Verona Pooth in 2013

Verona Pooth (born Verona Feldbusch, April 30, 1968 in La Paz, Bolivia) is a German television personality, beauty pageant winner, and an occasional actress. In 1993, she was Miss Germany and Miss Intercontinental and represented Germany at the Miss Universe 1993 contest.[1]

Childhood and early yearsEdit

Verona Pooth was born as Verona Feldbusch in La Paz, Bolivia. Her father is the German engineer Ernst Feldbusch, her mother was the Bolivian hairdresser Luisa Feldbusch (1935-2015).[2] The marriage of her parents was dissolved in 1978. Pooth grew up with her mother in Hamburg, the original home town of Ernst Feldbusch.

Beauty pageantsEdit

Verona Pooth took part in several beauty pageants in the 1990s. She won the Finals of the beauty contests:

  • Miss Hamburg (1992)
  • Miss Germany (1993)
  • Miss Intercontinental (1993) and
  • Miss American Dream (1995)


In 1990 Verona Pooth was asked to join the music group Chocolate and perform the single Ritmo de la noche. It was running 21 weeks on number 1 of the German charts.

Film and TVEdit

Verona Pooth hosted the erotic TV show Peep from 1996 to 1999[3] and her own late night comedy talkshow Veronas Welt from 1998 to 2000.[4] She made her film debut in "Wer liebt, dem wachsen Flügel 1998 and acted in several more movies in the 1990s and 2000s. Moreover, she has dubbed certain cartoon characters since 2005, first time in the movie Chicken Little.[5]

In 1998, she appeared in one episode of the US series Conan the Adventurer.

Verona Pooth presented the scripted reality TV shows The Swan - endlich schön! (2004)[6] and Engel im Einsatz - Mit Verona Pooth (2008).[7] She was part of the jury in the TV show Pool Champions - Promis unter Wasser (2013)[8] and offered private insights into her family's life and education in the show "6 Mütter" (2017).[9]

She received the German "Bambi" media prize in 2004 and 2006.[10]


Verona Pooth was the testimonial of several advertisement campaigns in TV, such as for Telegate,[11] Iglo[12] for the Expo 2000[13] and for KiK.[14]

Other businessesEdit

Verona Pooth created her own fashion collections in Hamburg 1990 under the label Immerschön. From 2002 to 2004, she merchandised jewelry and dessous under the label Veronas Dreams .[15] Since 2007 she owns the cosmetic brand So ... perfect[16]

Personal lifeEdit

In August 1996, Verona Pooth married the German entertainer and musician Dieter Bohlen. The marriage was dissolved already in May 1997.[17]

In 2004[18] she married Franjo Pooth, a German entrepreneur. They have two sons, San Diego and Rocco Ernesto.[19]


Year Title Role Director
1999 Wer liebt, dem wachsen Flügel Ricarda Gabriel Barylli
1999 Heirate mir! Malgorzata Kawalerowicz Douglas Wolfsperger
2000 2001: A Space Travesty Yetta Pussel Allan A. Goldstein
2001 Driven Nina Renny Harlin
2002 666 – Traue keinem, mit dem du schläfst! as herself Rainer Matsutani
2005 Chicken Little Abigail "Abby" Mallard (voice) (German version) Mark Dindal


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