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Beagle puppy Cadet.jpg
Aww, who's a cute widdle WikiPuppy? A WikiPuppy attracts other WikiFauna with its WikiCuteness.
Scientific classification
C. w. puppis
Trinomial name
C. w. puppis
InvalidOS, 2020
Range shown in white

A WikiPuppy is a good-faith newcomer whose edits are somewhat myspacey.

WikiPuppies are always good-faith newcomers. However, because they have little experience, they think of Wikipedia as a social networking site. Therefore, they have many, many edits to userspace, and few, if any, edits in the mainspace. WikiPuppies are always friendly, and love attention. As a result of their cuteness, many other WikiFauna overlook their myspacey-ness, so they usually have many friends.

As a result of their myspacey nature, and their non-encyclopedic userpage and subpages, WikiPuppies are the #1 victim of WikiWitches. Although not the most common victim of WikiVampires, they're one of their top victims.

Dealing with a WikiPuppyEdit

A good way to deal with a WikiPuppy is to give them a friendly notice informing them that Wikipedia is not Myspace. Adoption will almost always help a WikiPuppy become a better editor. Nominating their pages for MFD immediately is very bitey, and should only be done as a last resort. Sometimes they may grow up into WikiDogs.


If you are a WikiPuppy and wish to identify yourself, feel free to use this userbox: {{User wikipedia/WikiPuppy}}

 This user is a WikiPuppy.

If you were a WikiPuppy, but now contribute to the encyclopedia regularly, feel free to use this userbox: {{User wikipedia/FormerWikiPuppy}}

 This user was a WikiPuppy, but now contributes to the encyclopedia regularly.

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