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Other informationFunction is to move article talk pages currently in main category WikiProject Photogrphay into task forces of the project


Wikipedia:WikiProject History of photography is migrating to Wikipedia:WikiProject Photography and in doing so a number of task forces with sub-topics have been created. Articles currently have no task force tags in the WikiProject banners so are all in the main Wikipedia:WikiProject Photography.


To use article category assignment to identify which task force should be added to the WikiProject banner.


  1. talk pages with duplicate {{WikiProject History of photography}} and {{WikiProject Photography}} to be addresses so only one banner.
  2. agreement from WikiProject participants on naming and organisation of task-forces.
  3. redirect of {{WikiProject History of photography}} to {{WikiProject Photography}}.


Use AWB automatic bot user in bot mode to

Method of identifying articlesEdit

Go through each sub-category of say... Photogrphers. Then for each subcategory fill a list from that category, remove non mainspace, convert to talk pages, then save that list as a text file. Then fill a list from Category:Wikipedia Photography. Then select "filter", uncheck all the check boxes (except remove duplicate and sort alphabetically), then in the set operations group box, select intersection, open file, navigate to the saved list, press apply.

List of projects and category to be scannedEdit

photography category task force
Photographic Principles
Photographic Work
Photographic Technology




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