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I am, as my username might suggest, Steve. I have always been Steve, or, more properly, Steven, except for about three days after I was born during which I was called Jonathan, for some reason.

This information is trivial, but there you go. The following information is also of little significance. I am 30 years old and a keyboardist/composer and sometime sales associate, living in San Martin, California with my wife Crystal, her mother, her brother, five cats, an African Grey parrot, a bearded dragon and a plecostomus. I am originally from Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, England, where I spent my formative years, later moving to Perth, Scotland, initially to go to university but then to live, before making the move to the United States in order to get married on a K-1 visa three years ago next February.

At one point, when I used to edit things more than twice a year, I received a 'barnstar', whatever one of those does. I feel quite proud, anyway.


Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
I present to you your first barnstar for your hard work on the Your Sinclair article! — Wackymacs 13:02, 1 September 2006 (UTC)

Articles I startedEdit

  • Your Sinclair - my first article, written before I had a username. By far the article I'm most proud of. It hasn't been worked on in a while but there's not much more that needs doing to it. I'm probably going to submit it for another peer review soon.
  • The Dreamstone - also started pre-username. For a few months in 2007, it kept being vandalised by idiots obsessed with the words 'mouse' and 'police'. I think they've gone now, though.
  • SFX magazine - the first article I started after acquiring a username. It now has a properly sourced fair-use image of the magazine's cover which I would prefer not to see deleted this time, thanks everso.
  • The Combination - not quite as impressive as the others, but at least it didn't get speedily deleted.

I also started the List of multi-instrumentalists, but that doesn't really count, especially since it's been deleted now.

To work on some timeEdit

  • The Keyboardist article needs a serious rewrite and cleanup. I also want to expand it to include things like, examples of famous albums/singles including electronic keyboards, a brief history of the use of synths in bands, and something on the keyboardist's roles within a band. I also want to entirely remove the list and replace it with a line like 'Some notable examples of electronic keyboard players are (list of about ten names)'.
  • I'd still like to see the Your Sinclair article reviewed and classed as a good article. It's been worked on quite a lot by myself and others since I submitted it for peer review, and it might be worth submitting it again.

Subject areas I know things about and have either contributed on in the past or intend to contribute on in the futureEdit

Basically. I haven't changed this list for over a year.

Some of these subject areas I have worked on, some I haven't as much, or at all. These are fairly broad subject areas, rather than individual articles within the subjects. Actually, if I listed individual articles within each subject, the list would be very very long indeed.

Some of this stuff I just like to read about, but most of them I either have been, or will be, contributing to.

Recently I have started to watch the Recent Changes log, though I don't consider myself a 'recent changes patroller', although I have reverted more vandalism recently than ever before. I've also been putting up a lot of pages for speedy deletion, because people seem to think they can use Wikipedia as their personal web space and write articles about their girlfriend, or their dog, or their girlfriend's dog.