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Article series are useful for easing navigation for very broad subjects. For example, the article Israeli–Palestinian conflict contains a table that provides links to all the major issues surrounding that subject, such as Constitution of Palestine and Israel and the European Union.

An alternative to summary styleEdit

If a group of articles is interrelated tightly enough, a single overview article (a.k.a. summary article or main article) can be created in a manner described in Wikipedia:Summary style guideline. Such hierarchical style should be preferred over the one described here.

Article series boxesEdit

Navigation between articles in a series is achieved with templates known as article series boxes. Use the same template for all articles in the series – there is no need to maintain separate boxes on each page.

A vertical series boxEdit

This example has been inserted here using the following syntax: {{History of the United States}}
The contents can be edited by using the following link: Template:History of the United States
You can create similar boxes in a similar way.

Source of the templateEdit

The page Template:History of the United States might contain the following (or similar) wiki markup:

{{sidebar with collapsible lists
|name = History of the United States
|bodyclass = vcard hlist
|title = {{region history sidebar title
 | country = the United States
 | linkoverride = [[History of the United States|History of the<br/>United States]]
 | image = [[File:Greater coat of arms of the United States.svg|140px|Greater coat of arms of the United States]]
|expanded = timeline
|headingstyle = background:#eee
|listtitlestyle = text-align:center; background:#eee

|list1title = [[Timeline of United States history|Timeline]]
|list1name = timeline
|list1 = 
* [[Prehistory of the United States|Prehistory]]
* [[Pre-Columbian era|Pre-Colonial]]
* [[Colonial history of the United States|Colonial period]]

* [[History of the United States (1776–89)|1776–1789]]
* [[History of the United States (1789–1849)|1789–1849]]
* [[History of the United States (1849–65)|1849–1865]]

* [[History of the United States (1865–1918)|1865–1918]]
* [[History of the United States (1918–45)|1918–1945]]
* [[History of the United States (1945–64)|1945–1964]]

* [[History of the United States (1964–80)|1964–1980]]
* [[History of the United States (1980–91)|1980–1991]]
* [[History of the United States (1991–present)|1991–{{small|''present''}}]]

|list2title = By ethnicity
|list2name = ethnicity
|list2 =
*  [[African-American history|African American]]
*  [[History of Asian Americans|Asian American]]
*  [[History of Chinese Americans|Chinese American]]
*  [[History of Filipino Americans|Filipino American]]
*  [[History of Japanese Americans|Japanese American]]
*  [[History of Mexican Americans|Mexican American]]
*  [[History of the Poles in the United States|Polish American]]

|list3title = By topic
|list3name = topic
|list3 =
* [[Civil rights movement (1896–1954)|Civil Rights]]
** [[Civil rights movement (1896–1954)|1896–1954]]
** [[Civil rights movement|1955–1968]]
*  [[American Civil War|Civil War]]
*  [[Cultural history of the United States|Culture]]
*  [[Demographic history of the United States|Demographics]]
*  [[History of U.S. foreign policy|Diplomacy]]
*  [[Economic history of the United States|Economics]]
*  [[Historiography of the United States|Historiography]]
*  [[History of medicine in the United States|Medicine]]
*  [[Military history of the United States|Military]]
*  [[History of the Southern United States|Southern]]
*  [[American frontier|Frontier (Old West)]]
*  [[Technological and industrial history of the United States|Technology and industry]]
*  [[Territorial evolution of the United States|Territory]]
*  [[History of women in the United States|Women]]

| below = {{portal-inline|United States|size=tiny}}


Footer boxesEdit

Footer navigational boxes (called navboxes) may contain links about a broader topic. For example, the footer of The Netherlands shows all countries of the European Union – as The Netherlands is a member state. These boxes are created by inserting the template {{Navbox}} and adding the relevant information.

Blended series tablesEdit

This article is part of the

History of France series.

France in the Middle Ages
Valois Dynasty
Bourbon Dynasty
French Revolution
First French Empire
French Restoration
Second Republic
Second French Empire
Third Republic
France during World War II
Fourth Republic
Fifth Republic
This article is part of the

History of Germany series.

Holy Roman Empire
German Confederation
German Empire
Weimar Republic
Nazi Germany
Germany since 1945

It is also possible to place an article in two different series. For example, Franks is part of both the History of France and History of Germany series. But you should not join the two boxes as pictured. This syntax is deprecated, because it does not lend itself to using identical templates, and thus is highly fragile.

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