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Temporal range: Early 2011
Canis lupus pup closeup.jpg
Wolf puppy is cute – but still a wild animal!
Scientific classification
C. w. youngis
Trinomial name
C. w. youngis
InvalidOS, 2019
Range shown in white

A WikiWolfcub always acts in good-faith, but can be chatty, playful and interactive with other pack members, and can thus be mistaken for a WikiPuppy at first glance. But they are bold and determined, and once they get their teeth into something they can be reluctant to let go.

They respond well to good pack leadership, and are happy to find articles on which they can chew with the sanction of the pack. However, in their mode of opportunist hunters, they can pounce without a second thought on any prey that looks chewable. To get the best results from your WikiWolfcub, introduce it to a minor hunting mission and let it off the leash; they can become skilled hunter-killers of small prey. Then be prepared to go and clear up after it, teaching it kindly that chewing the slippers is a big no-no. WikiWolfcubs are keen to learn and will try hard not to make the same mistake twice.

When confronted directly, they may either hide in the den, or call upon the pack for support. They can never be entirely tamed, but make interesting (though somewhat unpredictable) playmates. A WikiWolfcub 'on the hunt' can be a relentless pursuer of sources to cite, little-known facts, grammar faults and typos. They are obsessive learners, and if they come across prey far too big to eat all by themselves, will drag in one or more chosen pack-seniors to the hunt with glee and say "Look what I've got here! Help me bring it down, then we can chew it!"

The WikiWolfcub's determination, boldness, and willingness to work as part of a pack can mean that, as they mature, they are more than happy the chew away on bones of contention until they have entirely ceased to exist; the WikiWolfcub is always happy to share bones of contention with anyone prepared to assist with the chewing in a friendly and cooperative manner.

WikiWolfcubs, being friendly, intelligent, and curious creatures, will happily befriend most other benign WikiFauna; but when let loose with the WikiPuppy, they may need adult supervision in order not to lead the WikiPuppy astray into wild-type behaviour.


As this is still a newly discovered breed of WikiFauna, not many have been discovered. They are gradually popping up, and more and more are being appropriately tagged with the tags below.

Adopt A Wolfcub!Edit

WikiWolfcubs are happily open to adoption, being likely to get on well with WikiOtters, WikiGryphons, and probably even the rare WikiDragon. The most important thing to remember about your adopted WikiWolfcub is that, despite its various minor faux paws, it always means well.

People who want to adopt a wolf cub sign below: A Fine Bassoonist (talk) 20:28, 29 April 2019 (UTC) Possibly?


If you are a WikiWolfcub and wish to identify yourself, feel free to use this userbox: {{User wikipedia/WikiWolfCub}}

 This user is a WikiWolfcub.

Did You Adopt a Wolfcub?Edit

If you discover that you have (intentionally or otherwise) adopted a Wolfcub, feel free to use this userbox: {{User wikipedia/AdoptAWolfcub}}

 I have adopted a WikiWolfcub. Pray for me!