Vladimir III Mstislavich

Vladimir III Mstislavich (Russian: Владимир III Мстиславич; Ukrainian: Володимир Мстиславич) (1132–1171), Prince of: Dorogobuzh (1150–1154, 1170–1171), Vladimir and Volyn (1154–1157), Slutsk (1162), Tripolye (1162–1168) and Grand Prince of Kiev (Kyiv, 1171). He was the son of Mstislav I Vladimirovich, grandson of Vladimir Monomakh. Due to his brief rule, he is omitted from some lists of the princes of Kiev.

He was a son of Mstislav I from his second marriage with an unknown daughter of Dymitr Zawidowicz. According to Latopis kijowski Vladimir was born between 1 March 1131 and 29 February 1132.

He kept excellent ties with Hungary and Serbia. In 1150 he married the daughter of Serbia's Beloš Vukanović. According to old Russian annals, her titular name was inscribed as "Banovna".

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Vladimir III Mstislavich
Born: 1132 Died: 1171
Preceded by
Gleb I
Grand Prince of Kiev
Succeeded by
Michael I