Wikipedia:Navigational boxes (archive)

A navigational box is a box that is used to define relationship between articles, and present them as a serie, the box is usually located at the bottom of an article, but can also be located at the right column of a page, especially if the box defines a define serie, and just not a relationship.


To prevent the navigational box to become a accessabillity issue, some limitations is in place;

  • A horizontal box must not have more than 6 lines of text, standard size. (a vertical box must be below 20 lines)
  • A box must not use hide buttons via javascript as it's generates accessabillity issue.
  • The relations may define relations up to the root relation, AND the childs of the branch leading to the current node, XOR the childs of the current node, but may not define the grandchildren of the current node.
  • A box may not define more than 20 relations
  • An article may not have more than three navigational boxes

When not to use a navigational boxEdit

to be expanded, just outlined
  • When a category is sufficient
  • When a list page is sufficient
  • When a See also list is sufficient