Wikipedia:Harmonious editing club

Welcome to the Harmonious editing club! We are a group dedicated to making Wikipedia a more inviting and friendly place for our contributors. Join us by adding your name here.

What is the harmonious editing club?Edit

The Harmonious editing club is a group dedicated to making Wikipedia a more inviting and friendly place for our contributors. We do this by resolving disputes, answering users' questions, helping editors with their contributions and participating in requests for input.

Club members are expected to abide by certain guidelines:

  • Members should help resolve any disputes they come across during their time here
  • Members should allow themselves only one revert, rather than three, during a content dispute
  • Avoid edit wars by discussing obviously controversial changes on a talk page. Other than that, be bold (not reckless) in editing


Dispute resolutionEdit

The Harmonious editing club helps in dispute resolution at the dispute resolution noticeboard and requests for comment. You can help too! Just click on those links and get involved. You should also keep an eye on Category:Wikipedia controversial topics as there are frequent edit wars there.

Current requests for comment

For current RFCs see these pages:

Answering questionsEdit

The Harmonious editing club also helps out users help. You should help out too. Keep an eye on the help desk and answer users' questions there. Users looking for help also place {{Help me}} on their talk page. They can be found at Category:Wikipedians looking for help. You also can provide assistance to those found here.

If you use IRC consider joining the wikipedia help channel. Some users request help there and a bot alerts those present when a new section is added to the help desk or {{Help me}} is added to someone's talk page

Helping outEdit

If you're making some particularly tedious edits, improving an article or want someone to do a quick review of this work you can request help on this page. If you see someone else requesting help be sure to help out. This page isn't for help on using wikipedia, but rather for help getting articles improved etc.

Requests for inputEdit

Be sure to have a look at Wikipedia:Peer review and respond to requests there. Peer reviews are informal reviews of articles designed to highlight what needs to be done for the article to gain higher quality.

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