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<ref> {{cite news|title=Obituary Notes: Charles Wingate |url=|newspaper=The New York Times|date=September 2, 1909|page=9|via = [[]]|accessdate = July 21, 2014 }}</ref>
  • "Obituary Notes: Charles Wingate". The New York Times. September 2, 1909. p. 9. Retrieved July 21, 2014 – via

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Both and The Wikipedia Library would prefer that articles citing link to clippings. Clippings allow subscriber-editors to identify particular articles, extract them from the original full sheet newspaper and share them through unique URLs. Thus readers who click on a Clipping link will be able to access that particular article, and the full page of the paper if they come from the clipping, without needing to subscribe to Clippings can be deleted by the user who created the clipping, but otherwise remain permanently open access, even when user accounts expire. For more information about how to use clippings, follow this link.