Hello strangers, this is the user page of that bloke/user Tenchi Muyo.

I am a student who is at the moment studying at Trinity School Belvedere. I aspire to be a history teacher actually teaching in a secondary school because I believe that I can make the subject more accessible in terms of enjoyment. I like anime (obviously!) but also indulge in watching various science fiction programs and films. I enjoy reading different people's interpretations of the future e.g. Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four. My musical tastes include Kaiser Chiefs, coldplay and various other bands. As you may have noticed I like Tenchi Muyo. I also love science fiction like Doctor Who and Blake's 7 to Alien and Star Wars. At school I love history because it such a rich and interesting subject and detest Graphics because it so rubbish! (To put it mildly!) In my spare time I work to earn money which I then spend mainly on DVDs.

[[Image:NonFreeImageRemoved.svg<|frame|left|Tenchi's name means 'Heaven and Earth']]