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Peachy is a PHP bot framework that can be used to edit Wikipedia (after going through the WP:BRFA process, of course). It is highly configurable, and can also edit other MediaWiki wikis. It was developed by X! and FinalRapture, and is now maintained by Cyberpower678.

In addition to being a MediaWiki framework, Peachy also includes various plugins that perform specific tasks, such as an IRC bot plugin, a plugin to interface with a MySQL/PostgreSQL database, a plugin to parse an XML file, a plugin to interface with Email, and many plugins to interface with MediaWiki extensions (such as AbuseFilter, FlaggedRevs, SiteMatrix, etc).




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If you need assistance, you can post a message to the talk page, contact one of the Peachy devs mentioned above via talk page or email, or go to #wikipedia-bag connect and ping Cyberpower678. Peachy devs may not always be available via IRC, however.

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