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Olpidium, Chytridium, Coelomomyces, Blastocladiella, Acaulopage, Clathrulina elegans, Ramularia rubella

Ichthyochytrium, Mucophilus

Lagena radicicola

Overhaul of Zygomycota here at User:TelosCricket/Draft_Zygo_changes

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Catenaria, Peronospora alta, Peronospora plantaginis, Paraphysoderma

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Olpidium, Syzygites, Arthrophaga myriapodina, Blastocladiella

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<ref name=Constantinescu>{{cite journal |last1= Constantinescu |first= O. |title= An annotated list of ''[[Peronospora]]'' names |date= 1991 |journal= Thunbergia |volume= 15}}</ref>

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