Whales Alive

Whales Alive is a 1987 album of improvisational duets and sometimes trios between Paul Winter, Paul Halley, and recordings of humpback whales. Winter and Halley also collaborate with Leonard Nimoy, who reads poems and prose from various writers, including D.H. Lawrence and Roger Payne. The audio recordings made of the whales for this recording were used in the Star Trek IV The Voyage Home (Nov. 1986) movie (which Nimoy directed and reprised his character Spock for), featuring the whales nicknamed 'George and Gracie'.

Whales Alive
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Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 15, 1987 [1]
GenreNew age
LabelLiving Music
ProducerRoger Payne, Paul Winter
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Whales Alive
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Whales Alive
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Track listingEdit

  1. "Whales Weep Not! Lullaby From The Great Mother Whale For The Baby Seal Pups"
  2. "Dawnwatch"
  3. "George and Gracie"
  4. "Turning"
  5. "Concerto For Whale And Organ"
  6. "Humphrey's Blues"
  7. "Queequeg and I - The Water Is Wide"
  8. "Ocean Dream"
  9. "The Voyage Home"