However, my particular interests are history, science, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings. Yes, I am a geek... I normally spend a few days on a copy-edit since I am also a graduate student, so please be patient with me!
TheTito (Discuss) 30 July 2008 I have come here to chew bubblegum and copy edit, and I'm all out of bubblegum.
Cor anglais 16 26 July 2008 Glad to see that there are still people interested in copyediting after the apparent death of LoCE… I will do what I can!
Escape Artist Swyer Talk to me The mess I've made 25 July 2008 Happy to help as much as I can.
IceUnshattered[ t | c ] 25 July 2008 My experience is mostly centered around book articles, with some work in anime-manga, but I'd like to work around other parts of Wikipedia as well.
OlEnglish (talk) 24 July 2008 I'll do my best to help.
JamieS93 23 July 2008 I mainly work with music articles and biographies, but I'll help out with anything in the '07 backlogs.
MeegsC | Talk 23 July 2008 Happy to help where I can!
MP (talkcontribs) 23 July 2008 Interests include Relativity, Islam and a whole mish-mash of other articles. I do like spending time cleaning up articles on any subject, though. :)
Enigma message 23 July 2008 Interested in helping clear backlogs. Primary interest is in sports, but I am willing to help out anywhere.
Juliancolton Tropical Cyclone 23 July 2008 Meteorology, geography.
keɪɑtɪk flʌfi (talk) 23 July 2008 I'm great with grammar and style/clarity edits. Oh, and I speak IPA ;) Would love to help clear out the backlog
LaPianista! «talk» 22 July 2008 Classical music, musical instruments, music theory, military history, Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area
•Jim62sch•dissera! 22 July 2008 Linguistics, languages, history, and whatever else needs doing
Samuel Tan 21 July 2008 Just trying to help... *smiles*
Vipinhari (talk) 12 January 2007 Happy to Help!!