Thanks for visiting my userpage! My name's Tony, and I'm an administrator, CheckUser, and oversighter on the English Wikipedia. These are just fancy ways of saying the community has given me a few extra buttons to help with issues relating to privacy. I also hold global renamer rights, but if you want help with that, it'd likely get done more quickly if you follow the instructions on this page.

I used to be pretty involved with the new page patrol project, and if you are interested in helping out in any form with new content, please let me know. I'd be more than happy to point you in the right direction or answer any question you might have about reviewing new articles. I've been informed that other people are actually the reigning kings of the typo, but I suspect what we actually have around here is a tyop oligarchy, if you want to help undermine it by correcting me, go ahead, I don't mind. I have never edited Wikipedia for pay, and I have no plans to in the future.

In terms of content creation, I try to contribute where I can. Typically Catholicism, education, or biographical articles (and sometimes a mix). I'm generally qualified to provide a third opinion on topics related to early modern Christianity (c. 1450–1750) and Islam in the South Asian context (even if I don't edit there much). If you have any questions about any edits I have made, please talk to me on my talk page.

I'm strongly opposed to the idea of partial blocks, and will never place one myself: they are the worst of both worlds. Any use of the tool is a massive expansion of the authority of an individual administrator beyond even what discretionary sanctions allow, and it would make it easier for disruptive personalities to cause disruption elsewhere on the project once they are used. Someone is either disruptive enough to be blocked or they shouldn't be blocked, and I find the concept alien to everything in our policies.

I have an alternate account User:TBallioni, which I have to edit from public computers.

In regards to my Wiki-philosophy it is pretty simple: we are a general purpose encyclopedia that has largely achieved our vision of being greater than Encyclopædia Britannica. We are now the default reference work for the world. Every edit should in some way serve the purpose of building and maintaining that standard. At the end of the day all of us who are Wikipedians exist for one purpose and one purpose only: to serve the reader. I try to do my best to help them. It is my assumption that you do too. Let's work together in that goal.

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