Venture Technologies Group

Venture Technologies Group, LLC is an American television broadcasting company that was founded in 1996 and based in Los Angeles, California. The company currently owns 18 television stations.

Venture Technologies Group
SubsidiariesFour Seasons Broadcasting
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Stations OwnedEdit

City of license / Market Station Channel
Owned since Network affiliation
Bakersfield KEBK-LD 27 (27) Religious Independent
(satellite of KEBK-LD)
41 Religious Independent
Banning / Los Angeles KRVD-LD 6 (5) unknown
Bishop - Los Angeles KVME-TV 20 (20) 2007 Jewelry Television
Cherry Valley - Los Angeles KILA-LP 8 unknown
San Jose - San Francisco KSCZ-LD 23 2002 Vietnamese independent, VIETV
Los Angeles KHTV-CD 6 (22) Spanish independent
KSFV-CD 27 (27) Jewelry Television
San Jose - San Francisco KBKF-LP 6 Air1
Hartford WHCT-LD 38 (38) Jewelry Television
Chicago WRME-LP 1 6 Oldies radio
Rochelle - Chicago WCHU-LD 61 (33) Jewelry Television
South Sioux City, NE - Sioux City, IA KSXC-LD 5 (26) Daystar
Newburgh WEPT-CD 15 (22) Jewelry Television
Pittsburgh WBPA-LP
(satellite of WPCW)
30 The CW
Lubbock KFIQ-LP 4 unknown
KFMP-LP 6 Rock and roll radio
Bellingham - Seattle KBCB 24 (19) SonLife

Stations owned through Four Seasons BroadcastingEdit

Four Seasons Broadcasting is a joint venture between Venture Technologies Group, LLC and Cleveland, Ohio-based Malibu Broadcasting.

City of license / Market Station Channel
Owned Since Network Affiliation
Peoria, Illinois WAOE 59 (39) MyNetworkTV

Formerly-owned StationsEdit

City of License / Market Station Channel
Years owned Current ownership status
Phoenix KPHX-LP 58 1992–2002 Daystar owned-and-operated (O&O), KDTP-LP
Tucson KWTA-LP 31 1997–2012 defunct
Los Angeles KNLA-CD 20 (50) ????–2012 HSN affiliate owned by NRJ TV, LLC
KNET-CD 25 (25) ????–2012 HSN affiliate owned by NRJ TV, LLC
KVHD-LD 26 (26) ????–2017 EVINE Live affiliate owned by New York Spectrum Holding Company, LLC
Redding - Chico KEFM-LP 6 2003–2017 Hella Radio sold to Hella Meada Group LLC of Redding, now owned by Walker Broacasting
San Jose KEXT-CD 27 (20) 2014–2017 1 defunct, went off-air in 2017
Davenport WBQD-LP 26 2002–2013 2 defunct, went off-air in 2011
Pittsfield, MA - Albany, NY WNYA 51 (13) 2003–2013 MyNetworkTV affiliate owned by Hubbard Broadcasting
Lansing WHTV 18 (34) 3 defunct, went off-air in 2017
New York WASA-LD 24 (25) 2003–2009 Estrella TV affiliate owned by Liberman Broadcasting
Syracuse WAWA-LP 14 2000–2003 2 The CW affiliate, WSTQ-LP, owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group
Toledo WBTL-LP 38 1990–2009 defunct, went off-air in 2008
  • 1 On April 13, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that Venture Technologies' KEXT-CD was a successful bidder in the spectrum auction; the station would be surrendering its license in exchange for $55,351,366, 30% of which would be owed to the station's previous owner (Univision Communications) due to the terms of that transaction.[1] Venture Technologies surrendered KEXT-CD's license to the FCC for cancellation on July 31, 2017.
  • 2 These stations were owned through Four Seasons Broadcasting.
  • 3 This station was operated by E. W. Scripps Company under a local marketing agreement.


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