Valenti (Greek: Βαλέντι) is a rock close to the northwestern coast of Crete in the Aegean Sea.[1] It is just south of the island of Imeri Gramvousa and the islet of Arnaouti.[1] Administratively, it is located within the municipality of Kissamos, in Chania regional unit.

Native name:
Valenti Rock 01.JPG
Valenti rock
Coordinates35°35′41″N 23°34′30″E / 35.59472°N 23.57500°E / 35.59472; 23.57500Coordinates: 35°35′41″N 23°34′30″E / 35.59472°N 23.57500°E / 35.59472; 23.57500
ArchipelagoCretan Islands
Regional unitChania
Population0 (2001)

Valenti is mentioned in poems and mantinades and usually with Gramvousa.[1] In March 2008 a fatal nautical accident, resulting in the death of a 42-year-old man, occurred close to the rock and it is noted in a bulletin of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Islands and Fisheries.[2]

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