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A list of the userboxes I host: /Userboxes.


Articles I have startedEdit

From oldest to newest:

  1. Knightmare Chess
  2. Hartwall Arena, Helsinki
  3. Harry Harkimo
  4. ICCF Numeric notation
  5. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (movie)
  6. Heart of Gold
  7. King's knight's gambit
  8. Old Indian defense
  9. Richter-Veresov attack
  10. Torre attack
  11. Neo-Grünfeld Defence
  12. Ware Opening
  13. Karelia Brigade
  14. Nokia 6270
  15. 171 (number)
  16. 174 (number)
  17. 176 (number)
  18. 177 (number)
  19. 178 (number)
  20. Gladiator chess
  21. Iron Fist Active Protection System
  22. Ángel Nieves Díaz
  23. Bruno Granholm
  24. Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov

Categories I have startedEdit

  1. Category:Programming games
  2. Category:Computer humor
  3. Category:Web server software
  4. Category:Surveillance
  5. Category:Error detection and correction
  6. Category:Aerodynamics
  7. Category:Dutch films
  8. Category:Audio companies
  9. Category:Free 3D graphics software
  10. Category:Video games developed in Finland

Templates I have createdEdit

  1. Template:TomClancy
  2. Template:Civilization
  3. Template:Swl
  4. Template:Chessgames player

Images I have contributedEdit


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