User:Zhaofeng Li/RetroLogo

Replace the current globe logo with an old version (or any image).


Add this code to your common.css file and get the original Nupedia logo:


For other logos, use:


Replace logoname with one in the list below.


Wikipedia logosEdit

  • 1: The first Wikipedia logo (Nupedia).[1]
  • 2: The second Wikipedia logo.[2]
  • paul: Paul Stansifer's contest-winning logo.[3]
  • david: David Friedland's puzzle ball logo.[3]
  • 3: The finalized third logo.[4]
  • cur: The current Wikipedia logo (May 2010). You probably want something else.[5]
  • 10th: The 10th Anniversary logo.[6]

Other logosEdit

  • mw: Back to the defaults.[7]
  • bird: A little bird watching you edit!
  • decree: The Official Cabal Decree stamp.
  • rollback: The rollback icon.
  • review: The reviewer icon.
  • sysop: The mop icon.
  • blank: You don't want logos? Okay.
  • custom: Add the URL to your own logo in the second parameter.


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