WhistleOut is a comparison website that assists consumers in shopping for cellphone plans.[1] In Australia, the site also covers comparisons of fixed-line broadband plans, wireless broadband plans and subscription TV service offerings. The technology that powers WhistleOut's search engine is used by a number of online publications like: The Sydney Morning Herald, News.com.au and Yahoo, plus technology sites like Android Central and Techradar.

Available inEnglish
OwnerCameron Craig and Jason Hill

WhistleOut has been featured on USA Today,[2] ABC Good Morning America,[3] TIME,[4] the Sydney Morning Herald,[5] and News Ltd.[6]

Company historyEdit

WhistleOut was launched in Sydney, Australia in May 2008 with an initial focus of just mobile phone plans. Later the search tool expanded to include comparisons of broadband plans, subscription TV offers and financial services.

Eventually credit card and home loan comparisons were removed, and the company returned its focus to comparison shopping of communication services. The Australia site currently compares over 16,000 plan combinations from 30 suppliers.[7]

WhistleOut globallyEdit

The WhistleOut comparison engine is now available in 6 countries.

  • WhistleOut Australia launched in May 2008.
  • WhistleOut UK launched in January 2012
  • WhistleOut New Zealand launched in October 2012
  • WhistleOut US launched in January 2013
  • WhistleOut Canada launched in June 2014
  • WhistleOut Mexico launched in February 2016.


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