Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations

Administrator instructions

If you suspect sockpuppetry by an administrator, or if you need to submit off-wiki evidence for some other reason, you must email the CheckUser team to open an investigation. Private information, emails, logs, and other sensitive evidence must not be posted on Wikipedia. All evidence related to a sockpuppet investigation must otherwise be posted on the designated page.
What is a sockpuppet?

This page is for requesting that we investigate whether two or more Wikipedia accounts are being abusively operated by the same person.

Before opening an investigation, you need good reason to suspect sockpuppetry.

  1. Evidence is required. When you open the investigation, you must immediately provide evidence that the suspected sock puppets are connected. The evidence will need to include diffs of edits that suggest the accounts are connected. (This requirement is waived if the edits in question are deleted; in this case just provide the names of the pages that the accounts have been editing.)
  2. You must provide this evidence in a clear way. Vaguely worded submissions will not be investigated. You need to actually show why your suspicion that the accounts are connected is reasonable.

Investigations are conducted by a clerk, who will compare the accounts' behaviour and determine whether they are probably connected; this is a behavioural evidence investigation. Upon request, investigations can also be conducted by a CheckUser, who can look at the physical location of the accounts (and other technical data) in order to determine how likely it is they are connected; this is a technical evidence investigation.

Due to Wikipedia's CheckUser policy, CheckUsers will conduct a technical investigation only if clear, behavioural evidence of sockpuppetry is also submitted; if you ask for technical evidence to be looked at but do not provide behavioural evidence, the investigation may not be allowed to proceed. Additionally, CheckUsers will not publicly connect an account with an IP address per the privacy policy except in extremely rare circumstances.

How to open an investigation:

To open an investigation (or case), enter the user name (or if there isn't one, IP address) of the oldest-created account (the "sockmaster"), or the previous case name, in the box below, then click "Submit". Note: Do not include "User:" or any other commentary.

For example, if the case name is about User:John Doe or a prior case was at Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/John Doe, you should enter John Doe in the box below.

You will then be taken to another page containing a form you must complete to open the investigation. The process for opening a subsequent investigation on the same user is the same as for creating a new case. Again, do not include "User:" in any of the sock or ip fields.

If you also wish a CheckUser to investigate, change |checkuser=no to |checkuser=yes in the edit box on the next page and explain why you are requesting it.

Note: You can also open an investigation using Twinkle if you are autoconfirmed. After installing Twinkle, an "ARV" option will appear in the "TW" tab on any user, user talk, or user contributions page. Clicking on this option and selecting either "Sockpuppeteer" or "Sockpuppet" will allow you to fill in a few simple fields to file a report. The report will be automatically formatted for you.

If you are an anonymous (IP address) editor, and the case page is protected or does not exist, please click "show" to the right and use the box below

Cases currently listed at SPI

Investigation Status Filer Date filed Last user edit timestamp Last clerk/CU edit
InScaneYT CU completed Elcobbola Oct 26 Mailer diablo Oct 28 17h58 UTC Mailer diablo
Kartiksharma6 CU completed Umakant Bhalerao Oct 13 AmandaNP Oct 27 20h32 UTC AmandaNP
Notoriousbruh CU completed AmandaNP Oct 27 AmandaNP Oct 27 20h22 UTC AmandaNP
Piznajko CU completed Ermenrich Oct 8 Ermenrich Oct 17 15h42 UTC Guerillero
Speaktruth29 CU completed Aman.kumar.goel Oct 17 Aman.kumar.goel Oct 25 06h20 UTC Callanecc
Udaiveersharma CU completed 1292simon Oct 24 Mailer diablo Oct 28 18h08 UTC Mailer diablo
حمید میرزایی CU completed Shirt58 Oct 24 Huji Oct 27 02h15 UTC Dreamy Jazz
Adamsandle Endorsed Blablubbs Oct 26 Blablubbs Oct 28 13h00 UTC GeneralNotability
ArthurCurry70 Endorsed Umakant Bhalerao Sep 21 RoySmith Oct 22 14h52 UTC RoySmith
Ayushjioff Endorsed Spicy Sep 30 Dreamy Jazz Oct 27 11h59 UTC Dreamy Jazz
Mishi dar Endorsed Gotitbro Sep 4 JJMC89 Oct 29 02h49 UTC JJMC89
P Tune Studio BD Endorsed TheBirdsShedTears Aug 9 Dreamy Jazz Oct 28 19h57 UTC Dreamy Jazz
Stubes99 Endorsed Pallerti Sep 30 TonyBallioni Oct 26 03h19 UTC TonyBallioni
Umaijetau Endorsed GSS Oct 27 GeneralNotability Oct 27 17h23 UTC GeneralNotability
Amrapahal Pahanswan CU requested Fylindfotberserk Aug 22 Mazca Oct 28 22h31 UTC
Habeshan negus CU requested Cordless Larry Oct 28 Cordless Larry Oct 28 10h58 UTC
Hahilasbuya CU requested MarkH21 Oct 28 MarkH21 Oct 29 03h19 UTC
Jasonpines CU requested Andrew nyr Oct 28 Andrew nyr Oct 28 03h51 UTC
Johnwest1999 CU requested Ponyo Sep 28 Ponyo Oct 28 15h43 UTC Ponyo
Kkmal.Hamouda CU requested Nathan2055 Oct 27 Nathan2055 Oct 27 19h54 UTC
RandomAccount1235423 CU requested Mr.User200 Sep 28 Mr.User200 Oct 24 14h30 UTC RoySmith
Sanjay Kumar Tiwari20 CU requested Toddy1 Oct 28 Toddy1 Oct 28 16h45 UTC
Djtechno95 Declined (CU) Binksternet Oct 24 Binksternet Oct 28 05h49 UTC AmandaNP
Sinfamily Declined (CU) Govvy Oct 27 GeneralNotability Oct 28 00h53 UTC GeneralNotability
Skoojal Declined (CU) Genericusername57 Oct 8 Binksternet Oct 28 01h34 UTC AmandaNP
Sportstir Declined (CU) Bilby Oct 13 Iss246 Oct 23 04h04 UTC AmandaNP
3point959 Open Prolix Oct 24 Prolix Oct 27 19h13 UTC Open Gundam5447 Oct 23 Gundam5447 Oct 23 11h31 UTC Open Cyberlink420 Oct 20 Cyberlink420 Oct 20 00h01 UTC Open Doggy54321 Oct 26 Doggy54321 Oct 26 21h55 UTC
Ajhenson21 Open Oct 20 Oct 28 12h53 UTC Dreamy Jazz
Anupamofficial Open GSS Oct 25 Dreamy Jazz Oct 25 14h05 UTC Dreamy Jazz
Devjain009988 Open ProClasher97 Oct 28 ProClasher97 Oct 28 05h50 UTC
Filmymasala Open GSS Oct 28 GSS Oct 28 08h22 UTC
FortniteRishabS0122 Open TheAmazingPeanuts Oct 26 TheAmazingPeanuts Oct 28 17h47 UTC
Greenthc57 Open Rosguill Oct 27 Rosguill Oct 28 15h50 UTC AmandaNP
HarveyCarter Open Wee Curry Monster Oct 25 Wee Curry Monster Oct 26 06h46 UTC
HenryFriedberg Open Bilorv Oct 29 Bilorv Oct 29 02h03 UTC
Joshi punekar Open Fylindfotberserk Oct 27 Fylindfotberserk Oct 29 11h12 UTC
Piotr Grochowski Open SMB99thx Oct 27 SMB99thx Oct 27 10h39 UTC
Ronnie Ong Open Joseywales1961 Oct 28 Joseywales1961 Oct 28 14h23 UTC
Ruhaan Aditya Open KH-1 Oct 20 Materialscientist Oct 21 07h38 UTC Materialscientist
Sobhashna Milan Laljibhai Open DannyS712 Oct 27 DannyS712 Oct 27 04h18 UTC
Xayahrainie43 Open Deacon Vorbis Jul 30 GeneralNotability Oct 26 18h45 UTC GeneralNotability
Zenomonoz Open Genericusername57 Oct 8 Sxologist Oct 12 21h29 UTC Doug Weller
Zerolandteam385 Open Mr.choppers Oct 21 Mr.choppers Oct 28 22h30 UTC GeneralNotability
פארוק Open IamNotU Oct 19 IamNotU Oct 19 02h52 UTC
Goutamkumar Oinam More info req. Gotitbro Oct 23 RoySmith Oct 26 17h48 UTC RoySmith
Ineedtostopforgetting More info req. Canucklehead Aug 8 BlameRuiner Oct 28 22h22 UTC Ponyo
Kaufman1111 More info req. David Eppstein Oct 22 David Eppstein Oct 29 00h34 UTC RoySmith
Cyberfan195 Awaiting clerk Magitroopa Oct 8 NinjaRobotPirate Oct 28 21h10 UTC NinjaRobotPirate
AliRasoulLTD Closed GSS Oct 28 Dreamy Jazz Oct 28 16h22 UTC Dreamy Jazz
Broomhildatook Closed Nathan2055 Oct 27 Dreamy Jazz Oct 28 18h36 UTC Dreamy Jazz
Bttowadch Closed Idell Sep 6 RoySmith Oct 28 19h26 UTC RoySmith
Bughub Closed Kj cheetham Oct 19 RoySmith Oct 28 15h08 UTC RoySmith
Çelebicihan Closed GPL93 Jul 9 Dreamy Jazz Oct 28 20h56 UTC Dreamy Jazz
Geoff78 Closed Praxidicae Oct 28 GeneralNotability Oct 28 19h59 UTC GeneralNotability
Ineedtostopforgetting Closed Canucklehead Aug 8 BlameRuiner Oct 28 22h22 UTC Ponyo
Raikkonen Closed Future Perfect at Sunrise Oct 27 Dreamy Jazz Oct 28 16h46 UTC Dreamy Jazz
The Little Platoon Closed Onetwothreeip Oct 9 Onetwothreeip Oct 29 06h25 UTC GeneralNotability
XXXJohnCENAXXXX Closed DannyS712 Oct 28 L235 Oct 29 07h00 UTC L235
Zaner25 Closed Dylsss Oct 28 GeneralNotability Oct 28 19h22 UTC GeneralNotability
Zerolandteam385 Closed Mr.choppers Oct 21 Mr.choppers Oct 28 22h30 UTC GeneralNotability

Quick CheckUser requests

Use this section to request checkuser information relating to a situation that does not involve sock puppetry. You could use this section to request, for example:
  • Underlying IPs of an account, where the autoblock has expired or been ineffective.
  • Collateral damage checks for the informed hardblocking of IPs or ranges.
  • IP block exemption checks before granting IPBE (or to verify it is being used constructively).

For threats of harm (to self or others) you must email emergency (see the threats of harm page) and not use this page. Requests to investigate and confirm sockpuppetry should be listed in the sockpuppet section above, and not here (such requests will be summarily removed).

To make a request here, copy the following template and paste it to the end of this section (quick link to edit) – replacing "header" with an informative title, and adding underneath the template any relevant information – then sign using "~~~~", preview, and click "save".

==== HEADER ====
* {{Checkuser|

Perimeter Chou

  This case has been marked as closed.

User has requested IPBE due to being behind the Great Firewall of China. — O Still Small Voice of Clam 14:08, 24 October 2020 (UTC)

  Confirmed (copying from the user talk page), IPBE would be appropriate to grant in this case. Note that I am new to the checkuser tools and this is the first time I've done an IPBE investigation. Voice of Clam, would you normally grant IPBE based on checkuser confirmation, or is this something checkusers normally do? --Yamla (talk) 10:22, 29 October 2020 (UTC)
Replied on user talk page. — O Still Small Voice of Clam 10:27, 29 October 2020 (UTC)