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Hello, traveler. Are you lost?

I'm Vami_IV, Coordinator of WikiProject Germany and enthusiast for winter environs. My areas of interest are the architecture and history of Europe and the Americas.

As a Wikipedia editor, I understand that my goal is the destruction of my purpose.

Image: Schloss Favorite, by Julian Herzog

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Wikipedia:100,000 feature-quality articles

In-progress reviewsEdit

Cool peopleEdit

Here is a list of everyone I know and hold in good standing, or who helped me do what I do on Wikipedia.

  1. Gerda Arendt: A lantern in the desert night.
  2. MX: A friend in Mexico.
  3. Farang Rak Tham: Westerner Interested [in] Darma.
  4. Jmar67: An amazing copyeditor.
  5. Encyclopædius: An editor I consider worthy of imitation and praise.
  6. Buidhe: An editor of awesome labors.
  7. K.e.coffman: The Chariot.
  8. Gog the Mild: An editor of great reach.
  9. epicgenius: Another of those editors that frankly amazes me with the quantity and quality of their contributions.
  10. Sturmvogel_66: A titan among editors.
  11. Ermenrich: A scholar and valued contributor.
  12. Edelseider: My Alsatian brother.

My off-wiki confederates, who have fed references to me or helped with translations. I can never thank any of you enough for lending me your time and resources.

  1. Mamelsberg
  2. HrcAK47
  3. TacError


  1. Antandrus's Observations
  2. SuperHamster: "I'm proposing a new adage: the longer a response is proportional to the original post, the more ridiculous that response will be. If the response to an 80 word message is 500 words it ain't gonna be good."
  3. Johnbod: "5 refs on a line is almost always a sure sign of trouble."

Women in RedEdit

Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/The World Contest/Missing articles/Latin America and the Caribbean

My copypastasEdit

Good Article

===Opening statement===
Hello, and come what may from this review, thank you for your contributions to Wikipedia. During the review, I may make copyedits, which I will limit to spelling correction and minor changes to punctuation (removal of double spaces and such). I will ''only'' make substantive edits that change the flow and structure of the prose if I previously suggested and it is necessary. '''The Nominator(s) should understand that I am a grammar pedant, and I will nitpick in the interest of prose quality.''' For responding to my comments, please use {{Done}}, {{Fixed}}, {{Added}}, {{Not Done}}, {{Doing}}, or {{Removed}}, followed by any comment you'd like to make. I will be crossing out my comments as they are redressed, and only mine. A detailed, section-by-section review will follow. –~~~~

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Criteria: 1a. prose ( ) 1b. MoS ( ) 2a. ref layout ( ) 2b. cites WP:RS ( ) 2c. no WP:OR ( ) 2d. no WP:CV ( )
3a. broadness ( ) 3b. focus ( ) 4. neutral ( ) 5. stable ( ) 6a. free or tagged images ( ) 6b. pics relevant ( )
Note: this represents where the article stands relative to the Good Article criteria. Criteria marked   are unassessed
WikiProject Germany Coordinator
Vami_IV♠ Text: [[User:Vami_IV|<span style="background:black; color:gold; padding:2px;">'''Vami'''</span>]][[Wikipedia:WikiProject Germany|<span style="background:#ED1C24; color:white; padding:3px;">♜</span>]][[User talk:Vami_IV|<span style="background:gold; color:black; padding:2px;">'''_IV♠'''</span>]]