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Ohio stub.svgThis user lives in, or comes from, Ohio.
Coat of arms of Germany.svgThis user is of German ancestry.
Héraldique meuble Fleur de lys lissée.svgThis user is of French ancestry.
This user is Irish.

C-2This user is an intermediate C programmer.
Java-2This user is an intermediate Java programmer.
lisp-1This user is a basic Lisp programmer.
BMathThis user has a Bachelor of Mathematics degree.
SHA-1.svgThis user is a cryptologist and actually understands how SHA works.

Igloo icon.svg This user prefers cold weather.
LJThis user maintains a LiveJournal  as stinerman.
/.This user has a Slashdot account.
F@HThis user crunches numbers with Folding@Home.
Nuvola apps emacs.pngThis user contributes using GNU/Linux.Tux.svg
This user uses an AMD processor
C2H5OH-0This user is a non-drinker.
"No smoking" sign with text This user supports the ban on smoking in public places.
Cannabis prohibited signThis user is drug-free.
Ohio State Buckeyes logo.svgThis user is a fan of the
Ohio State Buckeyes
SFThis user is a fan of the
San Francisco 49ers
CBJThis user is a fan of the
Columbus Blue Jackets
SF This user supports Sinn Féin.
MST3K This user is a MSTie.
5-string bass.pngThis user plays the bass guitar.
User-Ich with Mohawk.jpg This user enjoys punk rock.
Crystal alternative rock.pngThis user enjoys indie rock.
theyThis user frequently uses singular they as it is a handy gender-neutral pronoun.
... in.Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which this user will not put.
A, B, and CThis user prefers the serial comma.
;This user knows how to use a semicolon correctly.
USThis user uses American English.

Psychoactive Drugs.jpgThis user supports the legalization of all drugs for adults.
Mouse white background.jpg This user is interested in animal rights issues.
Oil well.jpgThis user is interested in Peak Oil Theory.
Flag of Israel.svg This user believes in a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Flag of Palestine.svg
Kant gemaelde 3.jpg
This user loves the philosophy of
Immanuel Kant
Colt Model 05.JPG This user supports concealed carry laws.
Society.svgThis user is interested in politics.
Political chart.svgAccording to the political compass this user is Economic Left (-5) and Social Libertarian (-5).
Liberty Bell.jpgThis user is an independent voter who doesn't like partisan politics.
This user supports preferential voting as opposed to first-past-the-post.
Preferential ballot.svg
PD-icon.svgThis user doesn't believe in the ownership of culture and knowledge.
No death penalty.svg This user believes that the death penalty should never be used.*
Dome 1.jpg This user believes in the separation of church and state. ReligionSymbolAbr.PNG
Iris.eye.225px.jpgThis user is interested in dualism, the belief in fundamentally distinct mental and physical worlds.
Religious syms.svg This user respects the beliefs and religions of others.
agn This user is agnostic.
Gay Pride Flag.svg This user is an ally of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans community.
X This user is neither a Republican nor a Democrat.
Red flag II.svgThis user wants to tax the rich to provide health care, education and welfare for everyone.$ £
¥ €
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user wants a
World government.
Anti-NATO sign.svgThis user opposes NATOAnti-NATO sign.svg
Balanced scales.svg
This user supports jury nullification.
NHS NNUH entrance.jpgThis user supports
universal health care.
Camouflage.svgThis user is against involuntary military service.
Flag of Taiwan proposed 1996.svg This user supports the independence of Taiwan.