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WikiProject Australia newsletter,December 2008Edit

WikiProject Australia newsletter Issue 2, Volume 1December 16, 2008

Welcome! WikiProject Australia is a WikiProject, which aims to improve Wikipedia's coverage of Australia and Australia-related topics. This newsletter exists simply to notify Australian Wikipedians of ongoing events within the project and relating to Australia on Wikipedia.

200 GA Drive

Last year, an informal pact/commitment was made late in the year to aim for 100 good articles by the end of the year. As a result, a net increase of 24 GAs was achieved in December 2007 and the GA count hit triple figures, ending the year on 106 GAs. This year seasonally adjusted, the GA production has been slower than in last during the May-November periods (see graphs below). At the start of the month, our WikiProject had 178 good articles. Another GA Drive has been organised, with the hope of reaching the double century by the end of the year or Australia Day 2009 at the least. As of 16 December, there are 180 GAs and 15 currently nominated, primarily in response to the GA appeal. Everyone's help is requested to make the drive a success.

2008 Summer Olympics photo drive

Following the 2008 Summer Olympics, some Australian Wikipedians attended the various welcome home parades for the athletes, with one objective being to help create free images of the athletes. Previously, less than ten had photos. However, there are now over 100 athletes that do have photos, but unfortunately in some cases, they have not yet been identified. Help is requested for this purpose at the link above.

Wikimedia Australia

After much hard work in slogging through paperwork and government regulations, Wikimedia Australia was incorporated on 6 August, and membership was opened on 12 November. Its stated purpose is to be "an independent, not-for-profit organisation, whose primary aim is to promote equality of opportunity to access and participate in the collaborative creation of Free Cultural Works, especially educational works, and works about Australia, its culture, natural environment, and Australian news and media". It will be developing a joint publication with Creative Commons Australia, and members are in the process of spreading the Wikipedia message, with Wikipedia being introduced into the curriculum in some courses in Australia next year. The first AGM is planned for 11 January 2009.


Well known Australian Wikipedian and polyglot FA writer Casliber, known for his writings on Australian wildlife among other things, has placed first in this year's arbitration election and appears certain to be appointed.

Quality watch

Mattinbgn is rather camera shy, so here is Harry Trott.

2008 saw a major feat for WikiProject Australia: 100 articles were promoted to featured article status. This is huge not only for the project's individual members and those who helped achieved such an impressive statistic, but for all of Wikipedia. Everyone involved has given readers from all around the world a chance to learn about Australia and relevant topics online from the best of sources. Congratulations to Mattinbgn, who wrote the 100th FA, Harry Trott. Also of note was the promotion of national icon Sir Donald Bradman, which then appeared as the main page FA on his 100th birthday. WikiProject Australia's maiden featured topics arrived early in the year, with Dream Days at the Hotel Existence and Powderfinger albums, both about the band Powderfinger. New South Wales and Music of Australia became featured portals. A further 13 featured lists have been produced.

Recent events
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Newly-promoted content (since 1 September)
Good articles

End of November 2008 statistics

Here are some statistics for WikiProject Australia in terms of 2008's good article and featured article promotions. Summing it up: 116 featured articles, and 178 good articles. So far this year, a net 36 FAs and 72 GAs have been added. The areas of FA growth were cricket (+12), military history (+7), swimming (+5), Powderfinger (+4), birds (+4), Silverchair (+2), Holden (+1), Wiggles (+1). These areas have been traditional strengths of the project, and this year, Abraham, B.S. has started another strong tradition, with a series of articles on Australian Victoria Cross awardees (1FA, 8GA). It would be great to see a wider range of Australian topics represented at FA in future. Two FAs were sent to Featured article review, but Bilby was instrumental in renovating and saving both Shrine of Remembrance and Waterfall Gully, South Australia.

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List of celebrity and notable guest appearances in Doctor WhoEdit

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Hi! I'm Liria Veronesi (User:Akoha77) and, together with Paolo Massa (User:Phauly), I'm starting an empirical research on "Gender and votes in requests for adminship". For this reason, we need to know the gender of Wikipedians who were candidated to become admins.

We tried looking for the templates User:UBX/male and User:UBX/female but only 4 admins use it. We also used the API for getting the gender field in the profile but, out of 1744 admins, only around 400 have filled this field. But we would benefit from a larger coverage, i.e. possibly knowing the gender of 100% of candidates.

So, after asking for advise to 3 admins and receiving 2 positive replies (1 and 2), we decided to try to ask directly to Wikipedians.

Thus, would you be so kind to write your gender [Male / Female / Other], together with a text comment if you want, on my talk page at User_talk:Akoha77? If you prefer to send me this information privately, you can send me an email, the information will be kept confidential and never shared.

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