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Representative Sample of Articles Copy Edited and/or Contributed To (CE/CT)Edit

5th Mechanised Corps (Soviet Union) (CE) Good article;12 Songs of Christmas (Etta James album) (CE) Good article; 18th Infantry Division (United Kingdom) (CE) Good article; 24K Magic World Tour (CE) Good article: 38th (Welsh) Infantry Division (CE) Good article; 191st Street station (CE) Good article; 1906 Vanderbilt Commodores football team (CE) Good article; 1911 Vanderbilt Commodores football team (CE); 2001 Harrah's 500 (CE) Good article; 2001 Australian Grand Prix (CE) Good article; 2001 Honda Indy 300 (CE) Good article; 2006 Bank of America 500 (CE) Good article; 2010 German Grand Prix (CE) Good article; 2010 Singapore Grand Prix (CE) Good article; 2013–14 Vancouver Canucks season (CE/CT); 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix (CE)Good article: 2014 White House intrusion (CE) Good article; 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans (CE) Good article; 2016 Hong Kong ePrix (CE)Good article: 2016 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps (CE)Good article; 2016 Marrakesh ePrix (CE) Good article; 2016 Qatar motorcycle Grand Prix (CE) Good article;2017 Vegas eRace (CE)Good article; 2017 Portland train attack (CE/CT)Good article; 2018 UK Championship (CE) Good article; 2019 Masters (snooker) (CE) Good article
A Acme Markets (CE); Ben Affleck (CE)Good article; Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan (CE); Amarte Es un Placer (album) (CE) Good article; Anjaana Anjaani (CE) Good article;Albanian Kingdom (1928–39) (CE); All I Ask (Adele song) (CE) Good article; Lincoln Alexander (CT/CE); Lars Alexandersson (CE) Good article; DJ AM (CE) Featured article; Ameera al-Taweel (CE/CT);Amor Prohibido (CE) Good article; Vazken-Andréassian(CE)]; Angels with Dirty Faces (CE); Archbishopric of Moravia (CE) Good article; Are You Lonesome Tonight? (CE) Good article; Stanislav Arzhevitan (CE); Massimo d'Azeglio (CE);
B Baby Driver (CE/CT); Bad Day (Daniel Powter song) (CE) Good article; Lola Baldwin (CE) Good article; Ballycastle, County Antrim(CE/CT); Banda Aceh(CE); Grace Banker (CE) Good article; Banny venik (CE)): Barbecue grill (CE/CT); Melanie Barnett (CE) Featured article; Battle of Villers-Bocage (CE); Beautiful Trauma (CE) Good article; Blixa Bargeld (CE/CT); Baramulla (CE); John F. Bassett(CE/CT); Smiley Bates (CE/CT); The Beautician and the Beast (CE) Good article; Belgium national football team (CE)Featured article; Belgrade Offensive (CE); Viktoria Milvidskaia Belinsky (CE/CT); Miguel Ortiz Berrocal(CE/CT); Mary Barry (CE); "Billionaire (song)" (CE) Good article; Bizounce (CE) Good article; Black Coffee (All Saints song) (CE) Good article; Michael Blanc (CE/CT); Marc Bloch (CE) Good article; Blood and Black Lace (CE) Good article; Alejandra Bogue (CE); Boril of Bulgaria (CE) Good article; Boruto: Naruto the Movie (CE) Good article; Ray Boynton (CE/CT); Bravo (UK TV channel) (CE); Bribery of senior Wehrmacht officers (CE);MV Britannic 1929 (CE); British Primitive Goat (CE/CT); Évelyne Brochu (CE/CT): Brooklyn Bridge (CE) Good article; Brothers Conflict(CE); Burning at Both Ends (CE) Good article; Bonnie Burnard (CE/CT); Richard Burton (CE); Robert Buswell Jr. (CE/CT)
C Call Me by Your Name (film) (CE/CT); Call Me When You're Sober (CE); Callawassie Island (CE/CT); Albert Camus (CE) Good article; Canada lynx (CE) Good article; Candy (Foxy Brown song) (CE) Good article;James M. Canty (CE) Good article; Carlsberg Group (CE/CT); Sally Carman(CE/CT); Caucasian War(CE); Chaco Province (CE); Roger B. Chaffee (CE) Featured article; Oba Chandler (CE) Good article; Cheap Repository Tracts (CE); Cheetah (CE) Good article; Chinatown, Boston (CE):Choice TV (CE); Christ Jyoti Convent School (CE/CT); The Chronicles of Life and Death (CE) Good article; Cinépolis (CE); Allan Clarke(CE); Vévé Amasasa Clark (CE/CT); Jeremy Clarkson(CE/CT); Clinton Street Theater (CE) Good article; Cloak of Levitation (CE/CT); William Coddington (CE); Josh Cody (CE) Good article; Gerald_Cohen_(composer) (CE/CT); Colonial Town Plans of Perth (CE); John Colyandro(CT); The Complaint of Mars (CE); El cóndor pasa (zarzuela) (CE/CT); Congress of the Peoples of the East (CE); Kevin Conroy (CE); Jesse Cook (CT); Monte Cook (CE/CT); George Ramsay Cook (CE/CT): "Cool Girl" (CE) Good article; William B. Cornwell (CE) Good article; Corrective_Movement_(Syria) (CE); Greg Costikyan (CE/CT); Jerricho Cotchery (CE); Countess Palatine Ingrid Von Marburg (CE) Good article; Martin Cranie (CE); Crescent Development Project (CE/); Cretoxyrhina (CE) Good article; James Crichton-Browne(CE); Crowdcube (CE/CT); Cúcuta(CE); Cypress Park, Los Angeles(CE);
D D.Gray-Man (CE)Good article; Daily Express (CE/CT); Dame Lane (CE); Eduardo Darino(CE); Guy Darrell (CE/CT); Robertson Davies (CE); Ethel McGhee Davis (CE) Good article ; John Warren Davis (college president) (CE) Good article; Kim Davis (CE) Good article; Death of Aaliyah (CE); The Delltones(CE); Delvada (CE); Denshawai Incident(CE); Madan Lal Dhingra (CE/CT); DIC Entertainment (CE/CT); Disney Publishing Worldwide(CE); Doris Derby (CT/CE); Dover Corporation (CE); Dragon Age II (CE) Good article; Dragon Ball (manga) (CE) Good article; Dragonflight (CE); Drosera peruensis (CE/CT); Duchy of Brittany (CE); Neil Dudgeon(CE); Duke Nukem 3D(CE); Dutch Brigade (Peninsular War)(CE); Dungeons & Dragons:Daggerdale(CE);
E "Eight Miles High" (CE) Good article; Martin Elbourne (CE/C); The Emperor's New School (CE) Good article; Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (CE) Good article; Manolo Escobar(CE) Ethel McGhee Davis (CE) Good article; Bracha Ettinger (CE); Every Mother Counts (album) (CE) Good article; Everything in Transit (CE) Good article
F Factum Arte (CE); Fading Suns (CE); Family Forensics UK(CE); Fargo (season 2) (CE) Good article; The Fault in Our Stars (film) (CE) Good article; Ferizaj (CE); Jacqueline Fernandez (CE) Good article; Film career of Grace Kelly (CE); First-mover Advantage(CE); Flash vs. Arrow(CE) Good article; Richard Fleeshman (CE); Joseph W. Frazer (CE/CT); Claude Fredericks (CE/CT); Free Speech Flag (CE) Good article;The Freedom Theatre (CE); From Dust (CE) Good article;Full Circle: Carnegie Hall 2000 (CE) Good article; Further Sky (CE) Good article
G Ganpatipule (CE); Jean Garrigue (CE/CT); Gatecrasher (CE/CT); Adolf Gawalewicz (CE); Gendarmerie of Haiti (CE); The Getaway (1972 film) (CE) Featured article;Jian Ghomeshi(CE/CT); Ghostbusters (CE) Good article; The Gift of the Woodi (CE) Good article; Ruth Bader Ginsburg (CE) Good article; The Glass Passenger (CE) Good article; Global Climate Coalition (CE); Goat Canyon Trestle (CE) Good article; Harris Goldberg(CE); Alison Gordon(CT); Pitambar Deva Goswami(CE); Vincent Gouttebarge(CE); Jerry Grafstein (CT/CE); Grammy Award for Best Concept Music Video (CE) Good article; Grammy Award for Best Female Rap Solo Performance (CE) Good article; Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Vocal or Instrumental (CE) Good article; Grammy Award for Best Hawaiian Music Album (CE) Good article; Grammy Award for Video of the Year (CE) Good article;Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance (CE) Good article; Grammy Award for Best Soul Gospel Performance, Male or Female (CE) Good article; Grammy Award for Best Zydeco or Cajun Music Album (CE) Good article; Gray-tailed Vole](CE) Good article; The Great Gatsby: Music from Baz Luhrmann's Film (CE) Good article; Bennett Greenspan(CE); Gretsch(CE); Gus Grissom (CE) (icon|GA}}; Guadeloupe amazon (CE) Good article; Guadeloupe Conference (CE); Gurdaspur(CE);
H Halden Prison (CE)Good article; Hands Across Hawthorne (CE)Featured article; Hanlin, Burma (CE/CT);David Hansell(CE); Hard Feelings/Loveless (CE/CT) Good article; Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor (CE) Featured article; Henry Drury Harness(CE); Stuart Hamilton(CE); Mick Harvey(CE); Heart of a Woman (Etta James album) (CE) Good article; Amy Hill Hearth (CE/CT); Ong Beng Hee (CE/CT); Eric Heinze(CE/CT); Charles Hertzberg (CE/CT); Tracy Hickman(CE); Bonny Hicks(CE); Highland Cattle (CE/CT) Good article;Joanna Higson(CE/CT); Highway (soundtrack) (CE); John H. Hill (CE) Good article: Stephen Hillenburg (CE) Good article; Hispanos of New Mexico (CE); Historical monuments in Gjakova (CE); History of aluminium (CE) Featured article; History of anarchism (CE) Good article; Frank Holder(CE); Dan Holdsworth(CT); Edward Holl (CE); Home Fires ITV Series (CT); Horse rings in Portland, Oregon (CE) Good article; Hot water storage tank (CE); Harrison Houde(CE); House of Rufus (CE) Good article; Armen Hovhannisyan (CE)
I I Will Always Love You (CE); Curtis P. Iaukea (C/E) Good article; Icewind Dale(CE); IERA (CE); IgroMir(CE); I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again (CE); Independence Day (1996 film) (CE); Indian Armed Forces (CE); Indian National Congress (CE); Inspector Linley Mysteries(CT); Institute for Christian Studies (CE/CT); Insurgency in the Republic of Macedonia(CE);
J Jade production and trade in Myanmar (CE); Mick Jagger CE/CT Good article; The JaneDear girls (album) (CE) Good article; Jennell Jaquays(CE); The Jazz Man (CE); Caitlin Jenner (CE) Good article; Joanne (Lady Gaga song) (CE); Arte Johnson(CE); Gerald R. Johnson (CE); Katherine Johnson (CE) Good article; George Jonas (CE/CT); Nathan Jones (Welsh footballer): (CE/CT); Hélène Joy (CT); Juno Award (CE/CT); Juno Award for Adult Alternative Album of the Year (CE/CT)Juno Award for Blues Album of the Year (CE/CT); Juno Award for Children's Album of the Year (CE/CT); Juno Award for Traditional Roots Album of the Year (CE/CT); Jurassic World Evolution (CE) Good article; Just Chillin' (CE) Good article;
K K! (CE)Good article; Kalākaua (CE)Good article; Kalidas (film) (CE);Kanpur Central Railway Station(CE); Jonah Kapena (CE);Karađorđevo Agreement(CE); Anurag Kashyap (CE) Good article; Vera Katz, Sculpture (CE) Good article ; Kavad I (CE) Good article; Keeping Up with the Kardashians (CE) Good article; Kediri campaign (1678) (CE); John F. Kennedy (CE); Robert F. Kennedy (CE/CT); Kenora Thistles (CE) Featured article; Ronnie Kerr (CE); Indra Bahadur Khare (CE); Kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard (CE) Good article; Kids Company (CE); Kindergarten Cop (CE); Ray King, Entrepreneur (CE); The King of Fighters XI (CE) Good article;Kvinneakt (CE) Good article; Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (CE/CT); Kalki Koechlin (CE) Featured article; Kazon (CE) Good article; Blaže Koneski(CE); Ted Koppel(CE/CT); Franz Kurowski (CE); Kyo Kusanagi (CE) Good article;
L Labinština(CE); Lady Gaga (CE) Good article; Laguna del Maule (volcano) (CE) Good article; Lake Atitlán (CE/CT); Richie Lamontagne (CE/CT); Language legislation in Belgium (CE); Robert Lantos (CE/CT); Betsie Larkin (CT/CE); The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise (CE) Good article; Michael Laucke (CE) Good article; Piper Laurie (CE/CT); Héctor Lavoe (CE/CT); Leavin' (album) (CE) Good article; Leaving Through the Window (CE) Good article; Leech (CE) Featured article; Leptospirosis (CE) Good article; The Letter(CE); Laundromat (Nivea song) (CE)Good article; Mickey Lightfoot (CE/CT); Liliʻuokalani (CE) Good article; Ria Lina (CE);Pehr Henrik Ling (CE/CT); List of D.Gray-man chapters (CE) Featured list; Little Annie Rooney (1925 film) (CE/CT); The Little Mermaid II: Pinball Frenzy (CE)Good article; Littlemore Priory scandals (C/E) Featured article; Alejandra Llamas (CE);Timothy_P._Lodge (CE/CT); Lolita (Leah LaBelle song) (CE)Good article; LOUD (electronic music act) (CE); Pete Lyon (CE); Matthew Lyon (CE)Good article
M Machinima Inc. (CE/CT);Cluny Macpherson (CE/CT); Madan Lal Dhingra (CE/CT); Laura Madigan (CE); Stephen Magnusson (CE/CT); Make Me Like You (CE) Good article; Jeffrey Makin (CE); The Malaysian Insider (CE);Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis (CE/CT): Manchester by the Sea (film) CE Good article; Margaret (singer) (CE) Featured article; Morgan Marquis-Boire (CE/CT); Marsh Shrew(CE) Good article; Enriqueta_Martí (CE); Sara Martins (CE/CT); The Mask (CE/CT); Matriarch of the Blues (CE) Good article; Edwin Maxwell (CE) Good article; Maybe This Christmas (CE) Good article; Maybe This Christmas Too? (CE) Good article; Walter Mayberry (CE); Paddy McAloon (CE/CT); Colin McCahon (CE/CT; James C. McKinley, Jr. (CE/CT); Suzie McNeil (CE/CT); Christine McVie (C/E); Alex Medina(CE); A Meeting by the River (CE) Good article; Carlos Menem (CE) Good article; Medium-Capacity Rail Transport System(CE); Melnā Piektdiena (CE); Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson(CE); Frank Mentzer (CE/CT); Erhard Milch(CE); Miss Malini (CE) Good article; Model_(people) (CE); Ross Moffett (CE/CT); Greg Moore (racing driver) (CE); Moonrise Kingdom (CE) Good article; MotionParallax3D (CE); Mrs Puff (CE) Good article; Geoff Mulligan (CE/CT); Murder of Selina (CE) Good article; William Morrison (chemist) (CE) Good article; Mutiny! Good article; Myth of the clean Wehrmacht (CE) Good article; The Myth of the Eastern Front (CE) Good article
N Jerry Nadeau (CE/CT); The Nameless One(CE); Nanny of the Maroons (CE/CT); Naruto (CE) Featured article; Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (CE) Good article;Naruto Uzumaki (CE) Featured article; Arthur Nebe (CE) Good article; Neds (film) (CE); Eric Nenno (CE); New Wave of British Heavy Metal (CE) Featured article; Sonu Nigam (CE); No Time for It (CE); Allan Novak(CE); Ngee Ann Kongsi(CE); Dennis Nyback (CE)
O Olivia (Olivia album) (CE) Good article: Clark Olofsson (CE); One for the Road (Cheers) (CE); One Piece (CE) Good article; Onychopterella (CE) Featured article: Kieran_O'Reilly (performer)(CE/CT); OMON (CE); Operation Arctic Fox (CE) Good article; Operation Python (CE); Good article; Operation Trident (1971) (CE); Oriental Adventures(CE);The Oval (CE)
P Page Avenue (CE) Good article Pakistani dramas (CE); Panzer Aces (book series) (CE) Good article; Dana Parish (CE); Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting(CE); Nathaniel Parker (CE/CT); Jules Pascin (CE/CT); PAW Patrol (CE); Maxine Peake (CE/CT); Peter II of Bulgaria (CE) Good article; Penny Press (CE); Sir John Perceval (CE); Sylvia Brinton Perera (CE/CT); Picton, Ontario(CE/CT); Adrienne Pickering (CT); Omar Lorméndez Pitalúa (CE) DYK; A Place to Call Home (TV series) (CE); Plankton and Karen (CE) Good article; Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (CE) Good article; Pokiri (CE) Good article; Polaris Music Prize (CE/CT) PolyGram (CE/CT); Mike Pondsmith(CE); Poses (album) (CE); Produkt (CE); Pure Heroine Tour (CE) Good article; Andrew Pyper(CE/CT);
Q Quantico (season 1) (CE)Featured article; Qibla (CE) Featured article; Jacqueline Quinn (CE/CT);
R Rankin/Bass Productions(CE); Christian Ranucci (CE); Emily Ratajkowski (CE) Good article; Betty Reardon(CE); Rebel Heart (CE) Good article; Red Cap Garage (CE); Red imported fire ant (CE); Refugees in Jordan (CE/CT); Regional variations of barbecue (CE); Remedy Entertainment (CE) Good article; Resident Evil: Apocalypse (CE) Featured article; Juan Carlos de la Cruz Reyna (CE) Good article; Ellen Swallow Richards (CE); Rim Fire (CE/CT) Good article; Peter Robinson (novelist) (CE/CT); Shawna Robinson (CE) Good article: Gene Roddenberry (CE) Good article; Seth Rogen(CT) Good article; The Rolling Stones (CE/CT); Romney Classical Institute (CE); Ronin (film) (CE) Good article; Roseanne Roseannadanna (CE); Hrithik Roshan (CE) Featured article; Jeffrey Ian Ross(CE/CT); Royal Economic Society (CE); The Royal Tenenbaums (CE) Good article; "Royals" (song) (CE) Good article; Frankie Ruiz (CE); Simone Russell (CE) Good article; Russell family (Passions) (CE) Featured article; John J. "Bald Jack" Ryan (CE); Rebecca Ryan(CE/CT);
S s-CRY-ed (CE) Good article; Oren Safdie (CE/CT); Safavid occupation of Basra (1697–1701) (CE) Good article; St. John's Orphanage (CE) Good article ;Sales management (CE);Dulquer Salmaan (CE) Good article; Liz Sanbourne (C/E); Agustín Fernández Sánchez (CE); Douglas Sanchez (CE); Saving Light (CE) Good article; Martin Schmid (CE/CT); Julianne Schultz(CE/CT); Christine Schürrer (CE);Selena albums discography (CE); Sennacherib (CE) Good article; Sévérine (CE) Good article; Sex, Love & Secrets (CE) Good article; Shaina_NC (CE);Elliott Fitch Shepard (CE) Featured article; Shine (Gwen Stefani song) (CE) Featured article; Martin Short (CE/CT); Best Of... (Sia album) (CE); Sabrina Sidney (CE) Featured article; Nokë Sinishtaj (CE); Sixtine Vulgate (CE) Good article; Nick Skitz (CE/CT); Sleeman Breweries (CE/CT); Dean Smith (pilot) (CE) Good article; Somewhere Somehow (album) (CE) Good article; Soju (CE/CT); Sound the Alarm (Saves the Day album) (CE) Good article; Soundgarden (CE); South Australian Film Corporation (CE/CT); South-North Water Transfer Project (CE); SPARS (CE) Good article; Spawn (film) (CE); Special K (CE/CT): Spec Ops: The Line (CE) Good article; Albert Speer (CE) Featured article: Spirit of the American Range (CE); Sporting Memories Network(CE); David Starie(CE/CT); Station to Station (song) (CE) Good article; ]Luke Steele (musician) (CE); Stegoceras (CE); Mike Stilkey (CE); Style (Taylor Swift song) (CE) Good article; Emma Stone (CE) Featured article; DuPreez Strauss(CE); Suffolk (CE/CT); Airin Sultana (CE); Sunset Overdrive (CE); Super Mario World (CE/CT) Good article; Supermarine Spitfire (CE) Good article; Supermarine Spitfire (CE); Suryanagri Express(CE); Taylor Swift (CE) Featured article; Swift Justice (CE) Featured article
T Taang! Records (CE); Talking to the Moon (song) (CE) Good article; Tank Girl (CE);Tejano Music Award for Female Vocalist of the Year (CE);Television(CE); Temperatures Rising (CE); Theodore I Laskaris (CE) Good article; Theodore II Laskaris (CE) Good article; The Thing (1982 film) (CE) Good article: Thiruvilaiyadal (CE) Good article; Through Being Cool (CE); Thurakapalem(CE); Til It Happens To You (CE) Good article; Don Tompkins(CE); Toronto (CE/CT); History of Toronto(CT); Toronto Maple Leafs (CE); Toto Forever (CE); A Touch of Frost(CE); Transformers: The Last Knight (CE/CT); Treat Myself (CE) Good article; Trial of Yolanda Saldívar (CE); Slavi Trifonov (CE); Triple J (CE/CT); Triple J Hottest 100 (CE); True Detective(CE) Good article; Truth About Love Tour (Pink) (CE); Turtle Rock Studios (CE) Good article
U Sarada Uchiha (CE) Good article; Un gars, une fille (CE); Unisex public toilet (CE); United Artists (CE); University of Ottawa(CE/CT); United States National Bank Building (CE); U.S. v. Ramsey (1926) (CE) Good article; Unlocked (Alexandra Stan album) (CE) Good article; Naruto Uzumaki (CE) Good article;
V Babubhai P. Vaidya(CE); Valech Report (CE); "Valentine" (Maurice Chevalier song) (CE) Did You Know?; Jill Valentine (CE) Good article; Vancouver International Film Festival (CE/CT); Vancouver Municipal Election, 2014 (CE); Vat 69 (CE/CT); Vera(CT); Veerapandiya Kattabomman (CE) Good article; Vespertine (CE); Lucis Elizabeth Vestris (CE); Viña del Mar International Song Festival (CE); Matthias_Theodor_Vogt (CE)
W Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli(CE); Christopher Walken on stage and screen (CE); Allen Walker (CE)Featured article; Jessie Ward (CE/CT); Jim Weatherly (CE); Weed the People (CE) Good article; Margaret Weis(CE); Welcome Back, Kotter (CE); Western Publishing(CE/CT); John David Whalen (CE); What It Is to Burn (CE) Good article; What to Do When You Are Dead (CE); Maurice White (CE/CT); Robert White (CE)Good article; Robert White, WV Senator (CE)Good article; Michael Wittmann (CE); Wildcat (comics) (CE); WildStorm (CE); Mary Elizabeth Winstead (CE);Steven M. Wise (CE/CT); Andrew Wodrow (CE)Good article; Wolf (CE) Featured article; Charles A. Woolley (CE/CT); The Wrecking Crew (CT/CE) Good article; Eric Wright (writer) (CE/CT): Erick Wujcik (CE/CT)
X X Company (CE/CT)
Y Yookos (CE); Youngblood (comics) (CE); You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin (CE)
Z Zebra (CE) Good article; Zigrasimecia (CE) Good article


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