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The following resources appear either to be licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, or under a license which allows copying under the GFDL, and are therefore available to be used as resources for Wikipedia articles as long as the source is attributed. This list includes images, text and all other media files.

Note that these are not public domain resources: see Wikipedia:Public domain resources and Wikipedia:Public domain image resources for these.

This Google search attempts to find documents with GFDL license grant boilerplate.


  • Wikipedia - over ten million articles in more than two hundred languages: currently the #1 GFDL corpus access point.
  • Wikinfo - except where material is marked as per some other license like Creative Commons or explicit permission of the copyright holder.
  • The Metaweb
  • Some sites that use Wikipedia as a source may have added to our content. Under the GFDL, we can copy this content back to Wikipedia.


Art and CultureEdit

  • WebMuseum, : a large art resource. Their license agreement explicitly allows (under point 7) copying of their articles under the GNU FDL. The photos of the artwork is a little more complicated; see the license for more details.


Government and PoliticsEdit



  • Japanese History Documentation Project at
  • I hereby grant all Wikipedia editors the right to place the material I have written that is linked to from under GNU/FDL for inclusion in Wikipedia. Warning! This does not extend to any of the articles written by others (recognizable by having DG, GL or RH after the title). Only the work written by me (either having nothing or AE after the title) is usable as such; the others may not be used commercially. Andre Engels 04:33, 7 Feb 2004 (UTC)
    • Use {{Discoverers Web}} to put an attribution line in an incorporated article. -- Taku 05:35, Apr 5, 2005 (UTC)



The Philosophy Physics Metaphysics of Space website has a lot of quotes and images of famous philosophers and scientists from past 2,500 years that are released as GNU FDL. Also see:


This gives me an incentive to get the damn gallery finished :) Adam 06:22, 29 September 2003 (UTC)




Science and TechnologyEdit




Vedic Astrology and VastuEdit


Sports and RecreationEdit


Search EnginesEdit

  • - A free image search engine includes some GFDL images. You cannot restrict search to only GFDL, however.

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