Verne L. Reynolds

Verne L. Reynolds was an American socialist activist. Reynolds was a multi-time candidate for national office with the Socialist Labor Party of America.

In 1924, Reynold was the SLP's vice-presidential nominee. He was on the ticket with Frank T. Johns of Oregon. The SLP ticket earned 28,633 votes and was on the ballot in 19 states.

In May 1928, Reynolds was nominated again to run for vice-president alongside Johns. However, Johns died later that month trying to rescue a young boy who had fallen in a river at a campaign event in Bend, Oregon. Two days after his death, Renyolds was nominated as the SLP's nominee for president alongside Jeremiah D. Crowley.[1] The Reynolds/Crowley campaign received 21,590 votes in 19 states.

Reynolds was again the SLP's presidential nominee in 1932. Alongside vice-presidential nominee John W. Aiken, the campaign increased the number of votes received to 34,038, which was the most for a SLP presidential ticket since in 1900.

Mack ReynoldsEdit

Verne's son was the science fiction writer Mack Reynolds, who wrote one of the first Star Trek novels. Mack was an active member of the SLP; his fiction often dealt with socialist reform and revolution as well as socialist utopian thought and his characters often used DeLeonite terminology such as "industrial feudalism".[2]


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