Hey there, I'm Tenryuu. I am primarily a copyeditor and am part of the Guild of Copy Editors (GOCE) project here on Wikipedia. If you need an article proofread either hit me up on my talk page or send a request over to the Guild. I am also a host over at the Teahouse, so if you have any questions to ask about Wikipedia, experienced editors will answer them for you in a timely manner.

I go by a few other handles online, one being SirMoogle on Gamepedia. I am primarily on the FTB Gamepedia editing articles.

My copyediting process with requestsEdit

My process for copyediting articles when requested goes like this:

  1. I accept a request, either from the GOCE's requests page or on my talk page.
  2. I place a {{GOCEinuse}} or {{In use}} template on the top before I start editing.
  3. I complete a preliminary edit and will ask the requester to reply to any questions I may have on the article's talk page. Please ping me when a reply is given.
  4. Once a day has passed I give the article a second copyedit, whether or not my questions have been answered. I will allow an arbitrary amount of time (typically another 18-24 hours) if the requester has not responded before making any last-minute edits and marking it as complete.
  5. A third copyedit is made. If the article meets all parties' satisfaction, I will mark the request as complete.

The process may be shortened if there is a backlog drive or blitz going on.

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Requested articles I've copyeditedEdit

Name Date completed
Peter Settman 25 March 2018
Trish (Devil May Cry) 26 October 2018
Basshunter 5 November 2018
Mishmar HaEmek 5 February 2020
Church of Analco, Puebla 10 February 2020
List of Puella Magi Madoka Magica episodes 14 February 2020
Baka Prase 17 February 2020
Amar Asha 20 February 2020
Arthur R. M. Spaid 24 February 2020
Malayanil 29 February 2020
Historiography of the Crusades 1 March 2020
George Harrison Barbour 4 April 2020
Sea of Thieves 7 April 2020
Via Giulia 10 April 2020
Lucas, Archbishop of Esztergom 11 April 2020
Chandragupta Maurya 9 May 2020
Deep Blue (chess computer) 18 May 2020
Hunky Dory 3 June 2020
Hitler's prophecy 7 June 2020
Mosasaurus 10 June 2020
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 12 June 2020
Lucid (Aṣa album) 16 June 2020
Mega Man X (character) 19 June 2020
Frank Fowler Loomis 27 June 2020
Touhou Project 5 July 2020
Saturn V 7 July 2020
Ming treasure voyages 8 July 2020
Constantine XI Palaiologos 20 July 2020
Fairness Project 6 August 2020
Sayaka Miki 9 August 2020
Birdsill Holly 12 August 2020
Any Song 13 August 2020
Janda Baik 16 August 2020
Statue of Edward Colston 20 August 2020
In Praise of Polytheism 23 August 2020
The Glow Pt. 2 25 August 2020
Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji 28 September 2020
League of Legends 8 October 2020
Subaru Natsuki 14 October 2020
Burr Caswell 23 October 2020

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