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WikiProject Fraternities and Sororities is a WikiProject dedicated to improving articles related to fraternities and sororities, in addition to associated umbrella organizations. Discussion concerning the project should be held on the project's talk page.

The Watchlist... is intended to list all notable groups.

How you can help

  1. Write articles! Review the Watchlist for missing articles - a Red link shows you where a group's article is missing, either because it has not yet been written or it had been written, poorly, and was deleted.
  2. If a group is missing, add it! Follow these naming rules, and where a name is ambiguous, offer a unique name.
  3. Improve existing articles: edit for clarity and more 'neutral' language, to remove "promotional" or "Peacock" wording, and add valid reference citations.
  4. You can review other Good articles, listed below, as examples and templates.
  5. Where missing, offer Fair Use scans of crests (add a note to the Talk page, with a link, if you don't know how to upload). Add citations: to university websites, to larger newspapers and magazines, or to books. Fill in or add an Infobox. Add a list of chapters.
  6. Always, follow these rules to ensure notability.
  7. Watch for Fraternity articles that get tagged as "Articles listed for deletion", and vote as you see fit. These debates generally last 1 to 2 weeks.
  8. Follow Recent Changes... to Project articles to look for vandalism, or to learn what other editors are doing.

List of Articles

Below is a list of articles which relate to WikiProject Fraternities and Sororities.

Project Goals

The goal of WikiProject Fraternities and Sororities is to provide unbiased and in depth articles on fraternities and sororities by:

  1. Removing bias and POV from fraternity and sorority articles.
  2. Expanding all fraternity and sorority stubs.
  3. Create articles regarding the history of the fraternity movement in North America and beyond.
  4. Create a unified look for all fraternity and sorority articles.
  5. Make pages concerning founders of organizations.
  6. Properly communicate the importance of fraternities and sororities.


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Notable Members

Name Original chapter Notability References
Gerald Ford Gamma Pi Thirty-eighth President of the United States (1974–1977) [1]
Gerald Ford


  1. ^ Torch & Trefoil. Winter, 1977. Vol. 53, No. 2. p. 3.


{{FratChapterStart}} (for shorter version, see {{FratChapterStart2}})
{{FratChapter}} (for shorter version, see {{FratChapter2}})
{{FratChapterEnd}} (for shorter version, see {{FratChapterEnd2}})
  • This template is pretty much just like the one for notable members. An acceptable image would be a free and quality picture of the chapter's house.
Name Chartered Institution Location Status Notes Reference |- style="vertical-align:top;" class="vcard" Alpha 1873 University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA Active [1]


Good and Featured Content

Article Evaluation

Articles which have been nominated for featured or good article status, and peer reviews are below.

Listed below are articles which are currently undergoing deletion discussions:

List of Tasks

Below is a list of tasks which are related to maintaining WikiProject Fraternities and Sororities:

  1. Grade/rank articles with the project's new grading and ranking scheme.
  2. Create/use categories of pages according to project tags; see Category:WikiProject Scouting articles for an example of how the category system should end up.
  3. Tag stub articles with the appropriate stub tag.
  4. Become aware of POV, subtle vandalism, outdated, and general ignorance issues; especially concerning purposes, nicknames, and chapter names and locations.

Related WikiProjects

Editor Assistance

With your help, our WikiProject can grow. Below are suggestions of how you can help.

  • If you are or not a member of a fraternity or sorority and are just stopping by, feel free to peruse articles by copyediting for typos, bias, or grammatical errors.
  • Please make sure all information added is properly sourced, verified, and has a neutral point of view.
  • Do not delete material (controversial or not) for your fraternity or sorority, because Wikipedia is not censored.


Add your name to project participants here. You are welcome to add a userbox below on your userpage. If you are a member of a fraternity or a sorority, your organization's userbox should be found here.



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Article alerts

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The Fraternity and Sorority Barnstar {{subst:The Fraternity and Sorority Barnstar|message ~~~~}} The Fraternity and Sorority Barnstar

Category: Fraternities and Sororities (Fraternities and Sororities and Founder's Biographies)

The Fraternity and Sorority may be awarded to an editor who makes excellent contributions to fraternities or sororities.

This award was introduced and designed on November 28, 2007 by miranda.

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