Victor Koo

Victor Wing Cheung Koo or Gu Yongqiang (Chinese: ; pinyin: Gǔ Yǒngqiāng) served as president before leaving to co-found video website Youku in 2006, which merged with Tudou in 2012,[2][3] creating one of China's premiere video portals.[4] Prior to the announcement of the merger, Youku was the #11 website in China, and Tudou was #14.[5]

Victor Koo
Victor Koo.jpg
Born1966 (age 53–54)
Other names
  • Victor Wing Cheung Koo
  • Gu Yongqiang
CitizenshipHong Kong[1]
Known forFounder of Youku


Koo obtained an MBA from Stanford Business School and a bachelor's from the University of California at Berkeley.[6][7]

Net worthEdit

Following the 2010 listing of Youku on the New York Stock Exchange, Koo is a billionaire.[8]

Personal lifeEdit

Koo was born in Hong Kong in 1966. His father is from Guangzhou and his mother is from Tianjin. He has one sister.[9]


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