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Chequers fruit - eat when well bletted

Gentle reader, WereSpielChequers is as you may have guessed a nom de plume. I have long wanted to have my own chequers tree, but they are not normally known for their communication skills, hence the lycanthropy. There are other potential interpretations of the name, some of which may from time to time be spotted on this page. Of course another name for the Chequers tree is the Wild Service Tree, apart from the obvious I have yet to work out the implications of this, but as an admin I am indeed here to serve the community. WereSpielChequers, the Lycanthropic loquacious fruit tree

Many old pubs are named after me, but due to modern ingredients current pub signs rarely reflect the true reason for the name


If you're here to leave me a message then please sign my guestbook or put a note on my talk page. If you're here to vandalise this page feel free to increment the vandalised counter by one (other vandalism is liable to be reverted).

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Useful stuffEdit

Signpost writingEdit


Reform proposals I've worked onEdit


At wp:rfa I assess many candidates who have between 45% and 85% support; and have tried to code up my User:WereSpielChequers/RFA criteria so that I can focus my thoughts on how to evaluate candidates and be fair and consistent in my voting. I also maintain some stats on the RFA process at User:WereSpielChequers/RFA stats and have drafted some ideas on RFA reform.

RfA candidate S O N S% Ending (UTC) Time left Dups? Report
Hog Farm 178 10 3 95 17:06, 21 January 2021 1 day, 12 hoursno report
RfB candidate S O N S% Ending (UTC) Time left Dups? Report

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candidate date Supports Opposes Neutral Note Today
Ceranthor Mar 2009
passed 13 months later
Timmeh 2 Mar 2009
J04n 2 Feb 2010
Jeffrey Mall 2 Jun 2010
Joe Decker Jul 2010
Redthoreau Nov 2010
Panyd 2 Nov 2010
Lear's Fool
Jan 2011
Jezebel's Ponyo
Feb 2011
Salvio giuliano
March 2011
Tom Morris
December 2011
July 2015
Resigned mop
September 2015
September 2015
November 2015
December 2016
December 2020



My native tongue is English, and I have a fair understanding of American English. My PC has an English Wordprocessor and American English spellings tend to get highlighted along with typos, (though sometimes it's the English variant that the spellchecker doesn't like) so if you are here because I've changed the spelling of something that's correct in American English, and it's not in an article that you'd expect to be in English then please say so.


As an admin and also a crat I am subject to recall, either of course via Arbcom. or voluntarily via my recall criteria.


This is my main account, it's a unified account, I've also edited a number of other Wikimedia projects including strategy, commons and meta. I'm also WereSpellCheckers when travelling or using insecure PCs, and was Dahsun for a now defunct project. I originally edited as Jonathan Cardy, when my account was renamed it had a few edits left in it as a result of the rename process; I later used it for some editing on places near me, and for edits involving photos that I'd loaded in my own name.

From April 2013 to May 2015 I was Wikimedia UK's GLAM organiser and for my WMUK edits used the account Jonathan Cardy (WMUK)

Things I've got involved inEdit

Initially I came here because of my hobby of archaeology, (I've been a volunteer on a couple of digs and I have a small library about Easter Island). I enjoy wandering round the Wiki following links and occasionally fixing things and making connections.

Nowadays I do a variety of things from patrolling new pages & changes and either reverting vandalism, tidying up other people's edits or welcoming newbies (often two or three of these in combination). Reviewing articles at WP:FAC, and fixing redlinks. I also have a very diverse watchlist that includes a number of frequently vandalised articles - if it gets past the hugglers I may still pick it up!

We're Spell CheckersEdit

Then I moved on to fixing typos, (ablum, ablity, avalaible, bieng, becuase, sucess, thrity and webiste have been particular hunting grounds of mine) and fixing links to chance articles as I come across them. However most of these have now been botted.

Ware Spell CheckersEdit

I also look at easily confused words like Doe snot/Does not that cause errors that spellcheckers cannot pick up. Cavalry/Calvary was a good hunting ground, as was Thier/Their, Anther/Another, Crowed/(Crowded, Crowned, Crowd), Mowed/Moved Planed/Planned, Posses/Possess/Poses, Panter/Panther/Painter and Formally/Formerly. In moving Wikipedia to a solider base I can claim personal responsibility for eradicating the Olympic sport of synchronised ventriloquism from Wikipedia, and for radically reducing the amount of preforming and staring in the entertainment industry. As well as lowering many places from seal level to sea level.

We're Spiel Checkers - thoughts on deletionEdit

Though I've done over five thousand deletions I now realise that I'm a bit of an m:Inclusionist as I decline dozens of speedy deletion tags.

Speedy deletion is for the truly uncontentious deletions, sometimes I decline a speedy deletion whilst believing that it probably should be deleted. If I've declined your suggestion that I delete something, and my edit summary was "decline deletion notability is asserted" then I doubt the article would survive wp:AFD. If it was "decline deletion notability is established" then I think it probably would survive wp:AFD. But if the article was about sport, music, MilHist or Manga then I'm unlikely to participate in the AFD discussion as I know less about the subject than most chequers trees.

If your boss or client wants to know why I deleted your article, please read Wikipedia:NOTADVERTISING and wp:COI.

If I deleted your article about your ex, the school geek or your political or romantic rival, and you want to know why Wikipedia won't help you get even; Feel free to add your User name here.

 This administrator will consider reasonable requests to provide copies of deleted articles.

If I deleted your article and you want a copy of it; Email me and as long as it wasn't attacking someone or a copyright violation I should be able to Email it to you. In five thousand deletions that offer has only been taken up a couple of times, including once by someone who'd posted a love letter up as a Wikipedia article, but yes if you thought it worthwhile writing it and you didn't keep a copy I can email it to you, or if it was really about you I can turn it into your own wikipedia userpage so that you can introduce yourself to your fellow wikipedians.

Further reading for new page patrollers:

Further reading re deletion:

Some deletions I've declined: a drummer, More are archived here.

My editing philosophy.Edit

When I've finished my changes to an article I try to make myself unwatch it, otherwise I'm continually looking at other people's changes and having to stop myself from breaching wp:own. So if you are here because you've proposed a change to an article where I have been a major contributor in the past and you think I'm now ignoring the article talk page, yes I've probably unwatched it, so feel free to improve anything I've done. If however you want my opinion, would like me to provide a citation for information that I've added or would like to point out one of my mistakes, then please leave a note on my talk page. But you don't need to point out my big error in defaulting to minor edits and even making entire articles out of a series of them, as that emerged in September 2008 during my first RFA.

Articles I StartedEdit

Related to Rapa Nui (Easter Island)Edit

Ahu Akivi, Anakena, Puna Pau, Rano Kau, Ahu Tongariki, Easter hotspot, Moai (seamount), Pukao (seamount), Terevaka


Eunomia (goddess), List of fictional demons (current work in progress - very incomplete), Mountain Pass, California, Muirhead (disambiguation), Pritchardia pacifica, Mammillaria spinosissima, Tagg, Warham Camp Full list

Some Articles I've contributed toEdit

Pukao, Rano Raraku, Dearth, Marilyn Manson, Payroll giving, LHC, List of theological demons, Hopping

Reviewing candidates for Featured Article statusEdit

FACs needing feedback
Kigali Review it now
Willie Mays Review it now
Edvard_August_Vainio Review it now

I really enjoy reading FA candidate articles, often make minor tweaks and where I don't understand something query things. Whether they pass FA or not, to me these discussions are usually the most pleasurable and civilised place on Wikipedia. This is a good guide to FAC, to the right are some that need attention and below are a few that I've reviewed:

More of my reviews can be found here

Disambiguation projectsEdit

Atlas (disambiguation), Queen (dozens of [[Queen]]s replaced by [[Queen (band)|Queen]]), Water Buffalo, Ajax, Prince (mainly to Prince (musician)), TNT (most of these were explosive, but there seems to be a rapper who needs an article about him/her), Heer, & Yuan


In June 2010 I initiated the Death anomalies project. This table and set of lists enables any project that has a category equivalent to deceased people to feed in data, and request a report out.

The EN wiki report is at Wikipedia:Database reports/Living people on EN wiki who are dead on other wikis.

Most of the time, as one would expect, the report merely informs you of a biography here that can be updated because the person has died. But sometimes it gets more complicated - in one case I had to remove interwiki links in 6 articles because we had two similar people linked together. I've now made edits in about ten times as many languages as I can speak.

My travelsEdit

I have edited at least 49 different Wikimedia projects, but the relationship between where I have travelled in real life and where I have travelled in my wiki life is at best tenuous. But somewhere I have loads of photos to scan and upload to commons one day. ϢereSpielChequers 11:27, 24 November 2011 (UTC)

Where I'm from:


Where I've dug:


I've spent a week or more in:


Just a few days:


Less than a day:


Never escaped from the airport:


Flew over:


Some sunny day/In my dreams:

                                and many more...

Idea and layout filched from StuffOfInterest, who lifted it fromHarro5, who took it from Salsb, who stole it from Guettarda who borrowed it from White Cat, as seen on Calton's page.
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My LibraryEdit

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