Vigrahapala II

Vigrahapala II (960 – 988 CE) was the successor to the Pala king Gopala II in the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent, and tenth ruler of the Pala line reigning for 22 years. He was succeeded by the famed Mahipala.[1]

Vigrahapala II
Pala Emperor
Reign960 – 988
PredecessorGopala II
FatherGopala II


During his reign, the Pala Empire was reduced to Bihar. From the east of Bengal, the Chandra king, Kalyanachandra conquered the Kamboja capital in Gauda as well as Kamarupa. These conquests were a fatal blow which severely weakened the Kamboja Palas, laying the groundwork for the Pala resurgence under his successor, Mahipala.

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Preceded by
Gopala II
Pala Emperor
960–988 CE
Succeeded by